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Satoshi foresaw the fork shitshow and that's why he mined so many coins. He can destroy any Bitcoin fork at whim

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Part of Satoshi

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He's a fraud. Nick Szabo is part of Satoshi.

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Thinking CSW is Satoshi should be grounds for chemical castration

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Obviously a fraud.

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what evidence? there is evidence that csw was present during bitcoin in its creation. nick szabo has the same initials and made bitgold but couuldnt solve double spend from what ive read.

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I agree. We need to bring eugenics back, it's the only hope for humanity at this point.

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Does CSW remind anyone else of the bitconnect shills back in the day?

Most of his photos just seem like fake as fuck "look at me" pretend-rich image building as some way of trying to legitimize a scam.

Like the bitconnect people would always do their videos in like nice hotels or some other cheap signaling, and CSW reminds me of it.

idk... it's totally incongruent with the persona of Satoshi, someone who had the humility and grace to NOT try and draw undue attention to himself.

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You fucking retard. Nick Szabo IS SATOSHI. he's not part Satoshi he IS SATOSHI

t. Caltech CS grad who has read the history of btc, the surrounding evidence, cypherpunk archives, and szabo's work

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Based and redpilled.

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Holy fuck he really is Satoshi

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again, wheres the evidence? why hasnt he put an end to bch then? lol

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Holy shit can't breathe, what a fucking coping delusional faggot.

The fact any one takes this guy seriously....mindblowing

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Bunch of brainlets itt. Everybody knows satoshi is an ai from the future sent back in time to build blockchain tech for the future.

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He's such a completely pretentious faggot it's absurd. I always imagine someone reading that blogpost over the intro-montage to some comedy movie.

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I didn't know that idiots were capable of sounding that unironically pretentious.

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what im wondering is why gavin andresen hasnt taken back what he said about csw even after all this "evidence" is coming out?

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I just got this weird idea that maybe Gavin endorsed him because if shit ever hits the fan and dangerous people start trying to take out the real Satoshi they'll off this retard instead.

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you know i had a feeling gavin could be satoshi too

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He sounds like he wants to be hannibal lecter

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He's a high functioning autist

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I actually reed his blogpost in the voice of Patrick Bateman.

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It's actually pretty perfect.

If really big (like NWO globalist level) money gets into BTC, they wouldn't like the idea of a living person not under their control owning such a huge part of the supply (enough to dump on them if he wanted). So whoever Satoshi really is would have to watch his back.

Then this moron shows up and wants to claim credit for the whole thing to feed his ego while being stupid enough and poor enough (relatively) to not be any danger to anyone, and may serve as useful bait/warning for the real Satoshi.

"Useful Idiot" indeed.

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yea but csw got all flamboyant after gavin outed him

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He doesn't even know, how the Bitcoin address format works.

So is he Satoshi, or part of Satoshi? You decide.

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The guy who apparently can access Satoshi's Bitcoin wallets tried to kill bitcoin by forking it and using services like nicehash to make it seem like bcash has the support of miners.
Simply generating transactions from those wallets would have dumped the market at 0 cost. Think about it.

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coins are locked in a trust, retard. welcome to 2015 newfag, this is old news. buckle your seatbelt corecuck and pepper your angus, January 2020 is coming faster than you think

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Thoroughly debunked:


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He’s a fraud though. I’m not a BTC fan boy but the proof is in the pudding. Spamming CSW just makes BCH look at bad.

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sure thing, "1 meg greg" LOL. I can smell your desperation from here even through your disgusting neckbeard greasy funk.

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wasn't Bitcoin made by the NSA?

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he said it was centralized on twitter what more do you want him to do its open source bruh

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Part of, the main mind behind the economics part. Dave Kleiman is dead and the other inside guy might be dead or cleaned all his connection after the Wikileaks incident and can't come forward with anything. Hal Finney and maybe 2 others were on the outside circle and helped, but contributed very specific things, while the inside guys pieced it all together..The Tulip Trust keys were in a multi sig wallet and get unlocked Jan, 1 2020.

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I'm unironically starting to believe CSW was part of the Satoshi team. The story given by Phil Wilson aka scronty is actually pretty compelling (except for the fact that scronty has no evidence). Doesn't mean that Craig isn't still a total fraud though. He likely contributed nothing technical to the project. CSW can barely fucking write and he's a liar.

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thats actually just meme magic manifesting itself in our reality pointing out that Satoshi/Sergey are both the real deal.
Its the same as the assblaster incident when we discovered that the words "Digital Asset Blythe Masters" basically means Assblaster pointing out that assblaster is legit but so is the Digital Asset/Chainlink connection.

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why is the archive showing the edit? am i missing something? shouldn't the live site be edited and archive be unedited?

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Szabo is a small block corecuck. No a chance he was involved in Bitcoin's creation at all.

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Can't handle the fact that satoshi is a dick?

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The one on the right is from a later archived date.

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> this is of course made up BS
> mobsters and black-ops gov't agencies hold vast amounts of BTC
> don't want to their billions of USD be threatened
> CSW gets kidnapped by either mobsters who kill him outright or gov't agents who try to torture him to give up his keys
> Unfortunately he can't prove a negative
> sorry bucko, nothing personell.
> mfw

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>CSW can barely fucking write and he's a liar

Neither could Steve Jobs

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Well szabo is Satoshi

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What does that picture prov?


WHERE and when did that document come out? How do we know YOU didn't fake it? How did it get leaked or where from

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