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To my loyal biz supporters, I see the crypto market has gone haywire, and I wanted to take a break from drafting the Turkey solution give you all some support back.

Are you suffering financial hardship right now? I've been there. A billion dollars in the hole. Let me tell you how I made a comeback:

I had such an amazing reversal of fortune in the early 1990s that I am listed in the Guinness world records for the largest financial turnaround in history. So I can relate, I've been there. I don't think anyone gets away with a trouble free life experience. As one writer wrote about life: no one gets out of this alive.
That's a bit existential, but when you are a few billion dollars in the red, it can make you think in new dimensions.

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Thanks Mr Trump

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Thx fgt, now kys

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My situation in the early 1990s wasn't looking great. The markets had crashed, I had billions in loans I couldn't pay, and I had personally guaranteed 975million of that debt. That was a tremendous low. People avoided me, the banks were after me, and the threat of bankruptcy was over everything I had built. The New York times and the Wall Street Journal ran front-page stories on the same day about the total financial ruin of Trump. The radio stations got the story and the loss of my empire was big news around the world. The phones in my office were even silent which had NEVER happened before, and I suddenly found myself with a lot of quiet time to think.

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Thanks Mr. President!

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Sounds alot like the current state of USA

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What a global superpower?

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I'd legit take a bullet for you Mr. Trump!

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Lol i get it cuz drumf is stupid xd I'm rofl right now

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Based Trump.

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That was the lowest moment I had encountered in my life. I suddenly had alot of time to think. I reviewed the situation objectively.

It became clear to me was that part of what got me into this situation was I had lost my overall perspective. I had been too wrapped up in news stories about me and with golden opportunities for new deals that I missed the bigger picture. In other words I had become complacent. My work-momentum and focus wasn't where it should have been.

However, giving up is something that never entered my mind. Not for one second. With the stories in the press, friends, and even my wife turning against me, I saw it as if the world was out to get me. But instead of taking me down, it had the opposite effect: it just made me want to make a comeback, and in a big way. With the rule to never give up it forced me to think hard about how I could prove them wrong. I knew I could do it by being stubborn, being tenacious and not giving in or giving up. One came a stronger person very quickly during this time. I'm not advising you to ask for the same pressure, but know that if you are met with some setbacks, refusing to give up, then rethinking the situation, is probably your best strategy.