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How many Linkies are actually Nazi or identify as Alt-right? How many aren't alt-rright but just hate nigger?

I'm genuinely curious as to how much of the circulating supply we actually hold.

I've got 7777 linkies on Binance and am still accumulating. Also dump you Nazi link memes if you got them .

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unironically jewish and hold 67k link

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There was vice video where Christopher Cantwell (the crying nazi) had binance up while he was being interviewed.

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Hispanic and own 20k LINK, do everyone a favor and zyklon B yourself

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This. We need to round up all the racists, put them on trains, then gas them.

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anyone else think it would be good to just have a country for each race?
if you want to be around just whites, there should be a country for that, just like jews in israel, blacks in most african countries etc

whats wrong with that?

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Mixed white/Indian with 11k LINK here.

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This is the natural world. Rip

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I have alt-right leanings but don't identify as alt-right mostly for the fact the alt-right brand is now toxic. I hold 17.5k link.

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How does a nazi support decentralized capitalism? Fascism = strong central power. Look up your 25-point program. Not very capitalist. Your faggot hero hitler would have shut crypto down.

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150k link. Inveterate lefty.

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Same, but 104k

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Fuck Nazis, although Kikes are fucking backstabbing bastards that would steal from your grave.

Hold 30k Links

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300k. If I lived in the us, everyone would say I'm a communist.

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kek confirms

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So “alt right” people are poor fags?

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Since I evolved from /pol/ to /biz/, I've come to appreciate the jew.
Even got me a jewess a few months ago.

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Dont answer to OP anons, he is a jew "journalist" looking for new jew propaganda

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"Alt Right" are usually low iq or mentally ill people trying to blame their issues on others.

The left's focus on them as an actual opponent just illustrates how stupid the left's philosophy has become. The use of the term is basically just class warfare from the middle class mentally ill to the lower class mentally ill orchestrated by the upper class.

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Schütze checking in from Volgastrand with my 16 LINKY

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Thass right my nigguh! Ain nobody be talkin shit den!

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Omg why are you so racist!?

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I'm mostly a civil libertarian with some pro-nation views like limited immigration but I'm basically a realist on just about everything else. Ideology often gets in the way of seeing things clearly. I'm not ashamed to be white though so the modern left probably thinks I'm an alt-right KKK nazi but whatever.

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Nigger here I have 275k link suck my BBC faggs

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Fuck you nazi assholes. You better not mess this up for me

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Yeah, gotta make room for more brown people who love us with all their hearts.

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>top 200 wallet
>Hulk Hogan, brother

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Define "white". And what about all the mixed people? Why does color of your skin matter?

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Unironically a trap holding link

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I'm alt-right but I only have 1488 linkies. Not joking, I have 1488 link.

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An-cap and an-prim are alt right tho
Not everyone who's racist or far-right is for totalitarian governments

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I always follow jews in and out of trades. Only time they don't deceive.

*the only exception was George Soros' short in 2015-2016 when he thought hillC would win and tank the market. I gambled on a Trump presidency.

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Yeah, we all totally needs more enrichment by parasitic third world trash leaching off welfare so they can carve up their daughters genitals more effectively. Kys commie. Nah, don't bother, we'll do that for you.

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How many linkies also play yugioh? I know of at least four on /biz/ and a couple in a discord server, wondering if there is any connection

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severe autism/

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If you feel you don't have enough link don't worry.... you'll probably be the richest spic in any spic country. Probably only top 1% in America tho

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Kek same

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White people have actually been brainwashed into thinking they are the only racist ones. Which is part of the elites plan to eliminate whites so they can easily enslave the world with stupid uneducated shitskins.

When in reality blacks, spics and especially Muslims are the most racist xenophobic people.

Literally like 40% of all Muslims world wide believe in killing those that leave their pedophile rape culture religion of Islam....that's literally the definition of xenophobia

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I'm not alt-right, I'm just not anti-white

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Spic with 4k link.

