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I have an idea for an 8-bit game. Keep in mind I've never made a game before and the idea is a bit weird so likely zero people (including me) will ever play it, but say it did get mildly popular, what's the best way to monetize it? Ads? Donations? It would obviously be free to play but from there...?

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Tell us your game so we can steal it — I mean give you feedback anon

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best way to monetize shit games are ads, there are tons of different types, it really depends on where you publish it.

if you're game picks up you can add a paid option to remove ads, and if it's beomce a hit (it won't) you should add pay2win items

moral of the story: don't bother making it if you are doing it for money in the first place

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Yah ads, tips.. Ive always wanted to do this. Seems like a cool creative outlet.

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You'd laugh and wouldn't waste your time with it anyway

Yeah I just kind of want to make it just to see if I can, I think my friends would get a laugh out of it so it might be worth it

Go for it bro

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Try to play a few RTS on android you'll see they always monetize the same way : by selling you time.

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This market is so saturated that I wouldn't worry about it, to be honest.

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then don't think monetizing in first place