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>tfw you unironically have inside info, but you can’t leak it
I can’t bring myself to say what I know, for various reasons (which I also can’t say), but what I can tell you is it’s bullish AF for link. And I can tell you that it’s screamingly obvious and yes it has been discussed before.
I was thinking of making a secret code/cipher to reveal the info but I actually wouldn’t want you autists to solve it because of aforementioned reasons. I also don’t care about getting recognition for it later once it’s announced. I wish I could tell you. I just want to get this message across: LINK holders will absolutely make it.

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Proof or die,

pepe larper.

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Can you tell us if it concerns something related to what the team is doing, or partnership related?

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Have your ducks in a row by October.

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I can’t, sorry
Both I suppose

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Chainlink is meme garbo.

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You have to be an absolute brainlet to not see that LINK is the most needed project in crypto right now, and it's years ahead of any competition.
In 2019 or 2020 it doesn't matter, I'm /comfy/ af with my stinkies

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My dad works at Nintendo and he confirms

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Thanks man, please give us anything you can. I've done enough research to know big things are coming but I'm still curious to know what you know. ;)

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Man i just want my dad to not worry about money

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Also, is main net still for the end of September and when will this big info you know be revealed to us?

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Does that information gives you a better insight to calculate when mainnet than the rest of us? In case affirmative, when?

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Well can't you give us anything? A link or something?

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I have big reasons not to reveal basically anything. Sorry :(
But when I found it out my resolve to accumulate more link became fucking diamond strong. Unironically huge news. It made me believe one of the things the family larper from the other day revealed as well.

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fucking dumb link idiots even take the bait

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What you're saying and the way you're saying it makes me think government contract. I'll revisit that thread

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I don’t know and I don’t know.

Good question. Some info makes me think it’s close, while other info makes me think it’s far. Various things will be happening in the near future though. I know that’s such an unhelpful answer.

Only what I’ve said so far. Sorry. And just to say that you should definitely buy more link.

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Does that partnership have deadlines? In that case, when? Give us something, c'mon

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I don’t know

I’ll stick around to answer questions for a little bit longer, 15 mins. I just hope that you’ll believe me and either hold or buy more and wish we could share in the excitement.

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yada yada yada, larp larp larp, it's close it's not close, i don't know, i can't tell.

Literally how dumb are you idiots?

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>lemme LARP while I dump my bags
How can you retarded idiots be in charge of any amount of money?
T. Captain

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I know I’m really unhelpful. If I didn’t give a fuck I would tell you but unfortunately I’m not a complete shitbag.

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Fair enough. Can you tell us how you came across this information and
>it’s screamingly obvious and yes it has been discussed before.
where we can look?

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good bump your own thread in the hope one more idiot puts 5$ in link. It won't happen

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Do you expect some big move in 2018?
Also this >>11004490 throw some breadcrumbs, please.

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let mister idiot here also bump the thread in order that he hopes someone puts 10$ in link.

You guys are the saddest userbase in crypto

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this is getting more riduclous by the minute, just say if you're larping.

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I see link bagholders have a new shilling model. Just pretend you have insider info you cannot leak and that it's going to make your shitcoin moon.

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It's coinbase listing

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I can’t tell you how I know.

It’s been discussed here. In a direct way (briefly) and in a less direct way (extensively), it’s been discussed.

The main message I want to get across to the believers is that at some point something extremely fucking bullish will be revealed and you’ll be literally shaking

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>4 posts by this ID
I'm bored faggot, if you don't like what you see here you can fuck off to another thread. I don't care if he's a LARP or not.

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fuck off delphi

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Not selling air here, just spend your money on these guys their shitcoin.

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Ofcourse not, you just want to bump the thread in the hope someone spends 5$ on link. I've been reading this shit for a year now. You'll read my shit, deal with it.

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My guess is cloud computation (?)

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These add up.

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I don’t know about 2018 for the very bullish news. I do know and can tell you that the near future should be fun and interesting for linkies.
I know larps have become a plague for Chainlink now.......But believers will be rewarded.

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if you're mentally disabled yes

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The vibe you're giving off here is frustrating. Will someone be hurt by you revealing information? Would it put you at personal risk? If Link is going to make us as rich as you say, then it wouldn't be a problem to put yourself out there professionally.
Give us crumbs, man. You know we live for this stuff.
It's literally all we got

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just give me a number op

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Could you define "near future" in terms of months, please?

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Worst larp yet.

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OP will it be too late to acquire if I buy in on Friday? I have something going through that will allow me to acquire heavy LINK.

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Post a phrase to search for on warosu that will lead us to the thread where the connection you are thinking of is at least referenced. There is no possible way to connect it to you then.

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>I’m not a complete shitbag
you are though. you are a shitbag.

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Fake post

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try "i'm very surprised link would be under 3$ in may"

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what do you delphi fags get out of fucking with people?

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Well no one would get physically hurt. I don’t want to discuss why I can’t say because that might make it obvious who I am.

$1000 EOY

Probably the next few months. I don’t actually know a specific time frame.

I know. I keep apologising.

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give a time estimate on when what you know will be revealed by your company or link or whatever

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I don’t know. One of the things I know made me believe the family member LARPer, and if he was right then we all only have a couple of weeks left.

