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Why reddit hate Chainlink? Is the fud because this is memed hard in here or that people want to justt keep price down and scare new pontetial buyers??

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am neonazi hentail loving pedo and all-in link. can confirm

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Crypto is fantasy money speculated by overpriviliged basement dwellers

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this is true
t. neonai hentai loving pedophile

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kek. that is one of my favorite Chainlink pictures

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But why

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its funny because you from hanging around here so long you can spot someone else whos on chans for a while

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Its all Linkbros fuding it in plebbit, and all the normiefags believe everything they say because of the upvotes.

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Yeah, reddit is disgusting with their upvote ego shit hahahaahah

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The slander towards chainlink comes from r*dditor scum that buy into memes too much. The fud here is usually playful, but they want to get an equivalent to upvotes here on biz, so they can feel like they are the in-group of biz. They try to use r*ddit thinking to be cool on biz, which is an utter failure obviously

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you gotta go back

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Probably some fag who posts here

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Everythink is planned already. Right now /biz/, and smart money are entering link below 1$, and after the singularity we'll drop our bags straight on plebbit.

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that is true though

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I like this plan.

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Just checked his reddit account. He follows /r/linktrader so fake fud

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these faggots are not patient. you shilling link will not do anything to move the price up

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