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Coinfess /biz/

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Forgive me father I am a BTC maximalist and have all my non-fiat holdings in BTC. Am I gonna make it?

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I held shit coins from the bottom, all the way to the top, and all the way back down without realizing profits.

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father ive... bought into verge.. and i.. was about to sell at the ath at pornhub ann..i didnt.. and im stil holding it.

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i shill my coin on 4chan
>then i fud the same coin

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You and me both fren :-(

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I failed an interview that would have changed my life, I want to die.

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i shill BTI even tho owl wont pay me :(

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Hi, Sergey.

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I shilled REQ in biz to unload my bags.

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I still hold 50% of my BCH because I'm worried the shilling might actually be correct

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I dumped everything on you noobs starting from june 2017 and ending in february 2018


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