Not Delphi

I know I’m being frustrating, so I’ll sign off after one more round of questions.

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kek, thanks for confirming you're a complete fucking retard

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and a fresh bunch of retards enter the thread. "Yeah, op isn't larping this time!!"

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bump the thread boy, i'll give you another chance, maybe some idiot will fall for the larp this time.

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Ok, I will do this. I need to think about it for a bit.

Near future will be exciting. Bullish AF news I only know that it’s happening now. Not when it will come to fruition.

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>I actually wouldn’t want you autists to solve it because of aforementioned reasons.

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>It made me believe one of the things the family larper from the other day revealed as well.
What part of what he said? Can you give us even a scrap of info?

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>One of the things I know made me believe the family member LARPer, and if he was right then we all only have a couple of weeks left.
The family larper was obviously fake as fuck. Is there a way that the larper could have just accidentally larped something that is true?

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This day where my shitcoin dropped another 9% i'm very bullish boys. It's not because i want my bags to rise a bit after this bloodshed. No no it's because i know things nobody does. Can't say anything about it though, just spend your money

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I'm just a little disappointed I won't have time to get my house sold and dca into link.

In b4 delusional. Maybe, but I have nothing to live for anymore, so fuck off.

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Do you work for the USA Army?

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the family larper was talking about sergey getting link on coinbase which was the pinnacle of retardation and proved unequivocally that he was a larp.

Tell us how you know this info- you're connected to the project somehow, or you dug it up, or what?

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damn, i've got this bearish information on chainlink, can't tell guys. But suicide might be the best option at this point

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Thanks, just sold 100k

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lol if i was in your position i would do the same thing. just make a camp in the woods and settle in for a year of waiting. It will probably be a cool experience anyway even if link goes to 0

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>t. not gonna make it

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>Ok, I will do this. I need to think about it for a bit.

Please anon, I would love to dig a little bit since I'm stuck home sick at the moment..

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nono how many LINK do i need to retire next to a costco and escape wage slavery. i am talking cook my own meals 95% of the time and travel wtih a comfy home. all i want out of this shit life

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good bump mate, thread is back on page 1, hopefully somebody buys 10 link now!!!

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so youre from the UK huh?

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nice one lad, retarded question to bum the thread again. Give me a "retard" reply and you get a free bump

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He only made a few key points. One of them definitely grabbed my attention.

I think one of the things he said was true, based on what I know, therefore I suspect he may be for real entirely.


It actually hasn’t been discussed often enough for me to be able to find a key word that wouldn’t make it really obvious. It’s something plain as day, though, and none of you have guessed it so far.

I unironically think $100 chainlink is doable within 3-5 years at the very most (barring Bitcoin tanking). So 10k to make it, before tax.

That’s all from me. Bye.

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Don't you have anything better to do niggerfaggot

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niggerfaggot, yeah that one works too. I've been reading your shit for a year. Read my shit now.

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>I unironically think $100 chainlink is doable within 3-5 years at the very most
All this effort for a FUD thread

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Oh and one more thing before I go: we are all gonna make it. Stay stinky.

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>absolutly no info from OP
what a surprise here. My bet is op, "bought the dip" and now is a fresh bagholder looking for a 1% profit.

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Thanks anon. I hope you're legit.

>> No.11004868

yeah, he's not

>> No.11004876

Give us something, anything anon

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Tell me which thing from the family larper did it make you believe?

>> No.11004895

Look. There are plenty of people who have inside info (like me) and you're not wrong. What you need to do is to take your micropenis away from the keyboard and delet this. It's fucking happening... just do whatever it is you do for about a month and let this play out.

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sorry guys, he can't tell, can't risk his life, you know.

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It's about IBM working on reputation?

>> No.11004910

fresh retard who wants to bump a link thread with fresh insider info right here boys wow, can't wait what he's got to say

>inb4 "you're a retard bump reply"

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>I unironically think $100 chainlink is doable within 3-5 years at the very most (barring Bitcoin tanking).

Cleverly disguised FUD thread

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IBM is going to pump this ERC20 json parser shitcoin you're going to be rich buddy. You'll never have to take responsibility again

>> No.11004924

damn, you know your shit.
I appreciate the research you've put into this, and thank you for sharing it. I hope others seriously consider your warning

>> No.11004932

good bump friend, back to page 1. You're doing good work

>> No.11004937

damn, you know your shit.
I appreciate the research you've put into this, and thank you for sharing it. I hope others seriously consider your warning

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You’re such a faggot. Why do you come to biz to say you have information you can’t release? It’s because you’re a fucking kike who wants to feel important and you do that by pretending to be important in front of a bunch of NEETs. I hope you’re not a larp and that you get fired soon for being an epic nigger faggot. One more thing, even if Trump said tomorrow that the US government was looking at using link for decentralized information exchange across the world, I wouldn’t be shaking because I’m not a faggot like you and I know that the only thing which will matter is when data is being bought and sold on the network for smartcontracts. Don’t waste our fucking time unless you have information which is guaranteed to make the price increase, because even mainnet news will probably dump.

