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Listen up, you idiots.

I've bought and sold partial stacks of this five times over, so I'm good, but I want to tell you how this is going to go down.

DERO will follow Monero's chart, but it's not going to take 3 years for that type of growth. It may not ever hit $300, but....I want you to screencap this.

This is your last shot at buying some decent bags of this under 50 cents.

We've reached a critical point. Word is slowly seeping out about "BlockDAG" ... Old Monero heads are selling parts of their stacks into this. Redditors are lightly shilling it in the Monero threads mentioning BlockDAG.

While you idiots are buying high on Quant, 0xBTC, and everything else, smart money is accumulating DERO every time it has fallen under 50 cents.

Massive FUD has come and gone.

You are fucking up if you don't have a solid bag of this.

Easiest gains of the year.

The thing is, just like Monero, many of you will sell at $10. $20. This would still not even crack us into the top 100. You'll hate yourself forever.

I'd say if you buy now, sell your first sell target at $25, and let the rest ride.

But hey, don't listen to me. I'm only stating the obvious.

Bye bye, and don't forget to FOMO once it cracks $5 again.


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Do you really think its the right time now during the bear market ?

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>Listen up, you idiots.
No. Eat a dick.

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>he thinks a complete scam developed by a single amateur dev will be successful one day

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Yep. I do. We've seen this before. We've made it by buying now.

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This. The main dev is going to exit scam and there is nothing any of you derofags will be able to do about it, as he/she/it is anonymous.

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Wew, you guys are in for a surprise later this year.

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>the surprise is that the premine is gone

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Completely agree anon. So comfy snatching this up at these prices.

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just don't come in here crying that you should have listened, okay?

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You can't prove right now that the premine is still there, completely intact. Can you?

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why is homepage down ?

was this the ultimate secrecy coin ?

did goyim take them down ?

answer !

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working fine for me desu

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You can't, I knew.

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>easy 10x
except its not. its only a 10x if they add smart contracts. which is impossible to do on a cryptonote coin

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Dev literally implemented non audited cryptography (he did just an "internal audit", not waited for the external ones to be completed), which is unforgivable. And now, the team members keep telling to not worry about that amateurish act from the dev. He doesn't give a single fuck about security at all. All the smart people in crypto literally jokes about this project when some pajeet tries to shill it anywhere because of all the lack of competence of the dev. I feel no sorry for who trust this.

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You cant stop it

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Ha. Nice one.

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Just look at that volume, not touching this with a 10 foot pole.

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What even are those exchanges