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How much link do you have?
So that's - $4,500,000

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not enough

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had 246k, sold 90% on this weeks pump of it will buy it back after capitulation

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Don't you think it will keep pumping?

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Post pics or larping!!! With date stamp

Why the fuck do you you think it will further?

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If im completely honest, no. but i keep 10% because why not my stack is large enough.

I have been here since 2014, seen it all before, and i know whats happening, all over again. alts are cyclical with BTC, and the bubble hasnt popped properly yet. im not buying till capitulation and thats gonna be at minimum half these prices by the end, probably lower. my confidence is about 85% of this happening. Link was the last alt i sold (rest sold in may) but after last 3 weeks i determined that these pumps for link are nothing more than Biz buying up a thin order book. basically nobody trades link. i could pump it to 0.06 right now if i wanted. even buying 20k link causes +10%.

i watched book for a week or two, studied volume and posts on here. its clear to me that a lot of biz are selling other alts to go all in on link as a last hope. that is where buying pressure is from now. that wont even last much longer, so i sold here at the top range. it is definitely not mooning due to news or awareness. it is mooning due to biz. biz is small but link is so thinly traded biz can effect it 100%.

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How low do you think BTC will go and when? How many weeks do we have left?

Also how do you analyse the order book and study the volume? Do you use Binacce?

How do you see and understand the volume when there are bots? how do you exclude Bot trading?


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Btc could test 5k so hopefully link will dump again

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I dont have a crystal ball man, but it clearly hasn't bottomed. there will probably be rallies on the way down again with lower peaks. i have 8 months in my head judging from the past.
but BTC isnt so important here. Its the Altcoin BTC relationship. BTC dominance will rise as it falls, and if it starts gaining again, it will also gain dominance. thats not good for alts.
one thing for sure is if BTC his lower target of 3-4.1k alts wil lgo through capitulation hardcore and that will bring hem down at least half their current value due to dollar value bleed and Sat value bleed together. and so far i was right.

im hoping bottom is in october but no crystal ball. you have to understand, bubble psychology. its at play. and ppl wont speculate when they are scared of losing it all, at best they want to maintain their money, so alts are a no go zone. no new money will speculate onthem while they are in free fall or BTC is on the rise.

I study link order book and volume easy. on binance. just tracking it for a few weeks and its quite easy to see it is sustained by a few market orders or bids every now and then pushing price up, with bots trading the spread fo the rest of the time not changing price at all. you cn go see. look at the buy side. its thin. any poorfag can pump it 10% with 10k link buy.
Also, increasing posts on here about link and people selling alts to buy it. not hard to put two and two together.(plus biz fomo when they see link rise).

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21,000. used to have more but had to sell some for bills. feels bittersweet, mang

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>these pumps for link are nothing more than Biz buying up a thin order book.
hurr durr only biz is buying. brainlet detected

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Holy shit you are painfully retarded. 6k is the bottom

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What price you looking to get back in at? Is is realistic to think we go back to the mid 3k range?

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whatever. fomo at your own peril. clear as day to anyone who actually has any fucking experience.

see about 20 threads a day of "i went all i non link" or "i sold my alts, and purchased link, my last hope".
And then i look at chart and book, clearly see if you remove bot volume, there is almost no real trades, maybe like 20BTC volume a day.

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whatever you say, short sighted one.

too early to call it. after i see clear signs of capitulation i will start entering again. simple as that.

Im guessing but like i said, 50% less ballpark. 11cents or 0.002-0.003 again

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>remove bot volume

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> short sighted one
Tell me, larping one, how many times we have bottomed at around 6k and always bounced back?

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Thanks man. So assuming bottom is in October. How long do you think it will last sideways. Another 6-8 months or 2-4 ?

What are your views on the ETF?
I tried to day trade and got fked lost more lol. So screw that. I just buy and hold.
Also WTF. How does this make sense. If 10k can push the price up or down and YOU sold 200k plus. The price hasn't crashed?)? Post pic of sell trade?