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Lmao I know what it is and fucking faggots here don't know because it was only ever discussed in ONE thread during a 2 week period. Hey OP here's a way to ask if your source is the same as my source without others realising it.

Yesterday and today there were threads using an image in the OP, that image is related to the news you're talking about. But the image itself was not related to crypto at all, so it was discussion of something else.

Sound about right?

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Sage yourself.
He sounds legit.

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$1k EOY

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Yeah, there are 3 anons with insider information in this trhead now. Sorry guys can't tell you anything though, just buy buy buy!! But this one is definatly legit.

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bek dicht kankermongool

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je m'en fous

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the familylarper is actually called niggeranus

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I literally shook once during a vacation in Zanzibar and I nearly spilled all my municipal marmalade. It was awful.

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I cba with the song and dance, the news is about a Tesla partnership for self driving cars.

Yw anons.

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o rly?

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Tom is that you?

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elon smoking pot is top tier reaction shit
we have gifs?

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As far as how the cars send/receive data securely?

>> No.11005279

This is now a LINK/Tesla thread. How would Link even be used with self driving cars? Does that even make sense or is it peak delusion? Can someone give an end to end run down of how Link would even conceivably be used?

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Self driving cars would need their data to be scrutinised at the highest level. Understand that self driving cars represent a NATIONAL security issue. Imagine if a terrorist could hijack a self driving cars GPS and have it plow into civilian population?

It's a legislative nightmare to give a private company essentially control over an entire fleet of cars with computer controlled driving. What if Tesla was compromised?

Blockchain data storage of logs would be a must, things like black boxes, especially if trials were ever held over the behaviour of such a car. Now what is a secure, audit-able, unhackable way for a driverless car to log and communicate with data, e.g. GPS data stored on a decentralised blockchain, any ideas?

Now yes this would need for blockchain to be seen as legitimate in the eyes of the law, but we all know that's coming, I mean today you can sign a legally binding lease over an email, blockchain will be used as legitimate data storage and legally admissible evidence by the state eventually.

Finally you have a former Tesla employee working AT ChainLink. Then if you want to go full /kek/ you could also argue Elon is currently generating a lot of memetic power, possibly overflow from the memetic energy contained in Link to signify the impending news. Synchronicity and coincidences and all that. But don't let the kek/meme shit detract from my legitimate arguments.

>> No.11005504

Thanks for the reply. I’m not arguing that link and Tesla wouldn’t be good for link, but what I’m actually curious about is the mechanics of it all. Would the example you gave, namely that link could be used to deliver trustless data to store for legal purposes, require a chainlink node in every vehicle? If so, does Tesla build a self contained link node unit that gets put in every vehicle? Let’s move past that for a second. So the vehicle transmits data to the blockchain to record what exactly? Who’s in control? Logged events? What information is being communicated here?

For your national security example, how does enabling trustless data prevent a company from getting hacked and sending faulty information to the cars? In what way does chainlink prevent abuse and what kind of potential abuse?

>> No.11005804


You should read up more on ChainLinks whitepaper, you don't need a node to transmit data. The way it works is people run nodes, then third parties use the nodes as mediators, this is what makes it trustless, the fact that the source of the data and the transmission of the data are separate entities. Think of nodes like bitcoin miners, and then people make transactions, the miners then process those transactions.

So people stake LINK for their nodes, and then Tesla pays the nodes for transmitting the log data into a blockchain, or receiving GPS data from a blockchain, both of which can be separate entities that are also decentralised.

Here's a rough example of ONE way ChainLink could be used:

All the GPS coordinates and data are stored in a private distributed ledger, because the ledger is distributed no *one* entity being hijacked could alter those coordinates. You would need to hack 51% of every entity, so now we immediately have the unparalleled security benefits of a DLT/blockchain. So what is the next point of failure? The transmission of the data. So now that we can't edit the data itself, what we could try to do is hack the company that transmits the data into the car, and replace it with our (faulty) coordinates. Except instead of one company transmitting the data, the data is being transmitted by thousands of individuals using the consensus system outlined in the CL whitepaper.

This is the point of CL, every piece of data from Point A to Point B is duplicated and checked via consensus, no single points of failure. At no one point is the GPS data ever controlled by a single entity, even the transmission is via many oracles.

>> No.11005897

I’ve read it ten times. I have ~300k linkies. I’m just still not understanding what advantage this offers or even why it’s important for us to send this trustless data at all. If there’s no node in a vehicle, are we trusting Tesla to provide the correct data? What if they provide incorrect data about their fleet of vehicles? If I can’t verify the data from each vehicle, I can’t verify the data is actually accurate for the entire fleet.

What data is being sent, by whom and for whom, and what is the intention? I understand the insurance angle, but this wouldn’t be exclusive to Tesla driver-less vehicles. How does this data enable people to travel safely in their Tesla’s? (Or more safely)

>> No.11005905

Did Tesla participate in the ICO?

>> No.11005972

Hi you seem nice and smart I like you

>> No.11005994


Ok well now I'm confused, because you've read the whitepaper and you invested money but you don't seem to understand the advantage ChainLink offers to anyone at all. Mind you I'm not try to patronise you, but I'm gonna try to break down a timeline of all of this in a simple way.

