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>In 2010, Hassabis co-founded DeepMind,[30][31] a London-based machine learning AI startup, with Shane Legg and Mustafa Suleyman. Hassabis and Suleyman had been friends since childhood, and he met Legg when both were postdocs at University College London’s Gatsby Computational Neuroscience Unit.[32] Hassabis also recruited his university friend and Elixir partner David Silver.[33]

DeepMind's mission is to "solve intelligence" and then use intelligence "to solve everything else".[34] More concretely, DeepMind aims to meld insights from neuroscience and machine learning with new developments in computing hardware to unlock increasingly powerful general-purpose learning algorithms that will work towards the creation of an artificial general intelligence (AGI).

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Ctrl + f

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Wow so every nerd in the world is fucking this gook chick... big deal

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woah when was the message sent?

I have been following Hassabis' work for a long time

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40 minutes ago.

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oh look he sent Rory a message. Wow partnership confirmed even though they're competitors. Probably just want to call Rory a cuck and tell him to fuck off.


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aw sweetie did you happen to forgot to take your meds today?

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Based and redpilled.

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That was before she joined the team, she used to specialize in AI. But that means that a lot of AI people are following her and hearing about link indirectly. Or she's using her old contacts to establish connections but I'm not sure why Sergey would be interested in AI firms.

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$2500 eoy is FUD

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Swift posting about AI.

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I'm just here for the tech

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Want a real dot? Get a shovel, you'll like what you find. https://www.perkinscoie.com/en/news-insights/perkins-coie-joins-the-global-legal-blockchain-consortium.html

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Seal Software to incorporate AI

dont we have a connection from seal to link somewhere before?

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AI nigga.

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AI guided reputation and consensus mechanisms

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If this is real then I'm actually hype as fuck

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tesla partnership confirmed

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lmao, Hassabis is unironically in the top 100 of the most important people alive. If he takes the time to message Rory then that is the biggest Link news in months

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Double Checked

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>Probably just want to call Rory a cuck and tell him to fuck off.

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this. But what's with all the, "Can you please pm me" 's?

it seems like LARP/showboating. Why not just PM Rory?

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>Hassabis began his computer games career at Bullfrog Productions, first level designing on Syndicate and then at 17 co-designing and lead programming on the classic game Theme Park
Loved those two games

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..is this article how riddleanon found most leads? mentions:
>"""e-signing""" (docusign)
>4TH AUG 2017
>tfw biz was only aware of link around 19th august 2017.

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To show the public he's interested. Also, to assert dominance.

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oh my.

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And checked

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keep going...

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guys, if your curious at all, look at the big focuses of Aragon and Gartner. You will be surprised to find a bunch of discussion and promotion for three things. Ai, IoT, and Smart Contracts. Turns out these three things are meant to work in a collaborative network, with the IoT feeding realtime data to the Ai (via oracles) and the AI then analyzes that data and processes it into updates for the IoT (fed back through oracles). This does two things, it aides in the machine learning of the Ai by providing it with the amount of data it needs to analyze a network, platform, or system, and in turn this allows for the Ai, to create efficiency updates for the associative IoT network. Seeing as in some cases this trifecta could be involving sensitive processes or operations, itd be necessary for that oracle to be trustless end to end to ensure that the upgraded smartcontracts executing the updates on the IoT are not being tampered with. This trifecta of technology is essentially the complete network responsible ofr ushering in the 4th industrial revolution. Cap this frens. Ai, IoT, and Smartcontracts. Look into it...

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I think I just filled the cup.

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why did he delete his comment

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thanks fren, mighty curious rn

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redundant, >>10736128 has much better lead

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holy shit we are giving birth to the Minotaur

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False alarm

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that will happen, but first we will see a wave of smartcontracts. their adoption will allow the rest.

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so it mustve been a fake or are they covering their tracks?

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seems like a terrible way to do so. instead of an email you enter a telegram of 1.1k members to keep it a secret?

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Turdlock Stink is a peasant dicklicker who posts speculations disguised as leaks, that's all. I remember the thread before he created his trip "so we'll know it's him" and the kid said he had 15k LINK. The truth?! I'm certain these kikes post things just to bait spergs to continue their research and confirm or deny it.