Thank you

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this is one of the worst posts in the history of 4chan
"i read tea leaves, so stay out of buying value and holding it so you can be a 1337 trader like me and make internet cool points"
if youre dumb enough to listen to this retard faggot you deserve to lose your money

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>clearly see if you remove bot volume

HOW do you do that?? That's the million dollar question?

How do we remove bot volume, to then see real volume and how thin order books are??

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1.7mm avj entry price 0.23
i cant believe this is real

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Dont believe him. Chainlink is one of the best performjng alts these past weeks and it has very little to do with biz, as he states. He sold at 3800 sats and now is desperate to convince others it will go back

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here u go brainlet.

as you can see on the history book, all those highlighted trades happened INBETWEEN THE SPREAD. if you are still stupid and dont get it. it means, all those trades were inaccessible to humans. bots ordered and executed them so fast they dont even appear on the bid or ask side for people.

that hapens all day long, making up the majority of the volume. its very easy t osee what is a real trade and not.

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and the spread is moved by every real buy or sell action, the majority of which has been upward

which, you know, makes prices go up you fucking retard

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When I click on 5 decimal. I see around 130k both ways

Thank YOU. REALISTICALLY how and where do you see link going? 1000$ is a stupid meme, but what do you see happening??

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This happens with every fucking coin, brainlet. The question is you dont know how much of it is "real"

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Dode, he is a whale if not larp. He is trying to fuck you over, big time.

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lmao, yeah, trades of 1 link about 400 times a minute, all day, totally not bots. algorythmic traders also trade o nthe books btw. they get paid to by binance for liquidity. this is what every exchange does. Gdax even pay high volume traders to make trades, even if they make a loss. its that important.

when biz fomo link, it rises on gainers, attracts algotrade bots, and volume gets higher. rinse repeat. little to no genuine buys are on there. its bots. so easy to see if you jsut wtch the damn book.


yes. exactly. 150k buy or link will pump it to aobe .. thats only 8 btc. thats fuck all.
realistically as i dont know upper limit of price. but i like links potential as does most of biz

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post proof or gtfo

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Proof of what?

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again, your statement has no bearing on the points i made
either youre just fudding cos internet cool or youre genuinely too stupid to be here

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Proof of your wallet dumbass

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Can you also please answer this

For BTC how thick or thin is the order book?

E.g to INCREASE or DECREASE the REAL price of BTC, by $1k

How many BTC would I need to market buy/sell ?


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You have to listen to the only importnant thing he said itt:
>246k, sold 90% on this weeks pump
Which means he is now trying to defend and justify his trade, and if he wants to go back on link without losses he HAS to fud and convince others it will go lower in sats.

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You dumbass. He said he sold 230k link. We need proof of his Binance sell history. Are you really this stupid, atleast get the basics right

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For you. >>10662820

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not to mention that moving 246k LINK is insanely hard, so probability of LARP is 90%.

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I'm not selling my 4.5k. Too risky.

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I only have 415. I am looking to change that, just don't want to sell my other shitcoins at a loss.

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>what is inspect element
Screenshots prove fuck all, brainlet

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there is my wallet faggots. you can track it all to binance.

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Please let us know WHAT else do you hold?

I just have 4500 and came in late December. What price do you see LINK at?

What do you think of NANO?

What do you think of REQ?

What else do you hold?

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dude, you might be right but you sound so silly and besides, 90%? don't you know how to manage risk?

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Not enough. Only 500.

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yes i do know how to manage risk. its called stop loss. I can revaluate at any time. I sold all my alts in may, and link i was finding ahrd t osell but after weeks of analyzing the books etc i determined that link will capitulate like the REST of alts and there isnt any particular reason its rallying now other than reason i mentioned in this thread.

obviously, i kept a suicide stack as i may for unforeseen reason be unable to buy back in (i get in an accident, or something fuck knows.)
mangaing risk is what i do when i trade BTC al lthe time i know how to do it. like i said,, been here since 2014, i know this bubble aint done yet and i know what happens to all alts.


not even a whale
I used to hold FSN, XMR, XRP, BTC and ETH mainly, and i got in on the Vechain hype start of year. dont hold much alts, only killers like link.