Why does bitcoin, or blockchain, or any DLT, have value? The only value it has comes from it's decentralisation, and by extension security. What this means is that the unique thing about blockchains is that they take one set of data that would have in the past been stored on a single server/computer/array/whatever, and store copies of it on thousands and thousands of devices all over the world that use what is called a consensus algorithm which essentially means you need to alter the data on 51% of every device in order for you to compromise the data. This is unparalleled security, the problem is it is currently restricted in use-case for two reasons: finding legitimate use cases for this insane level of security. I mean bitcoin could arguably be a giant 100 billion dollar hacking bounty, no one has managed to hack it despite the huge amount of money they could make.

The other issue is what purpose is having my data decentralised and totally unhackable and secure and audited, if the 'oracle' that sends me the data can be hacked and compromised. Because that's what we have right now, oracles that are single entities.

There doesn't need to be a node in the car because the car is the receiver, that's like saying your tv needs a satellite inside it. The car is a single entity, compromise a single car, you have a small scale issue. Compromise the data source, you have a national crisis. A DLT ensures the data cannot be hacked or compromised. The chainlink oracles are nodes that send the individual cars the data from the DLT without being hacked because they are also decentralised. As in they also consist of MANY entities confirming the data as it is sent. How is the benefit unclear

>> No.11006116

I’m not trying to patronize you either, but you wrote a lot and didn’t say anything. I’ve been in cryptos since 2014, chainlink since right after the ICO, I have multiple graduate degrees, blah blah no one cares but my point is that I understand the advantages of decentralization.

What I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around is what distinct advantage chainlink provides that further enables their electric self driving cars to provide greater security or seamless transportation function to the consumer. How does a link/Tesla partnership help the owner of a Tesla?

Ok, so the Tesla is a receiver. What information is it receiving and why? What information is the vehicle sending to the, what I assume, is a centralized Tesla server? And why? How is that information used once received from the vehicle.

I’m asking for a lot so apologies if you can’t answer it, but I’m looking for someone to walk me through from the moment I buy a Tesla to the moment an event occurs and how this event is made “better” by Tesla utilizing the chainlink network and how they make it better.

>> No.11006134

Anyone who believes this is fucking retarded. If OP had real info why would he want to tell people and risk people buying bringing the price up. He would say nothing and keep buying. Why spread the news? He wouldn't. The only person who would make a post like OP is someone who wants buyers and wants the price to go up so he can sell.

If you honestly believe a post like this you deserve to lose all of your money. And coincidently you will.

>> No.11006190

I’m but a humble speculator... maybe general car data can be sold to insurance companies to reduce or pay out claims via odometer readings, g-forces during braking? Tesla could leverage statistical info when cars are self driving to find specific roads that need paint/repair?
Since apologies are being thrown around I’ll give mine
>sorry t. Brainlet

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>> No.11006221

Tesla cars don't use apis or data feeds.

>> No.11006267


Sorry there is no way you have been in crypto since 2014 and have multiple graduate degrees yet operate with a lot of really basic misinformation. For example you thought the Tesla vehicles would need to have nodes inside them, in order to receive data, which makes absolutely zero sense. The term 'self contained link node' says a lot. I'm not trying to disparage you it's just it'd be a lot easier to address your questions if you were upfront with your level of knowledge on the subject.

I'm going to try and make this crystal clear for you, can we establish first of all that DLTs/blockchains are a secure way to store data? Ok like that is just common knowledge at this point and has been covered by every major publication.

So lets just take that for granted, DLTs/blockchains are a good way to store data because of redundancy and consensus etc.

Ok so now we have that piece of information in our left hand, now lets ask a very simple question, imagine you have this really important information in your left hand (on a blockchain) and you want to send it somewhere. Ok so the way that CURRENTLY works, is the super valuable data is transmitted using a single entity service like oraclize. So we've invested in securing this data only to then trust it to some third party.

Chainlink, to cut a long story short, takes the same mechanics of redundancy and consensus used in DLTs and applies them to TRANSMISSION as well as storage.

So now my question is, what are you struggling to believe has value here. Are you arguing that there is no need for tamper-proof data? Because without a combination of blockchains (for storage) and ChainLink (for transmission), there is no current way to send data that is impossible to tamper with. Also the whole point is the data would be on the blockchain. So imagine if Tesla and every other automaker get together and create a DLT of gps data, thus preventing any one company from changing it, then CL transports it to the cars.

>> No.11006319

this is the first time i've recognized female syntax in a link thread. you're new here. who are you?

>> No.11006367

In order for you to have a distributed system like blockchain control cars and make sure they are driving to the propper location following traffic laws and without deviating from any roads cars would have to be communicating with the blockchain constantly sending data on chain so the blockchain can see gps coordinates or an odometer reading or speed checks etc. The problem is that a single car is the single source of failure. The care you are driving would be the only car sending and receiving data on a given contract. There will never be multiple separate sources giving readings on your car to the blockchain. All a hacker has to do is have a car give false readings to the blockchain and noone would know otherwise what that car was used to do or where it went.

>> No.11006368

Holy shit. You’re either a nigger or legally retarded. I don’t care about your philosophical subconscious masturbation thoughts. I’m sorry, but you didn’t answer a single question I had but instead used your post to virtue signal about some non-existent knowledge you might have on the subject.

