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I am new here. r9k send me here because apparently having 22.500$ to invest makes me a normie. Been looking at this board, is Chainlink some type of NEET currency? red pill me /biz/

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Greetings fellow robot. Yea. LINK is hands down the most legitimate project in crypto right now. They are creating a decentralized network of oracles. An oracle is a middleware that allows data on the blockchain to communicate basically with data off the blockchain. It does this in a trustless, decentralized nature, similar to bitcoin (first decentralized currency) and ethereum (first decentralized smart contract platform). In this new financial system we are laying the groundwork for right now, decentralization is key, dont let anyone try to convince you otherwise.
Link is unique in that they have done little to no marketing or publicity in the year since their ICO, but to anyone paying attention to their project through their pivotaltracker and github, its obvious theres major strides being taken. There is a lot of strong speculation and strictly circumstantial evidence that suggests chainlink is working very closely with a number of major companies, such as, docusign, SAP, SWIFT, salesforce, and microsoft, which also, fits nicely in with our patron saint of whistleblowing, AssBlaster, who described link as an institutional crypto built from the ground up. I wouldnt suggest to anyone to go all in, even tho i am, but i feel as far as crypto goes, its a reasonably safe bet, and has done REALLY well in this bear market.

Welcome to the LINKmarines anon. And godspeed.

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You're new here, so let me help you not waste your money on scams
>chinese team - 99% scam
>russian team - 99% scam
>indian team - 100% scam
>american team - 90% scam
>euro team - 95% scam
>arab team - not enough data yet, so assume 99%
>team advertises heavily - 100% scam
>low effort shilling on /biz/ - 100% scam
>team makes an airdrop - 100% scam

there I saved you 98% of your portfolio
now for link, link features:
>best memes
>best gets
>2500$ EOY
that's all you need to know

if you actually wanna make it, put it all in ETH&BTC with a hearty pinch of LINK.

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What the fuck? Why would you say this? Go to bed.

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> An oracle is a middleware that allows data on the blockchain to communicate basically with data off the blockchain.

what kind of data? And how is it groundbreaking?

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don't be fooled oracles are not middleware they are a centralized service that provide reference data for smart contracts. they try to make them decentralized and trust-less but it won't work. which makes the whole smart contract concept vaporware.

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Any kind of data via API! Stock prices! Insurance quotes! Royalty payments! Sports scores! Literally anything! Right now, crypto is worth how many billions of dollars? Ethereum and all the potential of its smart contracts, worth billions and billions of dollars, but as of right now, that potential is locked up tight. It can only communicate with data it can see, data on chain. Smart contracts can basically only be used for buying other fucking crypto tokens. So if crypto is going to be useful at all, something has to happen. We either completely switch to a blockchain and crypto token based system.. need to go to the dentist?? Better trade some btc for dentacoin. OR... we have to find a way for crypto to not REPLACE our current systems, but rather become integrated with. Enter chainlink. Its literally the key to unlocking the potential of distributed ledger technology, and smart contracts. Smart contracts are going to change everything once we can connect them to the real world. All those john and stacy smith pencil pusher and data entry jobs are going to fucking vanish son.

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It will work.

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Come on in

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OP- just put 5k into link and within the year you'll be giving $1,000 hour escorts gold showers like its nothing

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Sounds great but why are these coins worth anaything? Is it like owning a share of the network which would give dividends somehow? Or does someone have to own link to execute contracts? Why would the price go up due to utilization I guess I want to know plz and thanks

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Lmao I went to r9l yesterday to see the absolute state and no lie it’s one of the most normie boards out there.
>tons of underage kids saying shit like t b h and talking about school
>women posting and being responded to respectfully
Even though r9k is full of virgins, they’re somehow normies

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Youre pretty much right on the money. There are 1 billion tokens total. 350million were sold in the ico (which sold out in 5 minutes mind you at a 32million USD market cap). 350 million are held for future partnerships, and 300m held for the team and for future development of the network.
The LINK token itself will be both staked in nodes on the network as a way of insuring to those those requesting data that the data is accurate (improper data returns will penalize the node) and used as payment to the node operators. Over time, more and more LINK will be staked in nodes, with a reputation system in place to incentivize keeping your link staked, so available supply will continue to fall, while the value of the token rises. Which it will.

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i will believe it if it runs without issues for a decade.

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it's a scam run by a philosophy major that's addicted to big macs

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I'm gonna tell you this now friendo: If you put all $22,500 into LINK, you will be a millionaire by next year, and a billionaire in the next five.

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Stay away from crypto currency. It's fucking dead since BTC peaked in Dec. 2017. It's going back to the 100-1k USD range and will bounce a few times between then and now. Just go to stocks and get fucking rich off of the Trump economy. These faggots are LOSING money in the biggest bullrun market of our lifetimes.

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Erm... ok... but you realize by then it will be too late to make it?

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Welcome to /biz/. There is a lot of research to do on crypto, so better get digging. You've been given an oportunity to quit wagecucking if you play it well with your money. Right now we're in a bear market, which is good for you, as you can buy crypto on discount. Remember to always DYOR. After some time you should be able to see the real potential of LINK. But I warn you there might be not that much time, as mainnet and as we call it price singularity might occur in next few weeks/months.

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