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>Top 50 edition
>Linkies realize their mistake
>Sell and go all in Holo
>Stay rich goys

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What a wise man

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Holy shit really? Do you have to post this on every Holo thread. Go fucking neck yourself. If that's the worst shit you can come up with, I know this is a gold mine. Literally printing money rn

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literally the worst photoshop fail ive seen lately.

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please read this if you actually think holo isn't going to zero like amy other altcoin


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>I give you the most pathetic person on biz

I fucking dare you to tell us what bags you old anon.

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what if I told you that you can hodl both

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You fudders and your low IQ posts are so boring. Here do this for me. Actually take the type and hunt and peck enough keys on that keyboard to make out a a few sentances. Actually attempt to tell us why Holo won't succeed and maybe tell us what projects you think server the distributed computing space better?

Oh wait, you don't actually understand any of this do you?

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kek, imagine falling for these pathetic fud attempts. 100% that kid sold at 190 vitaliks, there's no reason to have this much hate against any shitcoin out there, let alone putting this much effort into trying to convince others that it's a scam. literally 0 reason other than wanting to buy in at lower prices.

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>he doesn't know distributed computing has been a meme all along
centralized webhosting is cheap, fast and works amazingly well, brainlet. datacenters are 1000x better than some fucking holoport with a slow network connection. decentralization is only useful to get censorship resistance, normal companies who follow the law don't need decentralized solutions that sacrifice performance and uptime for protection from government intervention. holo is dumb af because it solves a problem that doesn't exist. period.

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A datacenter can go down, a decentralized system is actually more resilient. You're a brainlet.

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Stupid low IQ BTC talking points from 2010 don't apply to holochain sorry.

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Okay Rakesh, so please tell why do virtually all of Amazon's profits come from AWS? It's an extremely lucrative market and at the very least AWS will have to severely cut their rates to compete. Therefore it's good for everyone (except Amazon). Also kek at your single point of failure model, remember when slack went down in June? Companies pay ridiculous amounts of money to use that shit.

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>distributed computing
it seems you have no clue what holochain is about, atleast read this and you won't be surprised about how HOT went from rank 150 to rank 75 within the last month:

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Are you retarded? Amazon AWS and any other good hosting provider has redundancy built in. You data is stored on many different servers across the globe to ensure it's always accessible even if one server crashes. AWS also has load-balancing and many other features that ensure high performance. Try again.

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Good thing webhosting is only 1 objective of Holo...

Now, fudders, Tell us now where we can do peer 2 peer decentralized dapps?

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better tell us where real companies need peer to peer dapps. crypto and gaming use-cases don't count. companies can make more money if they keep user data centralized and proprietary, there is no incentive for big corporations to let users control their data, holochain's vision is delusional.

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Making an app and not having to pay hosting. Who needs that?!

Oh yeah devs without funding. Ok try again. And if you say you have to pay on Holo you don't because you can make the people who use it do the hosting as a requirement of the app.

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and why would companies want this shit? they rather monetize their service before they let their customers host it themselves for free. i fail to see how this will create value for anyone except poorfags and leechers.

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Who the fuck said Holo was for companies? It's for the people. It's one of the few projects that doesn't need an "partnerships" because it's a platform not a fucking product.

Tell me, if you want to have a peer2peer twitter, instagram, dropbox that doesn't have a middleman controlling your data, where do you go?

P2P = Users to users without companies in the middle

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Dude you can monetize it and make people host it.

So in your world the monetization is data and no one makes sales on any apps? You are fucking s t u p i d, try again faggot.

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Also if the dev wants to make their own taken and take a tax or sell portions of the product they can still do that.

You can make your app permissioned even when the network isn't.

This FUD is for people who have never made anything in their life.

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post anything on reddit against a mod and you get banned, post a comment on a news page and editors will censor you. holo will be like the 4chan world wide web. finally a place where you can do whatever without being censored.

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i sure know what p2p is.. but the thing is, normies couldn't care less about their data and privacy, that's why they still love facebook after all the scandals. they will never switch to some weird, buggy p2p solution just to "own their own data", how disconnected from reality are you? holochain should attract companies because that's where the big money is, it's no wonder everyone is saying holo won't make investors rich with that kind of priorities.

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the end user isn't necessarily going to even know they're using a p2p network and if you think startups and smaller companies don't want a cheap infinitely scaling hosting service you're stupid as fuck

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You don't need Holo Fuel/HOT token to run a dApp on Holochain. That's fucking insane. There will be a ton of other currencies besides Holo Fuel, which will effectively delute the value/demand for Holo Fuel. This isn't like Ethereum and Ether...

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Just accumulate up to .10 and let these incels stay poor

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You don’t think the fact all these icos were paid for in eth has anything to do with it shitting the bed? Brainlets have no hope

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> holo will be like the 4chan world wide web.
oh god, I'm so sorry I had no idea, please forgive us for what we've unleashed on the world

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dude stop changing topics. the main issue isn't ETH, it's that the price of HOT isn't neccessarily correlated to the level of Holochain adoption. It could happen that Holochain becomes popular but HOT stays cheap if other currencies replace it.

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ETH is crashing because dapp platforms are stupid and of zero utility outside of crypto and a few degenerate industries.

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It's a masterpiece. Trump+Holo is unstoppable

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>be me
>played around a little last year during bullrun. Maybe lost $500
>ready to invest in solid projects now, at the best time in fucking history
>own holo, xlm and btc
>will be in max 6 coins
>notice no stinky linky mentioned?
>stay poor fags

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but why waste money on that shit? all in holo bitches

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unironically this. just sell your linkys and all in holo. it's the only way anon

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>about to overtake Link on the CMC
Don't forget this nugget!!

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And all those shit dapp creators were paid in eth, so get out of their scam while it’s still profitable they dump eth for fiat. We’re saying the same thing.

The other incel is a brainlet who won’t make it.

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Any other FUD attempts? HOT is the new coin of 4chan. Not a meme like LINK, the coin that will unironically make us all rich.

Fuck technology. Nobody cares about the future or AI or decentralization or any of that bullshit. We're all in it for the money.

Please anon, I beg you, with tears in my eyes, buy Holo so we can all make it.

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>the last 7 out of 8 posts by this ID
>spamming this obviously
chill the fuck out, holo will crash like any other altcoin in the next few days and weeks. your pathetic shilling won't stop it from happening.

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Just trying to catch up on my anon replies poorfag.

Yes, Holo may go down a little, just like every coin in this market, but mark my words, it will recover and far exceed all expectations. Would you pass up getting in BTC st $250? Same thing is happening.

I'm just offering a solution for your depression and retardation. Stay poor if you want. I would actually prefer 4chins not get involved in this coin. More for me and the true MAGA believers.

>HOT top 50 by Sunday. Screenshot this pussy. You won't

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so dumb money is starting to get out of alts at 55%, i see. looks like it's time to get back into alts again

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half in with link, half in with holo. This is the deadliest combination boys. my man pucci is ready.

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I feel you senpai. I went full madman. Either I emerge from the darkness as a phoenix or I collapse into further despair as Brenden Fraser

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No ETH is crashing because it cannot run dapps and has no real use case. ETH is a glorified token machine at this point at its most basic.

It's like saying cars have no use to humanity because the only ones you have seen operate have 25 horse power and weigh 2000 pounds. So therefore cars have no use case.


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