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Look, the FUD has passed. Some anons will say "but muh code copy" and other bullshit to keep you from buying, but the fact remains, this will be a 15M market-cap by the time IDEX volume picks up.

Monero kids are slowly selling bits as Redditors in their own threads are talking about BlockDag.

Do not miss your final chance to buy this under 50 cents.

You are warned.

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Enjoying your bags pajeet?

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Anytime a coin has to talk about “all the fud” isn’t that a huge red flag or are you retarded?

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Actually, yes. I'm up 13% and rising now. Been waiting for this (hopefully) final opportunity to get one more stack under 50.

Don't fuck up.

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pajeet/chink/copy+paste coins have no hope in a bear market. so no, dero like every other useless coin is just going to bleed volume until its dead

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This is not that, anon. Poor guys....you have no idea. See : 0xBTC.

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The only copy+paste with this coin is the code monero is struggling to copy right now. Dero is built from scratch. Code is open, go have a look.

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Oh look, another bitcoin on ethereum scam. Great.

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I have. It’s monero in golang. As for monero copying them. That is more than disingenuous. Dero adopted tech before a full audit had been done on the word of an anon dev.

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>10% premine isn't locked (as the anon dev said initially). It's all in just one wallet, coompletely availible for him to use at any time. It's impossible to say if all the coins are still there. He could have given most of it to pay for John McAfee shilling, as he intended before (kek).
>captain made lots of changes for Atlantis update, and during 4 entire months he didn't released the code. Literally released just the binaries for brainlets to run. He could have made literally anything, and nobody will ever know.
>anon dev implemented non audited code (bulletproofs) before the external audits were finished. He claims to have done just an "internal audit" by himself (LMAO). This is an unforgivable mistake in crypto, nobody implements unaudited cryptography. Any security flaw, and the project is gone. That's the main reason because smart people in crypto doesn't take this project and its single anon dev seriously anymore.
>imbecile decision to remain with CryptoNight PoW algorith, and now, few ASIC miners will have the biggest wallets, completely contradicting the promised decentralization. Also, just one pool controls literally 98% of the network. The pool owner literally owns also the network.

This thing is dead. There's no salvation for Dero anymore. Sorry.

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didn't the main devs leave and shit on dero?

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But but but muh blockdag. It’s the future man. You just don’t get it. This is a classic example of a scam. But sock puppets here eat it up

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>he thinks rewriting it in another language is building from scratch

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>classic example of scam
>creates fully functioning blockchain with cutting edge tech, some of which has never been seen in action before

Your grasp on what scams look like in the crypto space must be very abstract

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holy shit it's literally a copy pasta and some brainlets. god you guys are dumb or just bad at FUDDING.

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You know what’s also cutting edge and a scam? Hashgraph. Buying dero isn’t investing in anything other than investing in captain. You are along for whatever he says since you can’t fork.

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>calling legit statements "FUD" (See >>10983375)
>not explaining a single one

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Technology doesn't mean anything in crypto, to be honest. First, it doesn't mean anything if it's poorly handled (like Dero is). And second, check Bitcoin. There are lots and lots of better projects, but not a single one flipped it yet in market cap or price.

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I visited their site. Typos and bad grammar everywhere. Anonymous pajeet devs

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Like? Name a project with better tech and signs of adoption.

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Technically better than BTC? Most of them. Ethereum, Nano, Litecoin, and many others. BUT, the point is possibly there will be no one that will flip it, because it's already very trusted and consolidated, and gradually becoming
well accepted.

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Dont care if it is copy pasta!
It is true and that is what matters.

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Nimiq tech wise. Of course bitcoin beats all when it comes to adoptipn jusy because it's the oldest.

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I have a bag from 15k sats, i'll dump when it hits 50k again. What's with the sudden volume/upwards action as of recent anyway?