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Hi /biz/,

Can we get a group together that's sole purpose is to help record all the events surrounding LINK?

Pre-singularity, Post-Singularity and all of the memes? I'm talking every kind of cube, every kind of Pepe etc.

I want to compile this together and then we can sell it to other LINK Marines at break-even.

Only Marines who have over 1K LINK (and they have to prove it) can buy the book though.

Who's in?

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I think I'm starting to come around to the side of "we're never going to make it" :-(

For the record, I'm sitting on 109k stinky linkies. But this all just seems too ridiculous.

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What the fuck is this bullshit Marine?

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Youre going to be retardo rich

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sounds good

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I want to believe, fren. I really, truly do. If you knew my situation, you'd understand how insane that would be.

I want to believe.

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Schütze checking in from Volgastrand. I am a loyal STINKY and all 16 of my LINKY will never be sold until >>7777777 - why may I not buy a copy of the book? I only want $16,000, and there has to be lower ranks. An army composed entirely of generals will not win a single battle

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why nobody have investigated sergey life? when need more info to be movie ready

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There are only 1000 wallets out of around 23000 wallets with more than 35k link.

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We can also allow LINKlets into the club; the only proof you will have to provide is that you bought the tokens pre-Singularity

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I mentioned this in the discord. We should have a sub section just for it

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what's the invite link?

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You know what else was ridiculous? The thought of trump winning the election in September 2016

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Type that after the discord invite url. It's the LinkTrader one off Reddit but it's pretty decent.

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Fair point.