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The singularity is approaching. Do not become a sinner

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when is it? I want to mark it on my calendar

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>when mainnet

>when moon

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We are chosen

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i feel it as well

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LINK is Unironically the single most important thing in the whole crypro space. Everything else is useless without it

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LINK is the most important thing in my life

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yeah could you make that a large please? also could i get two doublestacks with that?

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non linkies will burn in hell, specially bcashiers

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Cant wait for mainnet dump.

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is 5k enough??

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you have to chose to be a billonaire, you have to join link if you want otherwise stay poor

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LINK always pumps on news. This isn’t a hype beast faggot.

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Same old cope posts, I’ve been hearing about singularity for almost 6 months, and it keeps dumping, my sides hurt from laughing at you Link
Holding losers who keep sending more soldiers to money hell

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LINK is the most important thing since the big bang created the universe.

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LINK is my lifeline to this reality and this timeline.

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So you are too stupid to realise that crypto is a fucking dead end without link providing an open distributed decentralised connection to real world data? Stay poor.

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Hold strong marine, 5K link is top percentile when comparing to the rest of the worlds population that doesn't even know what link is. We will all make it.

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Impossible. I see no req symbol.

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Is 65k link enough?? Thinking about topping up to 70

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>Is 65k link enough?? Thinking about topping up to 70

More than I have anon. You've basically made it, you just have to wait. Jealous desu

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If I get 67, 204.301075268 link tokens then I'll hit $1million at $14.88 per link