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Alright Marines, if we ever want sub 30c Linkies again we're going to need some semi-believable FUD to kick out the non-believers. Do your best anons, counting on you.

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You've had a year anon. FUD or no FUD. It is of no consequence. The singularity is imminent.

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We need to take a bunch of needles bright red hot and start to insert them all over OPs body. The harder he'll try to wiggle out of his bind, the closer new insertion points will be to his crotch.
We do it so that we can continue the fun untill there are no possible insertion points left on his body, all sense organs burned off but still alive.

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You had all year. Things are starting to heat up.

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I will be more than happy, the day when those swing traders gets rick rolled by their own game.

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You sold didn’t you?
You turned your back on our lord and savior and now you want forgiveness agains?
I don’t know if you still worth saving anon.

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As much as I'd like to fud there isn't anything to say. You'd literally have to be a retart to not buy

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This one got me and i have sold, noone can refute this

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Doesn’t matter anymore the singularity is close now nothing we can do to drop the price

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So many new blockchains make links tech obsolete

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nah fuck off op, you're done here

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except they don't link is blockchain agnostic and you don't have a fucking clue what you're talking about.

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>We need to take a bunch of needles bright red hot and start to insert them all over OPs body. The harder he'll try to wiggle out of his bind, the closer new insertion points will be to his crotch.We do it so that we can continue the fun untill there are no possible insertion points left on his body, all sense organs burned off but still alive.

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No more fud from me.
Sry anon. I want to enjoy some gains.
t. 15k Linkster

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it is upon us now
it has started

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Can someone define what price singularity is?
I know it's a meme but can't find an exact definition online

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the day nolinkers cry salty tears

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The thing with shilling on Reddit now is that when the mainnet is launched and companies are actually using it and buying LINKs, then we will have less "boost" for the Singularity since Reddit is already in. Anyone visiting Reddit at that time will see commwnts like "yeah I bought in about 2 months ago when it was $1" instead of "Just went all in and took a loan this is the surest thing in life!!! This thing can easily go to $1000 from $500!"

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I agree... all these retarded bag holders impatient as fuck. Before EOY I will have 1000 more Euros to pump into LINK and I want in at 25-30 cents. My average is 34 so I basically broke even but I want that 20 cent LINK boya
I'd say the 650 million fud is strong
>inflation argument
>Sergey has all the power, nothing specified, can cash out or give handouts to friends or corruption
>centralized scam
>as bad as ripple

It works well I think, we just need a good coherent text about it.

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>i like Link and all with the memes but I cannot in good conscience invest in an ERCtoken (doesn’t even have its own blockchain. What happens if there’s a fork or security flaw found? Ethereum crashes the whole project?). Worst of all however, is 650 million (2/3 of the 1 billion supply) are owned solely by Sergey himself! I thought crypto was about decentralization? How is that dectralized when 2/3rds are owned by ONE person?! What happens in 6 months after this token gets to $1 from a bitcoin bull run and Sergey just market sells his stinky linkies and makes off with $650 million dollars while us stinky marines are left holding a shitcoin with no mainnet? No thanks. I’m checking out aeternity (with working oracles already) or maybe möbius, with its partnerships and large development team. I wish Link was worth it but all signs point to a dead end.

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I have 275k link tho and I’m pretty much out of any FUD. Plus someone made a comment in the telegram about finishing the service agreement (codeword for aggregation) just recently in the pivotal tracker, and the team likes surprises, so we could see mainnet launch sooner rather than later. You also have to imagine that all of those partnerships and what not are working concurrently on the testnet as the team refines the interface so it’s not just the link team improving the network but an industry backed community. I’m now holding to $1000 or $0 but it looks like it might take off soon so swing trading is risky.
t. LTG Marine

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This is quite good fud, but the stinky linkies and stinky marines makes it sound fake.

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Lol who are these guys with 100k+ link stacks? Nigger if I had that much spare cash to invest in link I'd be set already or are faggots seriously putting your life savings into link? Honest question.

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yes some people on this board fell for the meme, they are the same people who FUD their own coin thinking they're outsmarting everyone else.

Link is unironically going to zero by 2019

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Yes there are faggots who are all in with their life savings. I've got 20k and put about 5% of my savings into it. Also holding smaller stacks of BTC, ZRX, ENG & GVT. Will I make? it?

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Ah, thanks for the quick answer. I bought 5k stack of link for suicide insurance but I couldn't fathom putting 60k+ of my own money when it's seriously all I would've ever gotten from wagecucking for life. If it ever pays them, congrats but unironically if LINK fails then many people are gonna kill themselves.

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Unironically holding 109k link AMA

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How about the fact that Sergey literally asked Vitalik if oracles were even possible

And there's visual.audio evidence of such

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Were you in on ETH & Antshares early? Or wagecucked to 109 stinks?

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The only thing that would made cl dump is of some Norwegian qt falsely accused Steve ellis of rape, so that might delay mainnet. It's called the assange paradigm

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Running a node will be a futile effort since the vast majority of use cases require only a handful (<5 nodes) to execute the the contract securely. Guess who will get all that traffic? SWIFT, Microsoft, Docusign, JP Morgan, Hyperledger, etc with their giant and well-known nodes. You’ll be lucky to see 10 requests a year. If any linkies think they’ll actually make a passive income from staking they’re in for a rude awakening...

How’s that?

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Was in on ETH kind of early ($40) but not with a ton of cash. Started mining around then as well.

I make good money (120k/yr) in the Midwest as a computer engineer. Have been involved in cryptography generally for a long while, so I've been following cryptocurrencies for years. ChainLink is going to be huge, I'm convinced.

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Of the 1 billion tokens that could ever be in circulation, 750 million have yet to be distributed, and another 100 million are controlled by Binance. That means 85% of the total supply is just waiting to be dumped on your heads. SCAM!

numero dos

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please delete this, Sir

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I'm actually more qualified to talk about this than most anons.I'm employed with a cyber-techno machinations company, I do a lot of security analyst programming type work. Open source, decentralized, APIs, partnerships, you name it. We'd be one of the first companies in line for something like Chainlink, if the decentralized smart contract space had more value over traditional data exchanges. There's a catch though, an underlying flaw more deeply embedded in the bedrock of LINK than the very code itself. The flaw is with the concept, and it's this: Companies won't actually go through the hassle of trusting their data API's through crypto.

Now I can already hear your keyboards going frantic, but hear me out. /biz/ hates banks, and traditional data providers. But actual companies, businesses, and investors do not. There's an old saying you might have heard of: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!". The idea that any of our bosses would give us the go ahead if we approached them to put our companies valuable data in a smart contract on a cryptocurrency called Chainlink, that they've never heard of, we'd be laughed out at best and fired on the spot at worst. We already have API data buyers and providers we trust.

'But Chainlink is trustless!' I hear you cry, but is that really a good thing? Just listen to the sound of it. Businesses don't want to spend millions of dollars on something that is trustLESS, they want something trustFUL. 'But the reputation system!', doesn't that defeat the whole point of your coin? If companies only trust nodes with high reputation, what's the difference between trusting banks and data providers that already have reputation, but in real life not on a computer screen.

The fact is, LINK is going to share the same fate as ETH will. A lot of 'real world application' hype, with a lot of 'crypto world application' reality. Only, this billion supply coin isn't going to come close to the $1k that Etherum hit. Happy gambling though anons.

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Yesterday’s IBM FUD was quite tasty

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>750 million have yet to be distributed
Check again

>Only, this billion supply coin isn't going to come close to the $1k that Etherum hit.
Most of us are milllionaires with +40$ LINK