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it's live

and yes, Elon is on drugs. Guaranteed.

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So what cunt?

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I haven't watched or listening to him at length, but he sure seems to have some sort of weird look in his eyes

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s-so..i wanna discuss it with you guys

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couldn’t watch, he gives off the creepy vibe of a date rapist

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Hopefully Rogan got fed some good questions to ask about all this recent madness and it isn't another le cool science man episode

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>dig a pit

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When our big mac sergey gonna be on there talking about smart contracts?

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i'm tryin to see how big his pupils are

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What a eccentric man

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Let's start the campaign. Start requesting Sergey to Joe's social media. This would be legendary.

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both and more

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He needs to do a line

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this is the awkwardest interview of all time

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>if youre tripping acid all the time people will just think this is the normal you

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He definitely looks to be on something sedative.

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Would be the greatest PR campaign of all time. Combined with the 4th industrial revolution they're building. Let's make it happen boyos

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elon linker confirmed

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This guy is a Fucking weirdo wtf? First time seeing him speak for an extended period of time

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what the fuck are they on about a neural link?
i want that shit

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>Faces of Meth

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Joe Rogan sort of seems afraid that he's gonna break Elon's mental state every time he says something.

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This is going to be two and half hours of Joe fearing what he should actually say since the backlash on this shit is going to be insane. Elon is so out of it.


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HA try listening to a tesla conference call

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this. its over

one of 1000 signs that Chainlink is the future.

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is this the real shadow fork? !!

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I mean I'm no Elon fanboy but you have a fucking rat turd for a brain if you fail to understand what he means by that.

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Musk is bro tier

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Clearly you are a fanboy. I was mocking how simplistic of a statement it was, and yet if you were watching the thing you would have noticed that it took him more than 20 seconds to spit it out. He's way out of it.
I bet in your commiefornia your vehicle isn't an extension of yourself.

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anything interesting you can throw to us?

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here we go about fucking chimps again.

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He thinks a lot before/while talking. You should try it some time anon

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You know what? I don't give a shit. I hope he kills himself honestly. I am sick of him taking up headlines.

Tesla has one car. Solar City is trash. I don't even get how this guy is rich.

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>eccentric self-made tech billionaire talks about eccentric techy things
>hurrr durrr he on drugs lmao he iz so weird xD
/biz/ will never make it

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lmfao they are bonding over chimps

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i don't know anon but it sounds fucking rad

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Nigga you can just go to a tesla dealer or drive past one and see that they have more than one car

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well billionaire just admitting his depression.


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I want to hear juicy details about his private life fuck this boring science shit

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Go watch the Kardashians then you intellectually challenged NPC

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lotta npcs in this thread

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yeah like does Grimes peg him or what

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>I bet in your commiefornia your vehicle isn't an extension of yourself
Anon in the future when you're spending every waking moment/sleeping in your car I want you to ask yourself this same question

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No, being surrounded by idiots/average people (idiots) while being highly intelligent and always in the limelight

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elon is fucking wacky

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He's talking about NPCs. Welcome to synchronicity bois

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yeah im getting weird vibes tonight frens

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>certain terrible ideas from propagating

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lol is NPC the new brainlet meme?

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Musk isn't even saying anything. Joe is just talking to himself.

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musk doesnt give much away, pretty faggy really

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Elon is a weird fuck but he's got some good points. Joe is guaranteed to just feed into his crazy though.

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Joe is curing elons autism in real time

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... You've never seen Musk speak?

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LMAO here comes the shilling Elon

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all the stress of authorities getting closer to nailing him for his pedo past must be getting to him

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I dont see what you retards are blabbering about. Dude looks fine to me. Sure he looks a little bit autistic, but i already knew that. His face is a little bit swollen, but i guess its just stage fear for him. Maybe he doesnt like to be in the open like that.

Stop bashing people who have made it in life and are doing far more than 10x of your lifetimes.

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he was clearly high at the start. its wearing off now

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Theres nothing wrong with him. You're an idiot if you discredit Musk. ALWAYS bet on the autists. Also, buy the dip.>>10983448

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Hes not high, this is just his normal personality. Normies don't understand that different people can have dramatically different personalities.

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Paypal... SpaceX... what companies u start anon?

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Checked based and redpilled

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joe "have you ever drove a 911? I own one and its awsome" rogan

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He didn't start PayPal retardo he invested. PayPal was australian invention.