I understand DLT and blockchain. But you still didn’t explain how this benefits Tesla. I want someone to explain in real terms how Tesla benefits from chainlink and your “THIS IS DECENTRALIZED INFORMATION” rant confirms to the rest of us you have no idea what you’re talking about. I’m a huge Link fan but you clearly didn’t read a fucking word I typed and I think you’re retarded. I was patient at first but I’d rather someone non-retarded answer my questions.

How does chainlink help Tesla provide better vehicles or even insurance feedback for us?

It’s super fucking simple. Walk me through why and how Link is used to call data for Smartcontracts with a tesla car and what that entails.

I feel bad if you’re invested in Link because you clearly have no idea what planet we live on much less what Link does.

>> No.11006412

> non-existent knowledge you might have on the subject
Where the fuck do you retards come from? Did you wander in here from b by accident?

>> No.11006420


Just to be clear, I was referring to a stage at which Tesla rolled out automated/self-driving cars. I can see 2 utility scenarios, both push and pull. Push could be to log the data that the AI uses when making decisions so that the data could later be analysed for tampering etc. by insurance companies or for legal purposes. What if an AI caused the death of someone, their family might want to sue, there would be an inquest, records would be pulled up, not unreasonable to think they might want those records to be impossible to modify/tamper with.

The pull scenario would be for the automated driver to pull GPS co-ordinates and/or instruction sets in a tamper proof way.

Yes any individual car could be compromised, as >>11006367 points out, but that is nowhere near the same level of risk as compromising a single data source that thousands of cars are using.

>> No.11006438

Chainlink only has usecases where there exist many sources providing the same data. A car providing data to the blockchain is only a single source so it would give tesla no benefit to run a cars data through chainlink over a centalized oracle service like oraclize.

>> No.11006459


>I'm new here
>there were dozens of Tesla/Link threads up in February and March, it was even the flavour of the month conspiracy theory for awhile


>> No.11006508

Any logged data can be hacked. The data only becomes ”public” or blockchain certain after it is logged or sent. So a vehicle could “log” a bunch of information, but this doesn’t get “uploaded” to the blockchain until it is sent to nodes. However, decentralized nodes could send information from the source and thus ensure trustlessness.

Honestly, I really appreciate your input. But from everything I see, no one has any idea how Tesla + chainlink would work and I haven’t seen a single clear explanation of it.

How would tesla and/or Tesla customers benefit from chainlink? No one can answer that. It doesn’t matter because chainlink can be used for other trillion dollar markets, but people keep spouting off Tesla bullshit without explaining the mechanics.

>> No.11006512


That's actually false and has been covered in previous LINK debates, there are a few scenarios in which single sources of data could still rely on LINK. Consider a scenario in which a single source sends encrypted today to a third party to be registered, if that third party is compromised (as opposed to the source) it could still be problematic. However in this case the single source could send data to multiple oracles, which then use consensus to determine whether the integrity of the data was maintained before recording it to the blockchain.

The circumstances in which this is useful are somewhat niche as there would need to be some reason why the data could not be directly encoded into the blockchain but IIRC some anons worked up scenarios where this would be the case.

>> No.11006520

One can only deduce you we're preop during those posts and currently have no peenus ah. Ah chopa chopa chop.

>> No.11006526

please tell us. this market is sucking the life out of me. dont you fucking larp on me man

>> No.11006533


I literally point blank explained the mechanics, lets imagine every Tesla car is getting its map/gps data from some big Tesla server. That server gets hacked and 10,000 cars are directed to drive over a bridge. This is an instance where a single source of data being compromised fucks over many many cars.

This is an exaggerated situation but it's pretty black and white.

>> No.11006539


*off a bridge

>> No.11006546

Jesus people on this board are retarded.

>> No.11006549
File: 503 KB, 1082x695, 1527668977633.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Don't forget about the frens you made along the way.

>> No.11006587

Do you understand what “mechanics” means? So someone hacks Tesla headquarters. How does chainlink prevent this? Shit, I could stop there but I’m really feeling my nigger senses go crazy. Who’s is running nodes? How is this data tamper proof? How does Tesla communicate an entire map or gps data to a vehicle and for what purpose? How is this made better or more secure with chainlink? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

>> No.11006611

Like... chainlink is decentralized so not having a node in every car is the opposite of decentralization? Jesus fucking Christ. Do you know what decentralized means?

>> No.11006669

>getting this ass blasted someone owns a coin you don't

>> No.11006701


>Oh no, my driverless uber got into an accident.
>Insurances processes my claim with data from chainstink.
>What is dispute resolution.

>> No.11006733


>What is GPS?

>> No.11006737

What information will those nodes be processing for the insurance?

>> No.11006775


>Detection of part failure
>Proof of payment for ride
>Faster claims
>The list goes on

>> No.11006823

Why would multiple unrelated parties all be constantly tracking
>Detection of part failure
For only my specific car? Its not often that any single car will in involved in an insurance dispute.

>> No.11006854


Do you think cars will be driverless in the future? Do you think cars will communicate with eachother in the future? Do you think cars will be able to connect to the internet in the future? Do you think these cars will be able to provide internet service to others outside the car in the future? Do you think any of this data is valuable in the future?