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you are a trader with 10K worth of link?
are you fucking kidding me?

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I could ask you to move 1 link to a specific wallet but I trust you it is yours.
I still think your reasoning is bogus and that you are trying to justify your trade.
The other most important thing is that the team and their partners drops pumpworthy news out of a blue, as sergey is known to be the quiet antihype CEO. This alone makes swing trading link extremely unwise

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Did you get in on Ethereum ICO?

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oh wow you're brain dead
please continue I'm loving this

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im prepared to see it hit sats at a peak if biz fomo like mental at 55k sats, but i know its going down in capitulation. not bothered.

like i said, i have plenty of justification. i sold all my alts many months ago, link was hardest to sell took long time to realise. feel fine about it desu, 85% confident its going down with the tide at capitulation.

their tem and partnerships are good, but they wont be shilled for some time. and the crypto sphere isn't even ready to understand link yet, and it wont for a long time. many months at least. but it should be big when it does.

also, to any anons tryinh to shill this in bear market, you are really wasting your time. this isn't just a bear market. its a bubble pop in action too. people dont speculate at this stage, they cling to gains or capitulate. alts are not growing for that reason, even if chainlink was obviously the next eth people wont buy it in these conditions.
all you do by shilling it is price in some of the news, but its not a big deal even if it gets priced in at this stage.

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What do you think of NANO.

Also give us a price estimate of link

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If the bottom is in October. Let's say it happens.

How LONG from your experience will the sideways movement last? How many month's

What do you think about the ETFs?

Should I scoop up more ALTs and hold?


Any other advice.

It's late here and wagecuck tomorrow Monday

So thank you very much and goodnight but please answer I'm op

Thank you

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Dude, btc has been at 6k bottom several times this year. We had 8 months of bear market. It is not going much deeper.

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I want to take part in your datamining thread, I really do. But you got it all wrong!
You 4500 is actually $11.25mm
We $2500 eoy now bruh!

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It's been 8 months now. Can god have mercy on us and give us some respite.

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I thought we'd be our by July but now it's August. Can this go on for multiple years?
We're so rekt.

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6k will melt when the time is right.

and 6k isnt even important. what is important is the rejection at the rallies. but TA is not the main force at all. the Ta is just the result of the state of the market. this bubble has not gone through its full phase yet. close, for BTC at least (not alts).

a tip: we saw panic yesterday for the first time. capitulation next.

8 months is nothing. bull for 2.5 years. bear should be at minimum 10 months. but its not that predictable. probably till mid next year imo. new ATH even longer.
btw, imo, this ETF thing is insignificant.
but we are concerned with the effect on alts, hence chainlink thread. there is no bullish scenario for any alts for a long, long time. holding them is stupid. link is the only one imo worth holding if you must risk it. and XLM or stellar are probably the best first buys.


i dont like nano i think its a hyped coin and was pumped way too hard and has way too much of the normie new money still in it.

ETFs are given too much importance and basically a tool to bait people for the enxt 6 months imo.
buy alts after capitulation it will be obvious
either one doesnt matter they wont suddenly flip you have time to swap(lol at thinking BCH gets all of BTC infrastructure overnight)

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Thoughts on LINK price?

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>XLM or stellar.
its the same you dumb fuck

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kek, meant XRP. XRP or XLM should be amoung your first bags on the fire sale.

you will have ages to accumulate lower caps before they stand a chance to moon again.


i cant make price predicitons anon, but i wouldn't have found it so difficult to sell it while i dumped everything else in may if i thought it wasn't a good alt. but i thin kthe real moon for link will be around next BTC halving so 2020-2024 will be links time.

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I know you've been around for a long time compared to most here and have effectively /madeit/ in a way, at the same time do you think there's a possibility that you're overlooking LINK's importance to the cryptocurrency market that might change how the game is played?

What I'm thinking is it could decouple from BTC just from the basis of having real-world functionality and value upon release of main-net. This assumes that it's being used frequently though and they've made awesome partnerships.