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ask Rory if it was fake or not. I'm sure he'll tell you

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It was Demis' personal AI robot that made a miscalculation on the action to take when he said "reach out to ChainLink I think they got something going on". At which point its neural network took the request as casual and went to the community manager instead of formal. It will surely be scolded with a negative reward for such a misstep.

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if only it had a reliable decentralized oracle solution to guarantee the proper data was uploaded to the ai. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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what is the best way to invest in all three, that is, AI, IoT, and smart contracts? I have some link already so does that check the smart contract box? how can I check off the Ai and IoT boxes? I'd like to invest in this emerging tech. any ideas anyone?

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Interesting point. Ai, IoT, and smart contracts lend themselves together very well.

Half of the "God problem" is onmiscience-which is the basically instant transfer of information. If you can reduce information lag across a system, then you can greatly increase the speed at which it learns.

Decentralized platforms like 4chan that used merit based arguments instead of a political correctness based reputation system. This is why 4chan is able to more accurately predict outcomes. You get a system with fewer delays towards truth, and despite being smaller you get a more effective machine

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lots of IoT and Ai organizations, lots of smart contract platforms, only one decentralized oracle solution. Out of all these components link is the only one that could be considered an infrastructure as opposed to service, tech, or product. Therefore its the only component likely to be used by any and all organizations trying to implement this trifecta network solution.

yes, this will allow for true end to end automation. Imagine a powerplant being run by smartcontracts operating off of a network of connected censors, being upgraded and maintained by and Ai. Now imagine that process for any other industrial process reliant on computing and constant systems management.

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Flush yourself down the toilet.

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So if it's 3 sides of a triangle. Smart contracts, Ai and Iot

It would be Link, AGI, IOTA

Serious what are your thoughts on AGI and singularity token

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not really tho, see my explanation above, lots of companies focusing on IoT, Ai, and Smart Contracts. Only one decentralized oracle solution that has first mover status and multi industry adoption before main net.

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one more point..... what is adylyn Zhou's other focus beyond marketing?

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>what is adylyn Zhou's other focus beyond marketing
she has a heavy background in artificial intelligence ironically... interesting. good point.

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do you think she was purposely chosen for her AI pedigree?

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someone explain this to a brainlet

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it certainly wasn't for her politics.

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I think so, it would make the most sense. The pieces are starting to fall into place here I am seeing a bigger picture now

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It was a larp

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ChainLink is Skynet

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We are all going to be rich.

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Wait, what? Are you fuckig serious

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sometimes I wonder if we're stretching. Chainlink isn't a large project. Steve is a coder. Rory is a cuck. Thomas is a coder. The new hires are coders. All of these meme magic connections would have to lie with Sergey. The big mac eating russian philosophy major. Not doubting he's a seriously intelligent guy, but It just seems far fetched, doesn't it?

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the big mac eating guy who is frens with ari juels and nick sazbo, who registered the domain for cryplets and own a website for his main company, smartcontracts.com, that was registered 8 days before the whitepaper 4 btc was released. That sergey? The same one who worked for firstmark and helped create an exchange now owned and operated by the nyse? Sergey is one of the most important human beings on the planet atm.

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Sergey is in the game for a LONG time.
He's a multi millionaire, if not billionaire judged by BTC and ETH worth. Don't underestimate him.

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I can't wait

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it fukken looks like this might happen someday

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his time with First Mark capital is pretty important and seems to be where a lot of his connections come from.

Not to mention all the people he met working with swift. remember, this wasn't a one-off free PoC. He's been showing up in articles with them since 2014 and presented at SIBOS twice. he's undoubtedly well connected. How else do you think he got Ari juels to cowrite the white paper and god andrew miller on board as an advisor.

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and by cowrite, it must be basically write. Neither steve nor sergey have the backgrounds to write something like that but they still got coauthor credit.

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He showed up 15min early, looked them firm in the eyeballs and gave them square handshakes. The rest, my sweet summer pajeet, is historical.