>> No.11006860


Holy fuck at first I thought you simply had no idea how ChainLink works, I'm starting to realise you have no idea how computers work. That's what you mean when you're asking for the mechanics, you literally need to have basic fucking shit explained. Do you even know what an API is? I feel like you're a boomer who got into crypto and stumbled your way here from reddit and now you want me to fucking run you through every step of how Link decentralizes and secures data via SmartContracts and nodes.

I'd recommend you not worry about that, a lot smarter people than you who understand computers a lot better have already done the research. Just suffice it to say that every Tesla car with automated driving will have a computer in it, one that makes API requests. It makes more sense for the data the computer receives to come from a redundant source using ChainLink nodes run by various entities than from a single Tesla server. That's all you need to know, that's what decentralised means, the data comes from a network of thousands of computers cross checking the information, vs a single server/whatever.

>> No.11006869
File: 28 KB, 588x290, BVZGOWT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I've drawn my line in the sand OP, LINK, HOLO ,UUU, VET and ZIL. One of these will bring me the returns...but only when I have sold I will release my mistake.

>> No.11006906

>Tesla wants to Trustlessly verify GPS data so car GPS navigation can’t be tampered with
>uses DLT network to encode data of the city street layout, which can offer a high level of security to their automated navigation system
>use Chainlink to encode data to the chain, updating in real time for incidents like traffic delays and road closures
> meanwhile sitting in my car twiddling thumbs like a useless idiot
>tell my car I want to go to McDonalds
>car uses Chainlink to pull GPS data for Tesla GPS network and trigger its local software to respond appropriately
>get to McDonalds safely without catastrophic terrorism incidents because the system of sending and receiving navigation information is highly secure

>> No.11006929


Don't bother, this guys just gonna respond with dumb questions like 'how is the data trustless just because chainlink sent it' or 'how does tesla install a chainlink machine into the transmission to download the smartcontracts'.

>> No.11007043
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dude you are talking with an NPC, he can't understand because the matrix is not granting him enough computing power

>> No.11007046

Would self driving cars need the internet to function this way? And if so what about the self driving cars that don't need the internet to function

>> No.11007060

only link and holo will survive

>> No.11007078

>muh NPC

>> No.11007104
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>not being all in link

>> No.11007107
File: 9 KB, 211x239, 1510185187317.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you actually read the posts of that brainlet? you wanna tell me this doesn't sound like a soulless moron?
that other guy was breaking it down as simple as humanly possible and he still didn't get it and it actually turned out he didn't understand blockchain or computers AT ALL.

>> No.11007115

>But when I found it out
Im a bit of a larp expert, round these parts.
You are a "I just saw a mastercard logo on their website and I think it's an important secret" larper.
Please make a tripcode so we can all laugh at you later.

>> No.11007225

You are actually retarded. Go to bed.

>> No.11007260

You are actually retarded. I’ve got a lot of link and it’s seeing fellow bag holders like yourself that really makes me second guess myself. Like how have I and this complete brainlet (you) both assessed link as a good buy? Jesus Christ

>> No.11007431


>> No.11007442

I’m considering selling everything because of faggots like you and others on this thread. Not every data point is getting stored on the blockchain, Ethereum can’t handle the storage of every fucking time a car bumps into another or the gps information of every fucking vehicle on the road. You niggers keep screaming that I’m a brainlet but none of you have provided a simple satisfactory process diagram describing how practical data from a Tesla vehicle is enabled by chainlink.

Information is finite, chainlink is triggered by events off the blockchain. It can’t record every single movement from a Tesla vehicle a thousand miles away, so again, what is chainlink’s function in helping Tesla? So far none of you have provided a satisfactory response. Let’s say I hit one of these faggots above me in this thread with my Tesla. What information from the sensors on my car gets sent to where, and how does the chainlink network process that information? Is it only insurance payouts? What’s my incentive as Tesla to enable this tech?

>> No.11007530


>What information from the sensors on my car gets sent to where and how does chain link process that information?

You could teach a masterclass in being a retard. Your question is simultaneously ambiguous whilst also demanding unreasonable specificity. I don’t know if you want a schematic blueprint of how the car sensors on a Tesla model that hasn’t even been released yet will record data, or if you want an explanation of how computer and microprocessors exchange data, or if you want to know how blockchains store data or if you want to know how ChainLink secures data being transmitted.

It’s almost surreal because it’s like talking to a time travelling nigger that wants everything explained all at once. Information is finite is just a meaningless phrase that has no bearing and is just meant to make you sound like you know what you’re talking about, everything is finite retard. A blockchain can store as much data as any other piece of software, since a DLT/blockchain is just a database that’s copied many times. So instead of Tesla storing a bunch of data, Tesla shares the data with five other companies or a hundred other companies, that use a consensus algorithm to secure the data. Chainlink function is to ensure the data goes to and from this ledger to the point of use securely, whether that’s for analysis by an insurance agency or to make sure gps coordinates aren’t tampered with. Holy fuck why is this super basic concept confusing to you.

part 1/2

>> No.11007537


Part 2/2

What do you even mean when you ask what information is sent? All the information the sensor has access to is sent, like speed, position, angle, and the data the AI was using to make a decision. This way in future another party can look at this data to see if: the AI malfunctioned and made a bad decision, or whether the AI was tampered with in some way, or which car was to blame if two cars are involved. Etc.

