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Regardless if it’s the next big thing or a massive bust, the level of fanatism at this point has to be from a select few of mentally ill people. This isn’t even healthy at this point. Seriously, most of you need to see a therapist or something

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Link is no longer simply an investment, it's my religion

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Can confirm. All in on link. Am mentally ill.

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Praise be

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Absolutely this. The triggered cries of nolinker scum mean nothing to me. Not even death could shake my faith.

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Literally this.

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unironically and unashamedly

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>price it in
The same was said about the furore surrounding Bitcoin & Ethereum before they "mooned;" Chainlink shall achieve a market price in excess of $1,000.00 by end-of-year 2020.

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We're all autistic. In any case the level of fanatism or mental illness is what allows us to dig deeper than any normie. If everybody else knew what we know they'd join the ranks.

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lol, that was great

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memes the memes are everywhere

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I'm all in on link and I'm absolutely fucking insane, certified.

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Wtf is fanatism

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post the memeballs!

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I think Sergey is beautiful.

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>imagine trying to make some money
>you invent a coin
>a ton of mounthbreathing autist put their fixation on your for the rest of your life
I'd really hate to be Sergey, not worth the millions

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I'm not a stinky linky but that's a very nice painting anon

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Nice painting anon

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you faggots will be the laughing stock when it moons. cant wait

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We all frens here.

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I went all in on link yesterday because i saw it on this board

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Research before yolo, otherwise you end up investing in holo.

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Green dax30 charts get me errected

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very flattering with regards to Sergey's weight

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>Sergey of Nazarov
Aw shit, is ChainLink the antichrist?

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Sergey means Shepard.
Nazarov means son of the Nazar.
Nazar can indicate either a hailing from Nazareth or a ward against the "Evil Eye".

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