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plus Dimitri's company that he cofounded was sold to Salesforce, another big potential connection and networking resource.

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He'll be the first trillionaire unironically. Firstly basically guides the birth of BTC and ETH and then links the chains.

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that's very cool

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anyone do this yet? got a screenshot?

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the question has been asked yes.

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I could spend a while drawing links between CL and Seal. Lots of connections.
They're working with docusign


I don't know if this article has been shared but Seal will be utilising chainlink by association.

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digits confirm price will be $10,734,067 end of year

thanks kek!

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Here is another lead and research area. We know aragon research and their article on Chainlink. But is Chainlink associated with the other companies in their research on smart contracts?



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Just dumping through various things I find


Why is Aragon research so interested in CL?

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all the speculated partnerships are as good as confirmed, they are all in on the joke and just love seeing 4chan NEETs basically fisting themselves over hellos and twitter likes, unless you enjoy the link lore, sit back with your link stack and know you already /madeit/

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>about company
>key members
>michael kim
>gaming expert

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Aragon has been big on Workflow and content automation. Probably related to Docusign, sealsoftware and salesforce

Same goes for nintex:

Seems that there's something within here...

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You haven't lurked enough if something is "far fetched" never doubt meme magic friendo

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Rory replied that the account was deleted soon after his reply... we can only draw our own conclusions...$2500 EOY.

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I would imagine this is the same Perkins Coie law firm that was the intermediary in contracting Fusion GPS for Hillary Clinton to purchase the Steele/Trump Dossier via the DNC? What does it all mean? Lol

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Lol it was me I made a fake account. You liniers are so gullible

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It means that chainlink sergey and that gooo marketer are leftists and going to enslave the world.

Now you know why the elite are pushing universal basic income. This shit is going to crush so many people and the planet will be enslaved.

I bet we get targeted when we sell OTC

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Nintex is interesting, this seems like there could be some links here. Time to start researching.

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Jesus Christ

What do we have on Monax and Stone Paper?

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Le SmartContract XD

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Dig deep

What do we have on Monax and Stone Paper AND Clause??? Start digging?!!

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Since 2014

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Holy fk


>Monax joins the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance connecting Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics and technology vendors with the objective of developing enterprise-grade software capable of handling the most complex, highly demanding applications at the speed of business.

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More meme magic. HAD TO have a link to "Swift"

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Was not expecting that location. Next time in in Edinburgh I might go have a look.

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THIS GUY LEFT THE ACORD PROJECT, and started Clause. (The founder) this fagot stole Sergeys ideas!!! No wonder why Sergey is annoyed and pissed!!! Vultures are robbing him

> Not only that, they have made a patent proprietary software for things.

How the HELL has no one digged this deep.

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>Legg when both were postdocs at University College London’s
Leggo my eggo

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Oh God it’s over.

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Thats probably a centralized, single point of failure oracle.

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THIS GUY started at THE ACORD PROJECT, and then started Clause. (The founder) this fagot stole Sergeys ideas!!! No wonder why Sergey is annoyed and pissed!!! Vultures are robbing him

> Not only that, they have made a patent proprietary software for things.

How the HELL has no one digged this deep.

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Here is the pic (deleted post) of what he's referring to

Mentions patent and proprietary software

I can patent a open source platform

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hmmm really makes me think

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Clause is behind Accord, he hasn't left

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I posted the wrong picture. See again. Same copy and paste text.
I accidentally wrote he left accord, when having reread he is still present.

If I had kept that post. I would have been called a stupid fuck. So I tried to prevent that from happening..... guess it was too late.

In regard to the open source patent part. It is possible for companies to patent some elements of open source projects

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Yes, correct, he then has subsequently started Clause and has a patent pending on propriety software.

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>It is possible for companies to patent some elements of open source projects

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>We were the first to market with a permissionable, smart contract capable blockchain design which was later moved into the Hyperledger Foundation as Hyperledger Burrow. When we first released this codebase to the open source community, folks looked at us in wonderment (to put it nicely) and asked why a permissioned blockchain made any sense. Those days are largely over and the logic of having a permissioned layer within a blockchain network is now more widely understood. I have no hesitation in saying that we at Monax (previously Eris Industries) played a very big part in ensuring “blockchains for business” really are a thing

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List of companies related to GLBC, what I know so far:

Smart Contract
Digital Asset
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
China Ledger
Swift ISO Standard

baker hostetler

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Wouldnt a patent for accord be bullish for CL?