Your incentive as Tesla is to prevent the deaths of thousands of people and destroying your companies reputation because you got hacked the way dozens of other companies do every year. Do you remember the Equifax hack? What happens if that occurs with a corporation that controls automated vehicles? Do you have any appreciation for the stakes at hand? Or are you going to continue asking questions like “how does information go from one place to another” and “how do magnets store 1s and 0s if those are just numbers”

>> No.11007607

Awesome. We’re getting closer. So I get hit in my tesla and it sends that information to the blockchain recording my speed, velocity, angle, etc. for the insurance company.

How does it send that information to the blockchain? Does my car have Link tokens it uses to signal nodes that the accident occurred? I’m looking for: accident information (x,y,z) -> node(?) -> insurance company -> Smartcontract -> driver (?).

Is no one capable of mapping the data? It’s a pretty simple request.

You’re all hand waving faggot niggers so far.

>> No.11007648


The problem despite your constant claim that you get how LINK works it’s pretty clear you don’t, LINK nodes take with the LINK tokens, they get paid in any crypto, for all we know Tesla will make their own crypto. It’ll work like this

crash data ->>> nodes - > blockchain

The three >>> indicates that the data will be sent to many nodes which will collaborate to ensure that the data is accurate, as in if a single node says “the car was travelling at 30 mph” but the other two nodes say “the data we received says 60 mph” then that’s what will get registered. Once it’s recorded to the block chain it remains there FOREVER and with many copies across every firm who joins this system. This blockchain will not be public, it will likely work on hyperlefger so it will be crazy fast and have no limit to data storage.

Six months later an investigation is brought forward, the data is pulled from the block chain where we know it could not have been tampered with.

>> No.11007660


*stake with link tokens. Tesla would be paying the nodes in let’s say BTC, the price of link goes up because more people will want to buy LINK tokens so they can run their node and receive the money from BTC/USD/whatever

>> No.11007677

What’s to keep a vehicle from reporting it was traveling at 30 mph when it was actually traveling at 40 mph if someone hacks the vehicle’s computer?

>> No.11007695

That would have to be done before the accident tho

>> No.11007704


Again no one is arguing that individual vehicles could be compromised, the idea is that a single vehicle being compromised is infinitely better than a single server which handles the data of tens of thousands of vehicles.

Furthermore perhaps one day all this data will be cross referenced against other cars and maybe traffic lights will record more data (we already have some traffic lights with speed cameras) I mean with IoT the possibilities are seeming less. But the one thing not up for debate is that there needs to be a secure way of recording and storing this data. Block chain is the storage, ChainLink is the recorder.

>> No.11007705

>t. faggot troll
>t. absolute brainlet
not good options bucko

>> No.11007740

Kek. No one has answered my questions and you’re all just hand waving this shit. None of you have any fucking idea how chainlink and Tesla data would work. We literally need Sergey or Steve to chime in because you’re all brainlets.

I just want to know what data is transmitted, by whims, to where, and how this gets used by the chainlink network to improve Tesla vehicles driverless or not.

I completely understand how chainlink works. But can anyone with an iq above 100 walk us through the events and data transfer of a driverless Tesla vehicle using the chainlink network?

I’m not asking for a lot but no one yet has broke it down for us. What problem is being solved for Tesla with chainlink? How is tesla able to use smartcontratcs for their vehicles when before they couldn’t?

>> No.11007771


>> No.11007806


The tesla car have inside blockhain implemented with chainlink. data from senros are captured and stored to blockchain via chainlink. Car needs to be connected also to internet via satellite or something to interact with the whole network. I am sure if the car is offline it will restore the data and send it when online.

Keep it simple

>> No.11007812


Just to clarify I’m going to reiterate, you do understand we are talking about cars that haven’t been released yet. We’re talking about driverless cars that will have hundreds of sensors, I think the last prototype had over 300 sensors or something.

Now no one, bar maybe Elon musk, can say for certain the EXACT specifications of these sensors.

What we can do is look at problems, then try to see how they can be solved. If you only believe in solutions to problems that are already fully functional and deployed then put your money in an ETF for your 4% boomer cuck gains.

>what data is transmitted

Presumably all the data, why is it relevant which specific data? We can assume that some data will be recorded, that data has to be recorded somewhere. Considering we live in a world where EVERYTHING IS RECORDED.

>by whom

By the car (obviously) and possibly other cars around it

>to where

This is now the key part. It will either be to a generic database in a server, or to a ChainLink node for storage on a DLT.

So there is the crux of it, we can safely assume data will be recorded, it is clear as day that it will be transmitted. So the only question that impacts our gains is will it be using chainlink/blockchain.

I believe yes, because as how been pointed out by everyone in this thread, only ChainLink/Blockchain can prevent the data from being tampered with due to the INTRINSIC properties of block chains. (Which if you don’t know how blockchains work then kys)

So we can establish that Tesla has two ways of doing something, one of which is superior (due to improved security which is an inherent property), a lot of us are suspecting Tesla will do it the better way.

