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Daily reminder that cryptocurrency is Tulip Mania 2.0

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your loss is my gain

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this is disgusting im sorry but niggers sicken me

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Remember when you were getting mad at moon lambo kids? Well this is when they purchased, when cucks like you thought the field was dead.
Buy or regret it for the rest of your life. But you won't buy because you love your slave masters, what a good boy.

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Liever tulpen, he?

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wow why the racism??

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I did buy and fuck this shit lol. I just hope someone with bigger btc bags can manipulate this market and get normies to buy in a 4th time.

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the OP picture is racist against white boys. if they can hate whites, i can hate niggers.

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I know these 2 girls.
They got fucked by every white dude in town, all decent girls got married no man was interested in them.

Eventually they moved both of them to the city and started working as prostitutes.
Their pimp is a black guy and they think they found true love.

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ah, see, that made my day better. thanks for cheering me up bro.

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How is having a sexual preference racist?

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>racism against whites
oh ok, my incel friend
I'll no go back to your sister; she quite enjoys my beautiful black penis

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niggers sicken me to my stomach, how is having a visual preference racist?

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you will always be inferior whitey

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Calling people racial slurs is a bit racist don't you think?

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yup, keep remembering that when you are flipping my burgers at mcd, nigger

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>coal burners

good, root them out and ignore them

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>eating at McDonald’s

Absolutely disgusting. This is why people think you’re trailer trash.

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how is dark skinned animals with more pronounced nose holes and lips. they are similar in looks to an ape, or a piece of shit.

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Yeah you're not racist at all.

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Wonder how much those tramps will be smiling when they have to raise a mongo mongrel child

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Pick one

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certain types of food disgusts me too. i wont eat clark bars because they look like shit. am i racist against food? people are allowed to be disgusted by things they see.

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Look up the definition of racist and tell me if you fit that description.

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We know ok stop telling us

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>Racism is the belief in the superiority of one race over another, which often results in discrimination and prejudice towards people based on their race or ethnicity. As of the 2000s, the use of the term "racism" does not easily fall under a single definition.

i dont believe either is superior. separate but equal is just fine for me. but i do think niggers are disgusting looking.

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I would actually pay money to watch those two getting sliced in half.

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Well tough luck. You're just going to have to put up with blacks because they're not going anywhere.

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Lmao that cope

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i live in an all white neighborhood, i went to school with 1 black guy, so no - i dont have to cope.

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I also get disgusted by niggers, its not even hate they just seem disgusting to me

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>another bitchboi mad his dear crush got spitroasted by 2 30 year old black MEN from Senegal during prom, instead of giving him attention

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"she goes to my school". Whatever dude

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They are obviously just trolling "the internet racists" and laughing about it. In reality they probably just judge men on an individual basis and have no problems fucking and dating white boys.

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Its funny how you white boys are so brave online but you never say anything to my face

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because you probably live in the fucking ghetto smoking crack all day so wed never cross paths.

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Oh also I am a billionaire playboy who eats caviar from the ass of high class escorts

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I'm afraid of you online too kind sir

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