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elon "I promised a friend I wouldn't swear" musk

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He knows what you don't

This is truly terrifying

Neural Link is just months away, which means it has been in development for decades. You probably won't be able to wrap your small brain around this - that means the elites are going to get this for them and their children and we are all going to be chipped like literal cattle. We are talking total and complete slavery.

Watch this video: https://youtu.be/FLb9EIiSyG8 and keep in mind this was done 10+ years ago iirc by a student on a small budget.

Now think of these three things together: DARPA, Neural Link, and Visual Brain Data

This is end of the world shit. I am literally considering just killing myself so I don't have to live through this hell.

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Paypal was going nowhere until Musk took it over

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>Yea i use to own a 911 too
>Oh yea? 997 or 6?

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>ALWAYS bet on the autists.

You mean like Vitalik Buterin?

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holy shit

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now hes literally on drugs. GO ELON

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ok wait he's literally hitting the blunt right now

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>das some dank shit

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Just went x10 short on TSLA - he's going to go full retard mode in 30 mins with all those shit in his system.

Fuking free money right now

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Please get weird Please get weird, accidentally talk about killing people

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is joe always like this?
whats his thing with fucking magnets

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Joe is trying to get Elon fucked up so he reveals something

and now Joe is talking about his bullshit stoner ideas. Christ

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>hes already high as shit laughing about clocks
this is gonna get off the rails soon
queue up those shorts

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headline news on cnbc 5am. another whole day talking about what elon musk did. Breaking

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about Elon Musk smoking weed LMFAO

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If you listen to this and think Elon is smart, you are dumb. Holy shit. Has this guy said anything that isn't vacuous soft-more philosophy sci fi nerd bullshit in the last 2 hours?

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Nothing he's said is wrong. You're a fucking brainlet in the dark. Watch this >>10983641

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fucking kek
high as fuck

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>soft-more philosophy
Yeah you're definitely on another intellectual level

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just one more evidence that we are in a post-apocalypse simulation. world ended in 2008.

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I am doing my PhD in this fucking field dumbass. neuralink has not published a single fucking paper in a peer reviewed journal and were supposed to believe they are about to make a major breakthrough thats going to change the world? Give me a fucking break, Musk pulled it out of his ass.

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Elon is high as FUCK right now LMAO

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The only thing you're doing is sitting on 4chan making shit up faggot

Elon Musk isn't the first person to do this. It's been in study for decades, you don't know what you're talking about.

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>My head hurts
>this metal is cold
>I cant even scratch my ear
>this movie is boring
>I wish I was at home cleaning myself right now

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>I am doing my PhD in this fucking field dumbass.
Sure, and you just come to /biz/ to shill shitcoins in your downtime. Proof or gtfo.

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This isn't even scraping the tip of the iceberg - this is some fucking normie mainstream TED talk. Like I said - you don't know what the fuck you're talking about.

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Elon Musk

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Joe Rogan is high as a fucking kite

He's not even staying on point

Elon is just being his usual autistic self

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Lol PhD in what field, you haven't even specified. If you like larping, get a dm.

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that subtle discussion on his tweets was fire

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>best possible interview ever
>Joe Rogan ruins it by getting stoned
>doesn't press Elon on any of the questions to give a definitive answer

fucking hell

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this has got to be the funniest shit ive ever witnessed

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I am working on the constrained euclidean traveling salesman problem to drive the galvos for our 2P microscope in the most efficient path so my lab can sample as many cells as possible after simultaneously exciting them with a spatial light modulator. Signals collected by the PMT will be coregistered with cell locations from a previously taken Z stack as the imagine laser passes over to extract signals. I am not giving you any specifics on analysis because fuck you. By your links, I can already tell you can't tell you are scientifically illiterate and can't tell hype from real science. Elon Musk is a scam artist and you will lose your money by following him.

meme video. not anything impressive.

electrical engineering

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Elon is so fucking autistic lmao. He talks so slow and he doesn't ever say anything interesting, is he nervous? Does he have social anxiety? He's definitely /ourguy/ but boy he's got some severe autism.

