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General sentiment is turning bullish, is the alt season really starting so soon? It can't be this easy

>> No.10822010

>can't be this easy
Welcome to why we're in crypto to begin with my frend

>> No.10822051

>BTC dominance 53%
>alts down 95%
This is the part where BTC goes to $3-$4k and 90% of alts die

>> No.10822065

WHY ARE MY ALTS NOT GOING UP IF ITS ALT SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.10822086

>bleeding 90% for 8 months

we deserve this

>> No.10822148

No it’s not turning bullish. There are no more greater fools, do you understand that? Nobody is buying your bags right now. There is no one left.

>> No.10822185

Lmao its going to dump hard in the next few days.

Bull euphoria is my favorite state, because i don't fall for it anymore. Not after I got burned by it a few times.

>> No.10822198

>bull euphoria

This is what euphoric bears believe

>> No.10822208

>no more greater fools
there's one born every second

>> No.10822213

millions of newfag pajeets are born every day, all desperately trying to claw their way off the designated shitting street

>> No.10822220

Tron and cardano still valued billions. Alt season.

Alt dead cat bounce.

>> No.10822221

And what do euphoric bulls believe?

>> No.10822229

There's none of those left. You'll start seeing them again at 20k.

>> No.10822234

let's ask kek

>> No.10822250

I'll buy all of them once the price gets low enough.

Or the ethereum and monero anyways. Buttcoin can fuck off.

>> No.10822270

Cardano opened up at 500mil and hit a peak at 30 bill.

I don’t understand that coin.

>> No.10822673


you mean 8k

>> No.10822926

im honestly feeling confused. coins that i once thought were good coins, might not be good coins after all. things that i thought actually had promise, like bat, zrx, ada, wax, monero, im starting to wonder if i chose the wrong coins. meanwhile meme coins like chanlink and nano which seem stupid to me wont stop mooning.

>> No.10822951

Welcome to crypto son. Shit pumps for no fucking reason.

>> No.10823873

>nano ATH $35
>currently $2.40

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