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I hope everyone had sufficiently accumulated, and got their chess pieces in place. This is going to be a crazy weekend!

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Whats the cone I need?

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xrp and bch top kek

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yo ufck n shizz n dmmmmm yeee.

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2 centralized coins arguing with each other

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*clears throat*
Yes, sirs and gents.
It's time.

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Hmmmm, indeed in need
I live I bleed.
Slave or freed?
Rationale or greed?

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xlm and link are the best buys in crypto right now
bow fucking down

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have any real info to share op?

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of course he doesn't are you retarded

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try thinking positive fren
no idea who is here

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you're right i'm sorry he's satoshi

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today I was thinking of this

first Venezuela, then Turkey, India, now Argentina

it really is happening, isn't it?

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dude, honestly, try not being cynical about everything
its cancer, itll eat you

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i unironically think he's satoshi

convinced me

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>The average life expectancy for a fiat currency is 27 years, with the shortest life span being one month. Founded in 1694, the British pound Sterling is the oldest fiat currency in existence. At a ripe old age of 317 years it must be considered a highly successful fiat currency. However, success is relative.

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The dunce cap cone, right atop that empty fucking head

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