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what the fuck bros?

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It won't break $7100.

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Bears unite for renewed assault

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>It won't break $6400.
>It won't break $6600.
>It won't break $6800.
>It won't break $7000.
>It won't break $7200.
>It won't break $7400.
>It won't break $7600.
>It won't break $7800.
>It won't break $8000.

>> No.10875711

7000 is gonna break soon. The back to 6500. Anything at 7100 or over is premium shorting territory.

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>it wont break $19000
>it wont break $18000
>it wont break $16000
>it wont break $14000
>it wont break $12000
>it wont break $9000

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It’s going to rocket to 11-12k and consolidate back to 8k

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Going back down to 6500 fag

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lol the cope is strong in this one, how sweaty r u?

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About to laugh at you

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>wick over 7100
>doesnt close over 7100

t. mentalist

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I shorted at 7015 and was liquidated, wat do

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I have a short open but I expect it to go down after retracing.

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RIP Bears

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*to go up

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>currently 7090

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> muh 4k soon


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Then I can buy more. This is a win/win situation

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Well hit 8k and then a new round of fud will begin. I have no idea how low well drop from there

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Lol people still think BTC can hit 10k.
Crypto will never -ever- have another bull run. Brb lemme use some incel meme coins instead of a card or zelle/venmo.
Bunch of pajeet and chink scams.
$40 transfer fees btw digital gold btw
Femmes and trannies encouraged to apply btw
Fucking zoomer ass meme

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The smart play in case you're wondering: move from alts to btc now, wait for the market to crash, move back into alts, wait for the next "recovery" and sell your alts for a nice 3x. Im doing this with Nano.

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>Crypto will never -ever- have another bull run
salty boomer who losing money on shorts detected

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