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ah I see, thank you for the leads. May kek bless your gains

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dumping everything I have

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Monax developed The Agreements Network, basically Integra Ledger but for Ethereum:

>the goal of the Agreements Network is to bring legal transactions "into the digital age" by moving the documents they draft and file to a shared, distributed ledger.
>he company's partners in the project include law firms BAKERHOSTETLER, LegalBono and ErdosIP and tech companies including contract manager CLAUSE, investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, consulting firm LexPredict, and software startup Libra.

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Wait your dumping link or your dumping all your other nigger coins for more Link?

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Orrick is a law firm too

List of companies related to GLBC, what I know so far:

Monax (very close to swift and hyperledger)
Smart Contract
Digital Asset
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
China Ledger
Swift ISO Standard

Law firms
>Fasken (Accord)
>Baker Hostetler (Accord)
>Dentons (Accord)
>Orrick (Accord)
>Perkins Coie (Accord) joined august 2018
>Blank Rome (Accord)
>Waller (Accord)
>Matheson (Irish firm, not part of Accord... yet?)
I expect more and more Accord firms to join GLBC and vice versa. GLBC is hosting their big annual event tomorrow and OpenLaw is presenting their project.

Just check Accord to see if they updated their partners, they added Pinsent Masons which is another top 100 firms. Which means they're still actively seeking new partners and/or other firms are noticing the writing on the wall and joining all the others.

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Monax created The Agreements Network, basically trying to be Integra Ledger but for Ethereum:

>The company's partners in the project include law firms BAKERHOSTETLER, LegalBono and ErdosIP and tech companies including contract manager CLAUSE, investment crowdfunding platform Crowdcube, consulting firm LexPredict, and software startup Libra.
>Currently, the network is in the testnet stage. Kuhlman says it will be ready to launch in October.

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I'm dumping info you melanin-enriched knuckle dragger

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>Law firm Baker & Hostetler has announced that they are employing IBM’s AI Ross to handle their bankruptcy practice, which at the moment consists of nearly 50 lawyers
>World's first artificially intelligent attorney built on IBM's cognitive computer WATSON

IBM Watson Legal also part of GLBC:

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please be honest with me is AGP a legitimate thing? do people really transition due to their AGP feelings? as someone who would be considered HSTS (or whatever the other one is) i've always legitimately associated my trans ness with i was meant to be a woman but i was born in the wrong body. i never had anything sexually related to transitioning and overall have a pretty low sex drive. i now consider myself a female but i still have intense body and face dysphoria. i never wrapped my head around people transitioning for sexual reasons and was never exposed to it before the online trannies explained it. i guess im kind of baffled that people actually do that but im trying to understand peoples reasons for it. not trolling just seriously confused

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>Our previous business model was based on the ‘razor blades’ idea. Essentially the razor was our open source blockchain (which we “gave” away) and the razor blades were our smart contract frameworks, which we intended to sell

Dig on the 3 new companies that came to light!!

>> No.10741730

Thanks, here's a more updated version, sourced from here:

Monax (very close to swift and hyperledger)
Smart Contract
Digital Asset
Enterprise Ethereum Alliance
China Ledger
Swift ISO Standard

Debevoise & Plimpton
Hogan Lovells
Holland & Knights
Jones Day
Latham & Watkins
Morrison & Foerster
Shearman & Sterling
>Fasken (Accord)
>Baker Hostetler (Accord)
>Dentons (Accord)
>Orrick (Accord)
>Perkins Coie (Accord) joined august 2018
>Blank Rome (Accord)
>Waller (Accord)
>Matheson (Irish firm, not part of Accord... yet?)

Law School of Suffolk University of Boston
Cardozo Law School
Duke Center on Law & Technology
Department of Legal Studies and Business Ethics at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School

BNY Mellon
JPMorgan Chase

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Dude I'm a brainlet.... do all these images mean we are going to make money or what?

