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Holy shit. I've been following Chainlink's Pivotal Tracker for a while now and they literally just keep adding more tasks to the icebox - on top of that, they keep pulling more tasks from the icebox to the current list.

What's worse, the current lists are only ever half-completed each week, so they keep pushing tasks back weeks and weeks. It just keeps piling up for them, check it out yourself.

They won't have main-net until at least Q1 2019, they still have to test it all too!

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oh no now I have to wait 12 months instead of 2 months to make millions of dollars while playing vidya and eating tendies..how will I ever survive

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its really not. 2019 will come faster than you think.

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>tfw 2017 was 1 year ago

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Unironically hoping for at least 4 more months of bear market so I can buy more

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Wow, first we hear Sergey is helping the Assad regime win the war with the help of decentralised oracles, now this.

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Dev here.
Projects almost always take longer than the original estimate. It’s incredibly difficult to estimate how long it takes to do somethig that’s never been done before.

Often devs find that the project take 3x the original estimate, due to oversights.

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How is Sergey even programming when he has no formal education?

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>he doesn't understand agile development

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>they literally just keep adding more tasks to the icebox

As if that’s a bad thing

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firstly not all items in the icebox do NOT have to be completed. secondly you do realize 2019 is less than 3months away? you really cant wait that long? kill urself

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Self taught, obviously.

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Sergey can acquire knowledge by simply staring into people souls

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Everyone is thinking that it wil launch in September, but thats so fucking optimistic. unless the team have outsoruced a shit load of work in secret. the reputation system literally is waht makes link the 1000$ meme. i f they are just starting it then then it confirms we have a while to go, and we know they wont launch a half baked product because they have no reason to. Next year, or if they really get their act togethern November-December is feasible.

Also, when you look on the github and see their commits its impressive, but looking at exactly what hthey are trying to do with the reputation system and its a bit obvious that there is a lot fo work to be done, and anyone with ANY knowledge of C+and Linux custom script integrated GNU compilers knows it's a minimum 2-3 year AT BEST with a single coder, maybe less with more.

Link devs took the hard route of going for a SE Linux hardened kernel integration into their scripting tool - PRO TIP, since they are using it as part of the foundation for main-net, it is essential it is 100% complete, and with investors like Swift its not going to be fucking risked launching early.

Even Linus Torvalds (creator of Linux) took 2 years to compile a similar scripting tool.

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I remember this pasta

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damn, guess i better sel-


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damn, you know your shit.
I appreciate the research you've put into this, and thank you for sharing it. I hope others seriously consider your warning

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Yeah, no.

A philosophy major is not going to have the aptitude for mathematics and deep abstraction capabilities.

He's probably hired a Pajeet coder from Craigslist with a few hundred dollars of his ICO stack.

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Modern day Aristotle

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and this shit is chilled on biz. on the other hand, nimiq has a mainnet, solves a problem no other crypto solves and has a marketcap of lower than 10 million. you would be stupid not to invest in it.

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>12 KB JPGoh no now I have to wait 12 months instead of 2 months to make millions of dollars while playing vidya and eating tendies..how will I ever survive

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stop replying to yourself looser, no one believes stale spammed negative crap anymore. No one will sell to suit your desperation to buy more cheaply. That's over. Get in or go home

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you'd be pretty stupid to buy anything other than link related to oracles or smartcontracts, pic related

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