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>love is the answer
he is a man of his word. Dude has like 6+ kids from previous marriages

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Rogan is dumbing down society and genius alike

what a fucking putz maaaaaaaaaan

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dude, this guy is high as fuck knowing that 80k people are watching and millions around the world will see it. Tabloids will probably run a hit piece on him being high. Try not acting autistic or paranoid, this guy is a madman and hero in my book. Imagine yourself in his shoes on that show lol

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this, he's a fucking retard manchild. totally ruined the interview with his DUDE WEED shit

>le sciencey sounding words
Not fooling anyone, go LARP somewhere else. You don't know shit.

>> No.10983968

Yea I guess that's true, and also he can't do or say anything too crazy because of his companies. I wish he'd just tell everyone in the press to fuck off so he could be himself but I understand why he can't.

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No proof. Great.

>> No.10983983

He's higher than the tesla he sent to space

>> No.10983984

Yeah, he's scared of tesla being in every newpaper, news show, and a meme for the next month. Who would want that. NOT EVIL WEED.

>> No.10983986

fucking lol. Imagine if he ripped it and started choking in a cloud of smoke. Thatd be glorious.

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>hit piece on him being high

>> No.10983997

>constrained euclidean traveling salesman problem
lmao, you can't be serious?

>> No.10983999

He was acting really hard at the beginning. Extreme stress levels.

He needs to portray an "insane genius" character and did try and do that a bit. It helps he is socially retaded to begin with.

I liked it overall, stock probably gets hit though because investors hate any risk and will sell over that. Advertising wise? This was worth billions alone.

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Why would I prove anything to you retards? I am not some NEET hoping to get rich off of crypto. I only post in /smg/ on this shitty board. The research is out there. Look into who he has hired. Look into the fact they havent fucking published anything. You know what, fuck it.

>> No.10984014

also hilarious if people thought Musk didn't want to do the weed hit. Was probably an idea from the very beginning to make it go viral.

>> No.10984020

lol, Musk and whoever he can hire are more intelligent than lab monkeys

>> No.10984027

>I make a claim on an anonymous board
>why would I prove anything to you
Certainly doesn't seem like you have the intelligence of someone working toward a PhD.

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Remoted onto my work machine. Don't throw your money away niggers.

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So what do you gain from trying to read brain waves but empowering Jews to enslave you?

>> No.10984070

Elon Musk is under insane pressure.
He knows that the earth is flat.
SpaceX is fake.

>> No.10984079

As Gordan McPeterson said, liberals start companies, conservatives run companies. Elon is too out there to run a company

>> No.10984086

I want to get their first so they don't, or be holding the keys to get rich af to let them. Then live forever.

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AI researcher here who started in software engineering. What am I looking at here? This is completely outside of my realm.

>> No.10984093

This is some CS paper generator shit, cringe

>> No.10984094

How are you going to prevent them from doing it by discovering it first? You're a retard.

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He might be studying neuroscience, doesn't mean he knows shit about interfacing with a brain

>> No.10984141

Pre-processing image data and selecting ROIs. Right is raw, left is filtered.

My undergrad was in CS. All the babble basically means I am trying to find the best path for the imaging laser to scan for max sampling speed. Not my main project but I am not sharing anything I haven't published on fucking 4chan.

My lab uses all optical approaches for interface. SLM + 2P microscope.

>> No.10984147

LARP. You stupid knuckle dragging mouth breather

>> No.10984156

Do you think the future will be in full brain simulations or links with biological matter?

>> No.10984158

In undergrad I used confocal laser scope with tagged cells using ImageJ. Same shit?

Now in software I've been working on MEA with neurons. Cool shit

>> No.10984170

You still haven't said why you are doing this.

>Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.

>> No.10984178

So you will put it into the public domain or sell it. You're a faggot.

>> No.10984179

That's cool, but Elon is good at a lot of different things and one of those is building hype.

>> No.10984231

Look guys 2 images with perlin noise I'm a researcher I swear

>> No.10984240

The picture I linked? Yeah. Close enough. Theres difference between 2P and confocal microscopes. (primer: https://www.microscopyu.com/techniques/multi-photon/multiphoton-microscopy).). if interested. I am more on the information/engineering side than the bio side of things. Picture is a preprocessing step. I am locating cells in 3d space then finding the shortest path between them to scan with the laser. This is trickery than it sounds because galvos have inertia. Basically trying to get the fastest sampling speed because I need to run a fuckload of experiments to sample stimulation responses of groups of specific neurons on the network. Without any assumptions, this problems grows exponentially as neurons are added but I think I have a trick that will let me get away with testing a lot fewer patterns based on some combinitorial optimization papers I read.