BTC could remain largely unaffected, and all other shitcoins would be drained of their ridiculous market caps to effectively kill the bubble. Is this a possibility for you?

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Wrong. You couldnt put more meme buzzwords into one sentence.
Lets look at some facts:
The big (((boys))) are getting in this year and buying at 6k, as they are not stupid and the lowest btc had been this year is 6k.
The other fact is that the average price to be profitable when mining btc is 6k.

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56k linker here. Sold 112k link last week when we reached $0.30.
Will buy back when we reach $0.14.

We all gonna make it marines.

>> No.10663733


anyone who uses that mining excuse isn't worth arguing with.
Mining will ALWAYS find equilibrium with price. and i never said it has to hang around at 3k. capitulation from 4.1k to 3k can happen in like 5 hours then a big bounce back to 4k.
you fall for the "mining profit level" meme just like you fall for the "tether" fud. whales made tether fud so you wouldn't save your gains. they made this mining meme too. if the mining meme works as well as the tether meme did they will laugh to the bank once more.

Big boys are in, and have been for a long time. they will accumulate and distribute in a range. they will be the only ones with access to 3k btc due to how short it will be there. they are preparing for it. keep coping.

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nice fud not selling

>> No.10663782

>He sold at 3800 sats and now is desperate to convince others it will go back

>> No.10663801

You have used plenty of retarded arguments as well. Going bellow mining profitability would kill the "golden goose" they know it, we know it, the 8 month bear market knows it, the "crash" knows it. Look at the graph. You are the same like the retards who sold at 18k and now that they have cashed out they are trying to confirm their decision and ego by convincing others the whole crypto is dead.

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wtf are you talking about man. you stupid cucks used this mining argument in 2014 as well. just shut the fuck up

>> No.10663841


I know you've been around for a long time compared to most here and have effectively /madeit/ in a way, at the same time do you think there's a possibility that you're overlooking LINK's importance to the cryptocurrency market that might change how the game is played?

What I'm thinking is it could decouple from BTC just from the basis of having real-world functionality and value upon release of main-net. This assumes that it's being used frequently though and they've made awesome partnerships.

BTC could remain largely unaffected, and all other shitcoins would be drained of their ridiculous market caps to effectively kill the bubble. Is this a possibility for you?

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>This alone makes swing trading link extremely unwise

>> No.10663880


no i have similar thoughts but not any time soon. anyway, link is too hard to speculate prices on, and it just has huge potential nothing more. more than any other alt imo. 2024 is my window for link

>> No.10663888

Ever since he dropped the node totally out of the blue on a sunday morning Ive stopped fucking around with my linkies.

>> No.10663891

You are a retard who doesnt even know the tech and only looks and muh TA and charts. Well guess what, there is also a technical side to projects, among others. CL is going up because it has proved they are alive with new website, testnet and first real partership announced by the Accord project. With each added line of code and each new github task completed the price is going higher. It wont come back just because you sold, deal with it.

>> No.10663901


Checked. Which info are you referring to?

>> No.10663927

Everyone has an opinion anon, the only difference here is that you won't get scott free by spamming your ideas.

You will get wrecked by the market instead. Feelsgoodman.jpg

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deal with what? you are the only one posting cope and reasons why you hate me for selling. im just answering anons who ask me my opinion.

Experience tells me all those things you mention do not matter in this market state and its as simple as that. and yes i watched XRP rise with this same "partnership" and "technology" cope as to why it wont be meeting its fate due to the market and guess what? it went down with the tide even with all the autistic dot connecting.

market not ready to speculate nor understand link yet. you can actually tell the world about it all not much will happen to it. Link is so outside the overton window its unpalatable to almost everyone right now and will be for some time.

anyway, you will learn the lessons the hard way, hopefully not too hard.

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>Hey guys I spent $10,000 modding my Honda. You HAVE to pay $10,000+!

>Nah bro I'm good

>F-fuck you

>> No.10663961


What about REQ anon?