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That's some detective CIA type shit being done here or what

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*sigh* keep digging, maybe you'll figure it out

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Dig on the 3 new companies that came to light!!


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smd nigger

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The legal working group of the EEA is a different thing from the global consortium, but it also provides very interesting dots, and has a lot of crossovers with accord and openlaw. Aaron Wright the boss of openlaw is their chairman. See the first tweet in
There's a full list of eea law firms partners around, I posted it before and one of them is the Canadian firm openlaw did most of their testing with iirc
Mccarthy tetraux
No doubt Wright's position at the EEA is a major opportunity for openlaw to establish connections, which is indirectly very good for us.

>> No.10741767

Dude.... I really do appreciate the work you are doing. I hope you know that.

I'm literally the anon who wrote the copypasta that we should literally suck you autists cocks in a bohemian grove type ceremony since you guys are fuckin amazing.

But I'm not smart enough to come to a conclusion with what these connections mean

>> No.10741768
File: 2.04 MB, 1544x5872, 1520529909931.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10741769

I only bought for the memes

>> No.10741799
File: 1.02 MB, 1160x4120, 1533393907315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

well maybe someone else can piece them all together, thus all of them being in one thread might accelerate that, yeah?

>> No.10741804
File: 1.07 MB, 1418x4724, 1533165408226.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10741806
File: 192 KB, 626x726, 1533125008488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10741811
File: 630 KB, 904x2328, 1533072163029.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10741814

Does anyone have a link to that Chainlink site that had Jonathan Levi listed as an advisor?

>> No.10741818
File: 3.31 MB, 3000x2000, 1527299428283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10741824
File: 1.29 MB, 1152x6352, 1534207387903.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10741831

>melanin-enriched knuckle dragger

fucking kek

>> No.10741842

There's a secret society or organised group developing a whole infrastructure for the future and sergey is probably the leader or "chosen one type"

Intresting indeed

>> No.10741895
File: 118 KB, 451x492, 1187 - Pce6wWI.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Step 1 - take 1 piece of data from a wide range of different sources

Step 2 - ???

Step 3 - feed the confirmed data to a smart contract so it can execute

Can anyone explain what happenes in step 2?

>> No.10741974
File: 224 KB, 769x642, 1519272707281.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm outta here boys, good luck on your leads

also >>10741767
that sucking cock ritual thing is gay


>> No.10742002

Adelyn is definitely picked for her experience in AI

>> No.10742010

Aggregation and consensus

>> No.10742020

you’re joking but ChainLink is unironically partnered with Tesla

>> No.10742042

>SmartContract is more important than Bitcoin
I fucking came.

>> No.10742057

check n kek

>> No.10742059

Docusign, Google Cloud and Salesforce have connections
>Search docusign twitter for their momentum18 video [14:00]
>Systems of Agreement Platform (need to read whitepaper)
>Ethereum Integration
>AI for Search and Insights (Seal Software)
>Guided Forms (Intelledox. This also ties into Aragon Research's articles on Workflow Content Automation being the next big thing)

>> No.10742067


Holy shit this is amazing

>> No.10742079

This document ties AI, blockchain, smartcontracts, SWIFT, Docusign, Salesforce, and Link together:

>> No.10742087

Respect anon. I'm looking into all this info. Having taken a small glimpse I'm extremely impressed. AI ACCOUNTING. The truth is out there. -Ra

>> No.10742096

I'm sensing some new pasta

>> No.10742101

I was woken up with a phone call about this thread. You people have followers in places you would not believe if I told you. -Ra

>> No.10742161

thanks for that riddle anon

>> No.10742189

hi ra, any other suggestions for where to look for?

>> No.10742205

>Why not just PM Rory?
Good point you wouldn’t ask to be sent a private message why not just begin private messaging Rory In the first place.

>> No.10742249

If we won’t believe you, you can tell us

>> No.10742257

what did Ra meant by this?

>> No.10742288

Tell us more, fren.

