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Start looking into the below link. You will find everything you need


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this cached link should allow you to circumvent that paywall.

>in b4 MY LINKS

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You have reached an article exclusively available to subscribers.

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Link or req?

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i saw it this morning, what does it have to do with us making any money?

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ASX is connected to Digital Asset and Digital Asset has ties to chainlink via IC3.

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nothing. too much """"research"""" involving extremely tenuous associations. 6 degrees of separation - you can "connect" anything to anything else if you take the kind of liberty linkers do

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>digital assets
>Blythe masters

Can't trust that bitch as far as I can throw her. Remember boys, these top bankers would squeeze every last penny out of you and leave you and your kids broke on the side of the road if they could.

Blythe Masters is a witch. She's not your friend and we should be watching her every move like a hawk just to make sure she doesn't screw us over, because given the oppurtunity she would without a shadow of a doubt.

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But she has so much to gain with chainlink...we are her bastards that will catch her pocket change

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>tfw I just realized Blythe masters is an anagram for assblaster

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its not

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checked. Based mummy