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its official annons are dyng, crypto is dead

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Let's put obituaries on a blockchain.

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I hope those faggots took their coins with them

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thats a good idea, like faces of suicide but for people who bought shitcoins.

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Unironically bullish, suicides will prevent people from selling and they will keep the coins in their wallets forever.

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All bitcoins will be lost in a few years time.

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>suicide rates increasing is actually bullish

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Crypto's surge actually fucked me over. It became too popular. I use it for illegal transactions so I need it to die down.

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These guys get it. We're finally entering capitulation.

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>all you retarded NEET losers are finally killing yourselves


It was a good run but you can’t outrun fate kids. Internet money isn’t real.

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Go to bed, gramps.

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The fags who keep posting that the bubble hasn't popped yet should read all 174 of the reactions to that article. People outside of biz and reddit are shitting all over it. Even the talker in the video is bearish as fuck on it ever coming back.

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need to save at least 1 satoshi to show my grand parents

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Suicide over bitcoin has to be the dumbest shit ever.
So get this, when you die, your coins get locked up and subtly bump the price up for all eternity. You could have just held.

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Get a job loser. No one is buying your Ponzi scheme.

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>tfw cashed out in December and January

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do not underestimate NEETs, kek

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I’m shaking

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