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Back in January when the delusion was still in full swing you guys were saying you were early adopters (mind you, this is when literally EVERYONE was talking about and buying crypto).

Has the delusion worn off yet? Have you realized the show's over, and you're the final bagholders?

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I am buying those bags

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So late adopter now means over 1% of world population? Because thats about how much people are using crypto. You are a retard if you think anyone in crypto is a late adopter

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If you can do basic math, know enough about fiat and BTC you know that BTC will ALWAYS outperform FIAT in the LONGRUN.

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a lot less bro, 8 billion people, only 300 million people using crypto...

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So have you AOL fags realized this internet bullshit isn't going anywhere? Look how slow "dial up" is(whatever that is) please, it's just a gimmick, I'll keep reading the paper, that doesn't take any time to "load" !

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In 100 years maybe. Inflation of BTC is worse than US-$

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>buying crypto
>50 dollars portfolio

you understand the average person has almost nothing invested right? americucks have the 401k. and that's it.

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thats 4% you fucking brainlet. not less than 1%. jesus fucking christ. the absolute state of this board

>1% of the population
most studies say its somewhere around 4-8%. Consider that 2.5% of people have ever played fortnite. Crypto is literally more mainstream than fucking fortnite. Im sure that everyone playing fortnite is also an early adopter of the game.

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>Put 100 dollars into bank
>Virtual 100 dollars appear in my bank account
>Bank has 100 cash extra
Really makes you think, doesn't it?

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>Comparing a market to a computer game
How i know your iq is barely double digits.

Not even the target audience is the same.

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Lmao I remember when I used BTC to buy drugs in highschool, and then Silk Road got shut down. It hit $50 that day, so I find it side-splitting that you think you could possibly be an early adopter.

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> late adopters
> no functioning dapps in mainstream corporate or public use yet
> no "universal currency" implemented yet
People like you are so fucking stupid it is indistinguishable from bait at this point. If this was bait, have a (you) because it made me bite.

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Your fortnite info is for usplater only dumbass you forget the whole world

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And you got any arguments aside from retarded stories from your personal life that have no relevance at all? Btw you are talking with someone who knows btc since 1$

But surely you buying drugs from a black market is a proof of btc beeing adopted already and peak haha

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>What is the Dotcom bubble
I am so glad you are here to tell us that it is over and isn't going up. Just like how tech stocks kept plummeting after the bubble popped and we realized tech companies were just giant scams.

I mean who fucking holds Amazon or Apple stock anymore? Some dumb faggot playing penny stocks I suspect.

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US player*

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fucking retard. thats not the point. the point is to give you a reference of scale as to how large this thing already is and how many people are already in it.

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early adopter here

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Uh, hey faggot, BTC wouldn't have become so ubiquitous were it not for darknet markets. You're not an early adopter, because the only people who ever used BTC as a currency and not a commodity are those who used it to buy drugs.

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And further, you're not an early adopter of anything, because you didn't adopt it for its intended use; you losers just started trading it hoping for an easy payday.

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>comparing technology in general to buttcoin.

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How can we be the late adopters when literally no one has adopted it yet?


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Yeah and the internet will never catch on. Go fuck yourself faggot. It doesn't stop being technology because it doesn't suit your purposes for comparison.