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The bear market is over. Heil Hitler!

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Kek imagine the feeling of a thot like that tonguefucking your fartbox

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Imagine her tickling the backside of your balls while deepthroating you. Oh lawdy.

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fuck stop I don't want to fap now

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Thats how you do it

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What a nice aryan chick!

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i just did

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>those digits

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How much link for her to put that in my butthole?

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Can't be a coincidence.

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This is our time.

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is this really it? the reversal happened?

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BTC $100k EOY

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Based AND redpilled o/o/o/

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tfw you'll never go balls deep in a sweet tender 1940s german girl :(

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The marketcap is barely moving up, just a bunch of retards moving out of tether no new money is coming in. These whales will pump it maybe to 7200 and then dump it back down under 6k. alts will be destroyed.

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wtf is wrong with her tongue?

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hard to imagine that americans traveled back to their ancient ancestral homelands to help the commies kill and rape them. This world is a tragic joke.

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What did google mean by this?

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>The bear market is over.
No anon not yet

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these posts mean we're far from the bottom :ยด(

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Hail victory

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>back to /pol/

>back to /pol/

>back to /pol/

>back to /pol/

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>Only /pol/tards like Uncle Dolf

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This 100%

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Kys kike

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Why would she want to have sex with a faggot?

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Heil Hitler!

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Post the one with her and sting

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Nobody falls for such cherrypicking anymore dude. We see right through your sleazy tactics.

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I know, right

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Also look at my ID. The letter H appears 4 times.

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Sieg Heil!

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their AI probably analyzed the page it found it on and other times it has been posted on /biz/

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well, that's what happens when you try to stop international banking. Look at what happened to Lincoln, JFK, and Qadaffi

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A bull run will allow me to secure the existence of my people and a future for white children

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L i n k

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