>> No.10663983

>deal with what? you are the only one posting cope and reasons why you hate me for selling.
Lel nice projection. We will see who was right. Try not to fud too hard when they'll droo any news out of a blue again.

>> No.10663987

What's your buy in price whale fren?
Mine's 0.14-0.17 according to my 95% confidence intervals.

I've been following Spxxfi's trades lol (You know what I'm talking about).

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>hey dude I have sold you my honda for 10 000$ !
>now sell me it back for 3000$ !

>nah bro Im good

>f-fuck you

>> No.10664019


I'm not a brainlet who falls for meme coins on /biz/. Sell this shitcoin and buy XMR and BTC, it's the only chance to make it

>> No.10664022

Unironically 109,000, so $109,000,000

We're going to buy 4chan.

>> No.10664028

Hey that's cool bro, you should buy right now.

I told you so. <- I want you to please remember this and picture me laughing at you when we dump.

>> No.10664044


lets try it this way.
have you ever thought about what if you are wrong?
I have. i kept a bit over 10% as contingency and part of risk management.
Also, i can buy back in with a mental stop loss and some fundamental TA independent of Fomo. I have contingency.

what about your le hodl? what is your hedge?

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Yeah yeah

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I just sold my 3k LINK after breaking even in gwei. I feel empty.

>> No.10664071

342k linker here. Gradually sold about 500k throughout all of last month.

Will buy back in around 1.5k sats or ~9 cents.

>> No.10664088

my hedge is a job. all you wannabe work-free kikes with shit 'risk management' schemes are an embarassment.

>> No.10664089


Will no one else check these digits? 1k eoy further confirmed.

>> No.10664117

Whatever dude, I still have 56k linkies as insurance. It doesn't really affect me.

But when it moons you're gonna wish you had bought lower since you have less than 30k. I know you're a poor linkmarine because you're in denial of the fact that short term we're going down and you feel attacked when people say otherwise. We get it, link is your last hope fren, but c'mon, get some sense into your head lol.

Peace frens! We all gonna make it.

>> No.10664129

I think $0.09 is too low, I wouldn't risk it fren. Maybe try to DCA when we hit $0.15, that would be safer.

>> No.10664198


I finally listened to /biz/, after losing a ton of money, and bought a measly 2500 at 17c. Basically said "fuck it, I'm already like 80% down, might as well go all-in on Link with my remaining shitty balance". Happy with the results so far, Sergey will be out salvation.

>> No.10664218

>. Link is so outside the overton window its unpalatable to almost everyone right now and will be for some time.

Except, you know, anyone with an understanding of compsci-- aka the very people who will be using chainlink on an enterprise scale.

I'm inclined to agree with you on the TA aspect. I think alts in general can go a whole lot lower, but given the nature of Chainlink (no hype, partners announcing partnerships, no set date for mainnet, swift testing for years, etc.), I think swing trading it is a very risky bet.

You're actually a pretty cool guy and I hiope it works out for you. I'm clutching my stack till my knuckles turn white and buy a little more LINK every week. I don't want to get caught with my pants down when mainnet goes live and has actual users on the first day.

>> No.10664220

333,333 unironically

>> No.10664222

What makes a man be this deluded

>> No.10664252

>>77777777 has spoken, you are the deluded one not listening

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He is wrong even on the TA aspect

>> No.10664276


>Ta on alts with no volume
>TA on alts trading only agaisnt BTC
>TA on alts which are only months old
>shitty ta on top of that

>> No.10664284

not from me fren. not selling tho 8/10 effort on fud spam

>> No.10664296

he's memeing

>> No.10664322

>more meme buzzwords
Lel. Try not to fomo back in too late, ok marine?

>> No.10664325

Link will make a lower low if BTC does and there is literally no way around this. I honestly don't know, but I do feel like not enough people have capitulated yet and dentacoin still has a $100 million marketcap. I could see shitcoins like Vechain losing another 90% of their value, I'm sure LINK will continue to fare better, but it'll still take a huge hit if that happens.

I'm certainly not confident enough of that happening to swing trade my linkies.

