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I'll just leave this here

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what project did you make money on bigboi

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Thanks for writing that. Is useful.

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This is why I’m bullish on 0xbitcoin. Dyor.

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>TA is a meme
Into the trash it goes

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Who was billionaire? Anyone have a link to the thread?

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this guy is a fucking moron
XVG, XRB, and IOTA had some of the best returns in the market
and most investing books simply say "buy low, sell high"
he's bullshitting about the billionaire. it would obviously have been reposted 10 billion times and he would have named the coin.

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This entire write up sounds like some twitter crypto gurus who are too stupid to trade so they resort to posting such horseshit.
>if you made this through this bearmarket congratulaions just remember to take profits when we 10000000x he he
>I'm accumulating a gem right now, I'll let you guys know what it is when I'm done accumulating
>undervalued gem
>great tech
> FA>TA he he
>we are so early guys there is gold everywhere
fuck outta here with this BS. Store of value and transfering money is the only proven use case of the blockchain that will have a direct translation into your pockets. Maybe LINK if they get it done properly, eth is already overpriced.

They are all fucking shitcoins created for trading chads to accumulate more satoshis. All shitcoins unless proven otherwise.

this. As long as you make gains it doesn't matter what coin it is because it will take years for any of this shit to have industry usage anyway.

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>if you see a ticker symbol you don't know, research it

very true. /biz/ was the MOST goldmine when it was shilling antshares and digibytes. you have no idea how much myself and many other anons have made during that era. that was the prime time, and it really comes down to seeing what coins get mentioned on some shithole like /biz/ and then doing legitimate research on it.

token distribution

thats all you need.

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How do you set exit points?

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It doesn't have a use case in this market, maybe it would have a couple of years ago.

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Only reason why BTC reached 20k is because of Ethereum and the Icos it produced. Bitcoin is the base currency for the ICO casino.

Now that ICO's are irrelevant again, Bitcoin main use is speculation and drug transactions.

Bitcoin was valued around $250-$1k during the drug era so a reasonable valuation for Bitcoin would be around $2k-4k

Crypto has no legitimate use besides speculation.

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Petery lynch has the best perspective on this hsit, watch his videos
basically make the story in your mind; when is the value going to meet or exceed the technicals
in otherwords, take a percentage and sell it when you feel the hype is large and also have preset exit points for where you feel the actual value of the tech is (when there is little additional growth potential)

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This market is dead you mongoloid, is was all thin air. There are zero use cases for the blockchain beyond peer to peer currency. Therefore Ethereum, all Ethereum clones, and all applications based on Ethereum (and their associated tokens) are going to zero. That's like 99.99% of the tokens. BTC and Monero will survive, everything else is finished.

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the next 200 days will render this one of the most retarded things ever written on the internet
how much does trust cost? how much can you make automating trust?

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>i have freinds with computer engineering degrees
>they have at least 3 years experience
>they bought Nano/XRB/IoTA
>I told them that they're fucking retards
>they hodl'd
feels good

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>Crypto has no legitimate use besides speculation.

For now, yeah.

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this is literally the point of op
these assets will approximate the value of their real world utility
rapid value transfer is a small improvement in utility over existing infrastructure

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monero will survive until it gets obsoleted by bitcoin, like every other do nothing value token.

ethereum depends entirely on smart contracts, if theres no value in smart contracts, there's no value in ethereum. if there's any value in smart contracts, ethereum will capture the majority of that value.

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>all crypto is good for is speculation

Right now that is true.
But there is a ton of promising tech being developed. If you actually do your research, you would realize this and realize why blockchain is cost saving.

>"b-but companies will just make their own"

its not that easy. maybe eventually yes they will make proprietary, but its not as simple as just dumping money into.

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>monero will survive until it gets obsoleted by bitcoin, like every other do nothing value token.
fuking retarded
every smart married male from the crypto era will put 25% of their investment profits into a cold xmr wallet
it is the ultimate store of value
it will be valued as such in 2-3 years

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to give an example, here's one that I did. I'm not very sure about it anymore, so I don't mind giving you the work
>See XRP taking punches at SWIFT around 20 cents
>SHWIT actually reacts and seems booty blasted
>look into XRP some more & determine that
>given the state of BTC and other cryptos, a centralized international payments processor that costs 5 fucking dollars vs. 12 or 15 through swift will rape
>determine an approximate value for XRP by
>>analyzing the method of making transactions
>>determining the volume of value transferred
>>picking a rough estimate of the market they'll grab
>ends up looking like XRP will be worth at least 1 dollar a token (still) and easily up to $2.50.
>buy in at 20 to 30 cents, willing to buy up to 50, and let it ride to 80 cents, 1 dollar, and 1.25
the story tells itself from there.

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>ultimate store of value

you are just pretending not to realize people care about volatility.

i agree xmr is a godtier invention, but your assumption is a little wrong. still, i do see xmr only going up for the next 20 years minimum

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mind sharing exits for link if youre a holder?

