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vechain block explorer

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i guess if you count vecahin as an enterprise

they're literally the only ones using this POS

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how long will you retards cope

at what point will you just admit it's a solid project

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It is a scam. That level of transactions with no source looks faked. Not hard to do. Last I saw they had no proper tag printer and suddenly mysterious transactions are on the rise but VeChain didn't have some massive parade or CCK riddle.

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>people complain about enterprises not using the blockchain and no transactions
>proceed to spam the blockchain with BS tx's.

wew lad

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look at the fucking transactions

it's just another ploy do hype reddit kids like every single thing they do. This is not cope. If I wanted to buy Vechain and can buy it much cheaper than you did. I don't want this peice of shit.

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Cope central. Cope-acabana. Copenhagen.

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sunny literally said on livestream yesterday that this is the start of enterprise migration

yeah this project is pretty dicey, but lying through your teeth about shit which is probably not hard to verify? i doubt it desu

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Idk anon I trust neckbeard neets over DNV, PWC, and Breyer any day of the week this is a chink scam

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Just bots to fake activity, nothing new.

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>The transactions look faked
Literally what is blockchain

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yeah all these 100 vet transaciton are LV tracking handbags hurrrr

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Unironically this.

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I don't know might be just a stress test but please don't this retarded. Fake transactions god

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They don't know what is going on behind closed doors, sunny is scamming everyone haha. All you can ever do is name other 3rd party companies to try and validate yourself, vechain literally cannot stand on its own two feet, it has proved nothing other than it is a scam rofl.

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>literally said on livestream

LMAO, how many scams have leaders spouting bullshit on Twitter and livestreams. Go all-in dude. Just do it. VeChain isn't a scam, totally not. Good luck.

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I went all in during peak FUD last week and now I'm up 220%. Stay poor

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Even in it's your best case scenario, and VEN actually succeeds, you're still bagholding a coin that spent more time hyping up it's retarded fanbase than any other project. That makes you a fucking brainlet even if you make millions from it.

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FUD on biz makes me So bullish

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>makes millions from hated coin
>still called a brainlet

Wake up you fucking piece of shit. This is the only real crypto coin. Buy some and shut the fuck up

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pls no bully

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>This is the only real crypto coin

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Can’t wait till half this board off themselves when this moons. Bunch of fucking retards.

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Who even hires these fucking pajeets lmao, this one just went full blown retard

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VeChain is not an enterprise.

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>Can’t wait till half this board off themselves when this moons
This shit went from 25 cents to 9 dollars and back down now to 1.50. We already made money off this scam. It's prior holders who are skeptical of the coin now, not some fucking random fudder. We see the shit in the ice cream, and you guy's are lapping it up eating that gooey pooey chink bullshit

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If this is true, why are so much thread created daily just to fud the coin. Move on then. And don't «I want to warn newfags» bullshit

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haha, even Oxford university called them out for being a scam and made ven retract their statement rofl

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truth hurts. If you held bitconnect and made a few hundred thousand/ millions off of it b4 it imploded. Wouldn't you laugh at delusional hodlers b4 it went to shit or atleast try to point out some skepticism?

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Salty waltys on suicide watch

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Lol no I would not. Are you allright?

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Who owns the nodes?

Which enterprises are actually using this? Vechain could simply be burning VTHO and spamming transactions.

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>Lol no I would not. Are you allright?
why are you here?

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VECHAIN and their scummy friends own all of the nodes, and they spam meaningless transaction to make it look as if their shit network is actually doing something,,,, so much scam, kek

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is there anything more cringe than watching a bunch of shit-colored pajeets trying to fit in by using words like "kek"

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oh no how ever will I cope with being a brainlet while I'm retired and banging top notch hookers cope harder faggot

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how do people justify holding the coin that is literally the favorite of reddit retards? Clearly you can at least admit that most people in the community are dumb as fuck, right?

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Reddit writ large hates Vechain. Only the small subreddit it calls home gets any attention. Not like this is any metric to base an investment on.

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Jesus Christ.

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Reddit fags are not even sentient

I remember when the mobile wallet launched. Hundreds of them were just sitting in a thread jerking off to the THOR generation, not realizing that it amounts to pennies per day. It's literally the same MOA as a drug addict getting high.

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