>> No.10742322
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>> No.10742371

Woot woot....

Tell your friend to tell Trump I said what's up!

>> No.10742381

Also... are we all going to get Hilary'd for knowing all this?

>> No.10742412

I have a bad feeling we are all going to be rounded up and taken to the Hawaiian island of Molokai like they did with all the people who had leprosy decades ago except the new colony will be for us virgin NEETS

>> No.10742421

Putin if you are following us .... I totally support you kicking out the Jew world bank when you got elected.

Some of us Americans know the real reason there is such vitriol towards you.

>> No.10742425
File: 43 KB, 645x729, 1534257783512.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he actually believes the larp surrounding this token
>he bumps larp thread

>> No.10742501

Good thread

>> No.10742506
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Posting in epic bread

>> No.10742520
File: 603 KB, 1080x1571, 1534543273045.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10742546

rory's a nice guy but he's not that bright. he may have just ignored the message since i'm sure he gets tons of stupid DMs from people in the telegram.

I'm not convinced it's real, it's probably a larper trying to stir up /biz/, but that seems plausible.

>> No.10742550

and i meant to say he probably didn't know who the guy was

>> No.10742570

How do you know he's not bright. The level of self-control that he has indicate a high level of mental ability. He's like a ballerina of dealing with shitstains.

>> No.10742589

>rory's a nice guy but he's not that bright. he may have just ignored the message since i'm sure he gets tons of stupid DMs from people in the telegram.
kek I can see that happening.

>> No.10742595

his grammar and spelling is absolutely atrocious, some of the things he's said are pretty dumb, and he's a former PE teacher mate. He's not completely dumb but it's highly likely he just didn't know who the guy was.

>> No.10742633

How did the guy even end up in this position. Really makes you think.

>> No.10742748

he was literally just in the slack answering questions, and i'm sure sergey realized he needed someone to run interference on the retards who would try to go rogue and bother them. he's not one of sergey's secret connections or anything. he's a community manager for at least one other token project.

>> No.10743588


>> No.10743706


>> No.10743785

Anyone remember MrB3i? Might be in archives.

>> No.10743928

All BankChain members are gonna use ChainLink. Screencap this.

>> No.10744051

I forgot how big my boner was after that thread.

>> No.10744055

Anyone able to translate the following? Not sure if it's important or not.


>> No.10744089

It's an old medium article

>> No.10744118

is that what you autists are excited about? You realise anons larp on tg as much as they do here?

>> No.10744122

Damn, hadn’t been opening this thread since the OP turned out to be a LARP. Assumed it was just arguing and shitposting. Nice job boys.

>> No.10744277

BIM has nothing to do with legal contracts in the construction world. B3i was using buzz words to emphasise his point. Yes construction contracts are in stages, payments issued when various stages are completed/ certs issued but BIM is entirely different. Will this eventually seep into the construction world, yes, but only because a small part of the process needs to interact within the legal world. Nothing to do with construction, only to do with contracts which we can already assume. So please can nobody mis interpret this with the construction world, it is firmly contained within the legal universe, which in turn happens to touch many industries.

>> No.10744288

It really looks like this is the case. And whoever they are they wanted to include a bunch of frogmen in the new order. We have to be the luckiest bastards.

The NSA was the good guys all along

>> No.10744355

Even so, fren, B3i in screencap here >>10741157 from GLBC presentation with smartcontract (logo copypasta’d from smartcontract.com) and OpenLaw in the same slide. I could care less if it has to do with BIM or not.

>> No.10745156


>> No.10745188
File: 236 KB, 739x931, 45E26F8A-EEF2-491A-902C-2872A45310D8.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>co-author Dan Robles at DIT
>find bio
>ctrl-f SIBOS
>1 result

>> No.10745322

This weirdo I went to school with posted on fb about mining BTC. Thought that phase of the NWO was over? Is my friend retarded?

>> No.10745357
File: 166 KB, 404x561, 20119713-C310-41CF-ABD8-7DED98DE954C.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

fellow zoomers we will make it

>> No.10745526

Zoomers will never make it regardless of money because they are total fucking pussies that have been destroyed by kikes