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>Why does color of your skin matter?
If the only difference between races of people was the color of our skin, then it wouldn't matter.
But as it turns out, we ARE different, and it's much more than just skin deep. As it turns out, biology and the evolution of life on planet earth has not treated everyone equal. Most people want to believe that each and every human is on the same level, and has the same capacity for intelligence, compassion, and morality, it's simply not true. And no amount of hurt feelings can change that

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Need to upgrade to the latest logo

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Because freedom, liberty, hard work, honesty, equal rights and a free market are White values. That's it. Crypto actually made me more racist - free of all government coercion and without regard for national boundaries, people STILL organised along racial lines. Chinks Hustle and can't be trusted for an instant. Pajeets shill and scam to afford a better street to shit in. Niggers bought into tron and ponzis like Powh that promised infinite gibs. Russian can be scammy, but do good code. And as always, the shit that's actually being delivered & attempt to do a decent job are being coded and bought all by Whites. Moral of the story? What seems to be emerging is that facing outward towards other races a strong, united front is needed. Ya know, how shit was for most of history, and how every other race is with us? Towards each other though, within our society we can have our values. Kind of an-cap as an internal ideal only. Don't forget a lot of /pol/ shit is a larp too, most I know IRL are more for a racially realistic CivNat society with an Ancap attitude, with the possibility of segregated enclaves available for those who want them.

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Im actually antifa and own around 120k Chainlink. Most of the people in my clique own around 10k.

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Yep. Put bulls aren't more aggressive because of economic factors kek.

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Well as a brownshirted shill for the establishment and corporate power, you're not exactly pro-decentralisation either faggot.

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Yeah, white people are naturally peaceful, which is why we went around the world spreading peace for the last couple of hundred years.

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Are you writing another article about biz?

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the reason you are poor is because you are alt right

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Strawman: The post

Not only does your "argument" have nothing to do with what I posted, it also makes no fucking logical sense. Try again asshole

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I'm neither: I dislike everyone equally.

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Even if """redpilled""" and aware of our tribal tendencies, at heart I'm neither a fascist or a commie. It'd be foolish for me to truly defend that, I'd be another oppressed nobody outside of the cliche, sent to a forced labor camp all the same as *insert group here* people would be, and as shit a deal as our current capitalist society is, I see no appeal in the alternatives, same crap served in a different plate. If anything I think uncle Ted was mostly right.

I'll try to be a self-interested hooman, and help my family and close friends where I can.

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Half-black. 100k link.

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im a nazi and i love yugioh im currently building a new blue eyes deck

t.30k linkie

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30K linky here. I'm an An Cap turned Alt Right. Got red pilled from browsing /pol/, culture of critique and Pat Little videos. I can only dream how wonderful the world would be if Hitler had been able to pull it off.

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I'm not poor though

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Nice. Blue Eyes was the first deck I built. It got a lot of good support a couple years ago, and I think it's about to get a bunch of support in September too.

My favorite deck even though it's just a pet deck is my Dark Magician Girl deck. I love her so much

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>tfw want to have sell order of 1488 link @ $14.88 for total price of $22,141.44
>tfw girl who's now in love with me is half jew (but at least not the half with the mitochondria).

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Look no further

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>tfw girl who's now in love with me is half jew
never gonna make it

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A somalian fell in love with me. It could be worse for that anon.

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I’m American, I can’t wait to be to top 1% wew

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white nationalist pro colonialism
nate higgers
somewhere between pinochet and hitler
small govt and anti communist
currently living in her majesty's police state so I'm ready to leave as soon as link allows me to.
I'm willing to visit non white countries but they can't come and displace whites

here's my OC link fork I made for this post

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File: 129 KB, 2400x2769, BUF-Chainlink-ORIGINAL-fixed-lol.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fuck i missed a bit

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Mixed Indian and Caucasian here too bro. Not many of us. 100k.

>> No.10834860

why is it that every political threads are always devoid of east asians?

It's like we collectively just don't care

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Give myself a harmless delousing treatment? Nice of you to offer, but I don't have lice.

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Fuck you glownigger.

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Wir pfeifen auf Unten und Oben,
Und uns kann die ganze Welt
Verfluchen oder auch loben
Grad wie es ihnen gefällt!

Ha, ha ha ha ha!

>> No.10834944

Btw I’m a dual seedline exterminationist and my entire portfolio is Link

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Black male escort here, I get paid by whitecucks to fuck their wives. 425k link and comfy af.

>> No.10835660

Alt left 9k my grandad fought the nazis and said it was easy. Fuck Germany, Britannia rules the waves

>> No.10835703

probably only those with lessthan 10k link, being poor is hard and its easier to try and blame others

>> No.10835705

I agree. Everyone needs a home that's not effected by outside things.

>> No.10836145

then what ur excuse for not having more link?

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Your grandfather was duped. Enjoy having a literal paki mudslime as they mayor of your majority non-White capital city.

>> No.10836596

Half ukrainian/ half Macedonian.
I win. 2k link

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So much smart shit in this thread

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13k link here and I'm sternly right wing. I live in MA though so that means I'm literally worse than genocidal hostile invaders.

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China bans its citizens from using the standard internet, they have their own network. If they didn't, most tweets would be in Chinese.

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