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their cares about volatility are proportional to their need for privacy
someone fleeing venezuela cares fuckall about volatility
same for a guy facing a divorce
how much money is in those two use cases alone
how many more use cases are there like those

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This is the same stupid fuckface that's been samefagging XRP thread nonstop for the last week

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everything that pumped so far since 2008 pumped out of pure speculation. None of this shit has ever seen real demand (maybe besides BNB but that's as much of a use case as shovels during the gold rush). Tech-based fundamental research is a meme.
It's all about hype, that's why tech nerds bought some obscure shitcoins and got mad they didn't pump while Ballina who doesn't know shit about the tech made bank because he rode some good scams

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xrp is trash

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>its not that easy. maybe eventually yes they will make proprietary, but its not as simple as just dumping money into.

Uhh I hate to burst your bubble but yes it is. Look at IBM

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XMR vs. ZEC go.

Link is my meme diversification with something like 5% of my portfolio. I have no idea, but I'm seeing numbers like $8, $25, and $100 or so. IF and it's a huge if. If they can manage to work docusign and IF projects like CVC find the need for a decentralized way to authorize documents onto the blockchain, the sky appears to be the limit. That said, I am always happy with any gains. I will almost always liquidate my stack at 300%, and I'll gladly take 100% in crypto.

i've been on fucking /pol/ this week you cunt - NAFTA, Pope, McDead, Turkey, and coming H1B Visa changes. The only other thread i'm in here is the one mentioning bail-ins. I don't have enough time to do something that fucking insignificant.

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>i've been on fucking /pol/ this week you cunt

Patrician status confirmed.

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it's trash with a big astroturfing movement

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if i held bags of xrp with the recent xlm news id be shilling the fuck out of it while quietly market selling a chunk at a time too

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>coming H1B Visa changes.
What now?

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September 11, they will make it so that H1B needs to have an advanced degree to make an application & the application process will be 5x harder.
Essentially, less poos for low skill IT.
I have a friend in a firm that handles H1B requests and he has kept me in the loop too. I studied CS and Labor econ so I've already had a pulse, but he says that the paperwork is already insane, and that there's some bullshit with the needed credentials sometimes. If you fuck up the credentials the first time, the paperwork effectively quintuples, and you have to get everyone to reapply. America first forreal.

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*4 year degree
or some kind of equivalent.

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Good. Fuck pajeets

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Holy shit what the fuck.
I was expecting you to say they're letting everyone in.

Did /pol/ mention anything about spics getting the banhammer hard or is that still impossible from abused anchor baby laws?

Damn that h1b stuff sounds alright though. Makes me feel like my salary as a software engineer might be okay for a little while longer.

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>he says that the paperwork is already insane, and that there's some bullshit with the needed credentials sometimes. If you fuck up the credentials the first time, the paperwork effectively quintuples, and you have to get everyone to reapply. America first forreal.


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pic related. it's really all I need to know.

Until hard evidence comes out otherwise, I will see XMR as the ultimate privacy coin.

I can't speak for its technology vs. ZEC so maybe I am blind.

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based and redpilled

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>spics getting the banhammer
nothing yet. TX is something to watch closely. Trump being friends with Cruz is important imo.
>software engineer
as long as you're ok with rebranding yourself, I'm sure you'll be fine forever, kek.

I'm literally applying for work and half the IT jobs (i look at them for novelty) ask you to speak fucking hindi or some other variant of indian language. it's super fucked. I am debating reporting that requirement to the government but I'm not sure if I want to raise bells.

I agree, but from a price action POV, i imagine that ZEC is far more likely to be adopted than XMR, simply because they have a dev foundation (I disagree with this and detest blokestream & eth foundation), and are "private enough."

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they will simply fork the best solution while cuck devs and cuck ico participant fund the entire thing lmao
>it's not gonna be decentralized then
companies/kikes don't give a fuck about decentralization. some quasi decentralization by running a few nodes themselves is probably more then enougj for them.

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pseudo centralization is better legally too. They also get to keep the tech in house. That said, it's weak in comparison to a decentralized network and will likely prove to be inferior over time. bitcoin will live as long as there's internet & no way to figure out keys. unless reddit's miners all collectively die, dogecoin will live forever too.

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>token distribution

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>token distribution
Using this criteria, does a portfolio of RLC, LINK, ETH, XMR sound good?

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>if theres no value in smart contracts
The thing is, without smart contracts, blockchain itself is pointless.

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>until it gets obsoleted by bitcoin

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>he trusts banks and governments
bitcoin is a perfectly fine use case for blockchain.
You're look heavy in ETH and smart contracts. open yourself up to either BTC/BTC related projects (like civic) or blockchain agnostic projects. Consider getting some of the centralized crap if you're looking to spread out some more.

i know golem has a shit team, but do you have a reason for liking RLC more?

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Without smart contracts, the only projects worth investing in are BTC and XMR...also RLC has an amazing team and are hitting their goals on the roadmap every time.

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You're not even posting all of the images.

If you're going to post someone else's shit do it right.

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i'm not going to read this shit

fuck off boomer


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