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There's gonna be another tweet tomorrow, hope you're done accumulating.

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give us a hint so we can see if you're a larp by tomorrow

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wouldn't we know if there's a chainlink related tweet tomorrow?

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my dick cant take much more
you haven't been paying attention

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dance for your breadcrumbs, pajeet!

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I want to see if he knows who the tweet will come from, not if there will be one in the first place

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fuck you pay me I'm gay

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chainlink is just a rest api. every major company makes one when they offer a product to integrate with. its nothing new, its nothign revolutionary, its junk anyone could create.

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Time zone?

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They usually do announce things during major market crashes

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Ready as fuck

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If I could change anything, I would make love to Sergey the night of the fight. He was in heat and tipsy off ketchup martinis. We were cruising down Hollywood Blvd at two in the morning in a baby blue 1970s mustang, top down, and smoke billowing into the air. I could hear the ocean crash, and a full moon rolled against the horizon. He turned to me at a stop light, gazing softly into my eyes, and said, "I've never loved anyone, like I love you" - we kissed passionately, I could taste salt and relish on his chapped lips. I noticed the light turn green out of the corner of my eye, his strong hand met my thigh and I heard him let out of soft moan, "Linkie..." - I jolted up and pushed him back. I thought this was another man, he'd already cheated twice and I told him it was over if he let it happen again. It broke into a huge argument on the beach. I told him never to call me again, and went home. He sent letters, emails, flowers, big macs, I ignored him. I only realized years later, what he meant when I read those words he wrote to me.

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If you work in one of those company you know that it's not true

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I love chainlink. All the drama, the memes, the community surrounding it, it's really something. But what I love most about it is knowing that in couple years I will be a billionaire. It's not even a 99% chance, it is quite literally guaranteed. As a result of that knowledge, I stopped showering and brushing my teeth over a month ago. There is simply no reason for me to do it when I know I'll be rich. I will be fucking whores every night and laughing as they're throwing up from my disgusting, stinky body and mouth. As they kiss me on my rotten teeth, or suck my stinky, 2 year unwashed hog. It will be quite something. In fact I am already seeing effects of my stinky adventure. Yesterday I went to a shop to buy some cheese and make a stop at McD's for a big mac and the cashier at the store was visibly gagging at the smell of me and trying to hide it. Other customers were standing like 5 meters behind me. It was truly hilarious. And none of them have any idea of my guaranteed, future riches. They must already be so jealous of me. The stinkiest billionaire ever.

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Then do it faggot. Clone an open source blockchain and write some REST API APIs + some blockchain to blockchain adapters. Or maybe roll a power point on why a there shouldn't be a network of these adapters in the Internet of Money.

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im no falling for this shill...

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give us a hint fag