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Dear dairy,

Today they did it again. All my co-workers laughed at me when they asked how my Bitcoins are doing.

I told them, like usually, that this the future money. Smart Contracts and Internet of Things transactions. They just laughed. Chad pushed my Sergey bobble-head off my desk and it broke. My manager just laughed. I don't know how much longer I can take this...



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PS: Got text back from Reluctant Kneedpad Girl. She said she wants to see my Linkie stack!

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STAY OUT OF MY SPECIAL DIARY! This is for my eyes only!

PS: Just sent RKG a picture of my Linkie.

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I'll steal this pepe for my collection

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I’ll allow it

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Dear dairy

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>Dear dairy

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I stand corrected.

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Good evening, m'am, did you see my Linkie text? I hadn't heard from 'tis phone since yet.

PPS: Mom bought new Linkie shaped chickens!!!

Xoxo, Fren