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What if redditfags keep donating Nano to Venezuela?

Will Nano be number one when Venezuela bro's have a new, world wide backed and secured currency which is worth 3$ and can't be taken away by the government?

> Is Nano fullfilling satoshi's vision?

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How do pretend to be Venezuelan?

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Is Venezuela proof that cryptocurrency doesn't work during a collapse? If you try to mine there the government just detects your electricity usage and swoops in and steals all your gear, probably to use for themselves.

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Did you read my post?

Nano gets donated and consumes no energy. It's like a dollar airdrop for them

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What is your excuse for not supporting EatBCH volunteers in Venezuela ?

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Decentralization is not an advantage unless you're trying to make a crime, the same reason we don't live in an anarchist society is the reason crypto will fail mainstream adoption

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> Decentralization is not an advantage

Decentralization is the only way it can work.

How would Venezuela bro's install and manage a lightning node. Which state- owned hub should they choose to connect?

With Nano, all they need is an mobile phone

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#Nano is Bitcoin

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>What if redditfags keep donating Nano to Venezuela?
The value of nano will keep plummeting

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