I did but I guess I was ambiguous. To live forever. Might not work but at least its interesting.

going to bed cause its late. Reminder, don't give any money to Elon Musk. He lies about everything. You will lose it all.

>> No.10984257

> the babble basically means I am trying to find the best path for the imaging laser to scan for max sampling speed.

Just use a genetic algo if your 3d laser location function isn't too spikey lmao kids pretending to know science

>> No.10984279

>this problems grows exponentially as neurons are added
Read the first chapter of "genetic algorithms" from goldberg

>> No.10984284

>just put more layers in the deep neural network XD
>just use a genetic algo XD
why did I not close this thread. fucking fluffer-gardener parameter knob-turners thinking they are real engineers and scientists.

>> No.10984347

>literally uses some run of the mill meme program for neuroscience
>acts like he's Einstein

>> No.10984353

He reminds me of myself.

>> No.10984385

I've just started to watch. Is he stoned from the beginning?
This is painful to watch. What is going on?

>> No.10984393

Sorry that I've bothered you sir, I didn't know that you're incapable of understanding what I've wrote. I thought you might know already know a bit about how to handle exponential growing search spaces but let me help - you need something that converges statistically toward the best result - neural networks are mainly used for image recognition and genetic functions are used to find optimal values for variables in functions I hope this helped a bit (tried to keep it simple, you can google the words you don't understand)

>> No.10984465

the beginning i think elon is thinking it's a hit piece. So he gets very defensive and trys to feel it out and overthink things

he loosens up

>> No.10984473

I'm 21 minutes in.
I've never really listened to him before.... I guess he's interesting lol

>> No.10984476

Elon Musk's ramblings about simulations has spawned the NPC meme.

>> No.10984481

What is this NPC?

>> No.10984493

how to spot an npc on 4chan
>no original posts
>repeat memes
>think they are part of a collective effort

If you want to know if you are an NPC, do you talk to yourself all the time? aka inner monologue

if not 100% npc

>> No.10984499

how do they get past the captchas?

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>> No.10984531

Is Musk always like this? Is this his norm? I'm 30 minutes in.
who wrote their code?

>> No.10984696

>If you want to know if you are an NPC, do you talk to yourself all the time? aka inner monologue

I find it incredibly unsettling that the majority of people don't do this.

>> No.10984699

i would watch but joe rogan is a cunt so no thanks

>> No.10984703

How do you know that the majority don't do this?
I've never really understood how you actually measure this.

>> No.10984734

May not be majority, but I swear I read something just the other day about this very topic, and it was high. I'm trying to find it again now.

>> No.10984736

Most people will think you're crazy if you say you talk in or to yourself. Or they catch you in the act and it's like your masturbating or some shit.

>> No.10984819

I know what you're talking about it, there's been a few articles that have come out about inner monologe recently. I just haven't worked out how you properly research it. I personally haven't met anybody that doesn't talk to themselves.
Yeah lol
But that's just people trying to one up you. Everyone does wierd shit when they're caught up in their own world

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Do we all agree that Elon Musk is a phony?

>> No.10985193

No. What he said about AI is terrifying.

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>> No.10985258

He might be In-Q-Tel employee but still seriously smart guy

>> No.10985263

Yep. Came to that conclusion months ago, shorted the stock, in profit.

Might be a nice guy but he's a retard and Tesla Motors is about to go bankrupt.

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No, he's one of the greatest entrepreneurs of the 21st century. He is only #54 on the forbes billionaires list, and will probably move further up in the future.

>I've never really listened to him before
the absolute state of biz

>pay pal
he was worth $300 million at age 27, and now has $20 billion at age 47.

>He was acting really hard at the beginning. Extreme stress levels
NO he wasn't, he has talked the same way in 90% of his videos on YT for the past 10 years.

>I don't even get how this guy is rich.
he just stumbled into $20 billion dollars

>> No.10985541


>> No.10985601

>thinking in words and dialog, slowing down the thought process
>not thinking in abstract 5d thought and pure ideas in a fraction of a second
not gonna make it.

>> No.10985661

>another anti-Musk shill thread
Who might be behind this astroturfing.

>> No.10985688

The same samefag who made similar thread yesterday.

>> No.10985768

Short? In that case I'm going max long

>> No.10985887

Damn that AI stuff was quite creepy but very interesting.