>> No.10664326

i only have 2m link

sold 1m last tuesday

rebuying at .07c

>> No.10664337

So is the person you are replying too

>> No.10664381


congrats. you will make it. you have obviously analyzed things and understand what IS rather than what you want.

Ven will probably be 0.003 by the end of this or worse. Link might fair a little better but it wont go stay like this. probably about 50% retrace.

good luck. hedge.


>buzzwords. are you a pajeet or is your Ta that bad you dont even know how volume effects it? i can tell because your TA amounts to meme lines. lmao

>> No.10664412

Lel. Have you seen my first post itt? Im a linklet who would want nothing more than more cheap link, but it is not gonna happen. Sorry fren, you have made a bad trade.

>> No.10664452

there's literally no point in accumulating, it's either going to go up 100x and you make it, or you lose everything

>> No.10664520

Only 3800. What strategy do you recommend for linkies with small stacks? I have no choice but to have faith and be patient for the long-term. I doubt we're actually going to 1k but I do think 100 is possible by 2020-21. I won't start selling until 50, small increments for every big milestone, and keeping at least a 1k rocket on stand-by, which will either crashes to 0 or moons to 1k, no in-between.

>> No.10664534

Before you read through this thread... realize there are two IDs this larp is using to set himself up questions. He's full of shit.

>> No.10664554

Yeah in the end, it really doesnt. If link moons youll be happy with either 8 million or 2 million. If it wont, then youll stay poor. Best way is to hold and spread your entry points over time, as it has been said trading with huge amounts with link is dumb.

>> No.10664587

You will get burnt. Check em

>> No.10664591


tell you what, you can call me out in 4 months if it doesn't happen.

call me out with Generallarpfag

>> No.10664596

Thanks senpai, but I'm all in and I'm not tethering or swing trading.

If I miss out on the singularity it will be the single biggest regret of my life.. And I believe in the singularity as much as I believe in my own existence.

I plan on never leaving /biz/ and flashing my link stack at all the newfags just like you're doing now. If I temporarily lose some USD value it's of no consequence for me as I can keep up my meager buys. I just got a good buy at $.17 a few weeks ago and $.23 a day or so ago, so I'm pretty confident in my ability to use TA to determine local highs/lows.

Even if LINK goes to 0 I still made it because for these last few months I've had hope for the future. Before LINK my only hope of making it was a lawsuit, and even that was a pipe dream.

>> No.10664615

I noticed that too. >>10662810 is him too

>> No.10664647

He didnt even prove the eth adress is his yet

>> No.10664690

Yup. He's a faggot and distributed his spacing differently between the two accounts intentionally like that. Smarter than most larps, but still a faggot larp. I wonder what his goal is? Maybe he did sell and is trying to buy back in lower so heuaed two accounts to build credibility. What a faggot. Lmao. He's going to miss the singularity now.

>> No.10664706

ehh, I think that saying he sold 230k during the last peak and then posting a wallet that moved that amount at that time is proof enough for me. If I'm falling for larp it will mean that I just lost another 15 minutes of my life on 4chan, which is a drop in the bucket at this point.

>selling at $50

You realize this is your shot at passive income for life, right? Dumping any LINK before you actually see LINK being used everywhere is clinically retarded.

>> No.10664744


just sold the rest, you fags convinced me its going lower due to your denial.


>> No.10664745
File: 70 KB, 959x960, UkZWBEb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This faggot is him too
He fucked up and posted the same question twice

>> No.10664748
File: 2.02 MB, 255x191, 1475212988406.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>references the meme chart

>> No.10664797
File: 470 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20180812-205549.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahahahahaha. Sorry bucko. You haven't sold shit rn. And if you have, you can buy back in at a loss now or just kys when the singularity hits. No one cares.

>> No.10664801



>> No.10664830
File: 67 KB, 500x347, hmm-smug-cat-10388063.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Lmao this butthurt "whale" is so fucking entertaining.

>> No.10664902
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>selling ticket to lamboland just because you got BTFO in a mongolian cavepainting forum