Those are the events, data is recorded, data is transmitted, will it be using blockchain/CL or not? Is the question. Or are you asking for an explanation on how blockchain works because that’s the only part I haven’t explicitly explained since you should google if you don’t know.

>> No.11007896

You just wasted my fucking time reading your drivel. Jesus fucking Christ, you’re a fucking moron along with everyone else’s on this board. Kys.

I understand DLT. Goddamnit. I hope you all blow your fucking brains out. LINK tokens go to the network and retrieve data required for the smartcontract they want to offer their customers. What events a) lead to this trigger, and b) what information is sent by whom to where. Then, c) how is this information incorporated into a Smartcontract for the benefit of Tesla?

None of you faggots have gotten close to answering basic questions about what a chainlink/Tesla relationship would look like.

I’m asking very simple questions but they’re clearly very difficult to answer. How can chainlink and Tesla actually be connected? None of you have a good answer, so fuck all of you for attacking me.

>how does Tesla use link? It’s a simple question.

>> No.11008071
File: 56 KB, 478x523, 1527370852812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually retarded. Yikes.

>> No.11008099

>how does Tesla use link? It’s a simple question.
The sensors interact with the main data by Chainlink what is so hard to get about that? They're driverless cars so they have a shitload of sensors bro

>> No.11008104

You figured it out, it’s a scam with no real world use case. Dump your bags before all these other subhumans realize this token is worthless. Do it faggot and do it quick

>> No.11008144

Holy shit. Do you have a PhD?
>the sensors interact with the data

Fuck. My mind can’t even comprehend that level of amazing intelligence. Fuck me.

>shitload of sensors
Fuck. Hell yea. Where do I sign up to give you my money? No one can compete with being an absolute genius like you. I’m gonna go kill my self in light of your superior intelligence exhibited here.

>> No.11008145

>vague larp about muh insider info
>gives no information whatsoever (but its gonna be yuge guys just believe)
>hundreds of replies
the absolute state of linktards

>> No.11008158

Kill yourself

>> No.11008219

Oh shit I’m fucked. That’s such an awesome reply to my junk logic. Fuck. I’m absolutely destroyed by your repertoire of incredible comments. How will I ever recover?

>> No.11008220
File: 1.83 MB, 4032x2268, 20180909_022333.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

get in before its not a guaranteed 10x anymore faggots. 200 sats is the dump price and hot is gonna be filling orders faster than you can place them if you wait too long. bye now while the market is still under $200 billion fags.

>> No.11008351

Spoopy delphi post time gets.

>> No.11008472


>> No.11008497

Why haven't you converted those small amounts to BNB? There is a button for it in your screenshot.

>> No.11008575

The only way I can imagine it is as follows:
The vehicle would transmit a constant stream of data to a Tesla server (where DLT or standard database). This would be GPS, temp, road surface, speed etc etc.
Then an accident happens, and the owner of the car wants to get an insurance payout. In order to fulfill the request of the insurance smartcontract, it makes a request to a node to get the cars data just before the accident occurs (to check the driver was not speeding etc). The node then has access to the Tesla served through a paid API, and pulls the data and feeds it to the insurance smartcontract. This is where Chainlink comes in, to help ensure that the data is not tampered with in between the Tesla server and the insurance smartcontract.
Obviously the data could still be tampered with on the Tesla server (although if it was DLT it would be harder).

>> No.11008600

daily reminder: LINK $1000 EOY (((only))) requires a non-stop daily +7.59% for 114 consecutive days, "we can do it, we can do it" kek

>> No.11008604
File: 296 KB, 1024x1113, 1535988584330.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I see where you're coming from. The problem with all of you people is that autistic and unimaginative, and this makes you all frustrated. That does not mean that chainlink is useless for the car situation.
Here is one scenario where the enhanced tamper resistance of multiple chainlink nodes would benefit tesla AND the customer:
Let's say Tesla has a fleet of on-demand driverless taxis which collect payment automatically, via smart contract, upon arrival at the destination. In order for this to work, the smart contract needs to know that a fare has been picked up, that they have arrived at the agreed upon destination, and how much is owed, in order for the payment clause of the contract to trigger. In every step of the process, the car AND passenger need to report their own unique information to the smart contract; you can't (or at least shouldn't) trust only one of them. So, the Car API and Passenger's Phone API report their respective data to chainlink, which aggregate the results and check that the data is coherent enough to trigger payment (eg. the destination reported by both apis is within some acceptable threshhold). Tesla and the passenger benefit specifically from chainlink's decentralization/multiple nodes because of the inherent protections against MITM attacks and one-off data transmission errors. Also, afaik the answer aggregation aspect would have to be ad-hocd into current centralized solutions like oraclize, whereas this is how chainlink operates by design.

>> No.11008656

Really fun read, you are an absolute moron and have done nothing but demonstrate how little you know of what you are trying to discuss

>> No.11008741

Finally. Thanks. Makes sense.

>> No.11008754

can vouch. the family larper said some things that I suspect only a handful of people know. didn't seem to be a larper.

>> No.11008782

So what do you know that we don't?