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You won't be missed.

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>bcash is setting new floors
>*chart that shows all previous pump and dumps*

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Good night, sweet prince

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I'm sorry but your core coin is going to hell too, I will repost this after bch gains independence from your corporate core coin

Pd there are 2 options

You are a massive whale who owns most BTC and is interested in Monopolize your digital iou

You are blind fan who don't knows how segshit operates and is opening channels not knowing is not going to make a difference in your profit

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Trips don't lie faggot

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>Trips don't lie faggot
you might be a pajeet, but you're a man-child nonetheless

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You can't just look at market value. BCH is absolutely gonna win this in the end.

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It's been over a year, how much money have roger and jihan wasted on bcash by now? All that time and money and bcash has basically nothing to show for it.

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I'm buying every BCH I can.
10k$ EOY.

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>This will be the end of bcash

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bb..buut wasn't bcash supposed to be the future? the true bitcoin? what happened? this is totally unexpected

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it would seem they greatly overestimated the intelligence of the average crypto investor.

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Sick burn bro. Keep posting mature replies on a japanese anime board

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OP confirmed street bum

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dont know if hes larping or if we should all be buying btrash for 4 years in the future

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Why does everyone hate bcash if it’s faster and more efficient than bcore in every single way? Is it just “it was there first” mentality? That’s nigger tier desu

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That's the thing. Most people love BCH. It's really just a few trolls with multiple ip's, accounts, etc.

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>To live in a world where everyone including Wall Street secretly loves BCH but because of a few trolls who switch IPs BTC is thought to be beloved and the real bitcoin while BCH lovers gnash their teeth knowing they are the vast majority

The padded walls must be nice to lean on.

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I was a hardcore BCH hater at first, but eventually their arguments made more sense than mine and I switched all my miners to it.
The reason people hate it is because it complicates things.
>I bought BTC, I will eventually get rich because this is the only legit crypto
This is the underlying belief and when you challenge it, the typical result is emotional insults. It's easier to say 'BCash LOL' than actually research what's going on.

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bcash lol

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>Implying that wall street boomers have any idea about the difference between BTC and BCH

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it tanks when btc tanks, big surprise

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it is dropping vs btc you brainlet.

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dude, roger owns bitcoin.com and jihan owns the company that makes all the hashing hardware
if they were serious about they could probably flip yesterday all on their own
thing is they want people to realize it themselves, for the flip to happen naturally.
otherwise it reflects poorly on the whole crypto space.
in the long run it's for the best if the flip takes a couple of years.

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Fake Bitcoins never stood a chance. It's just a pump and dump playground.

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nah, the flip has to happen before crypto hits the mainstream otherwise there will be too much damage done.
the flippening will occur by the end of this year
mark my guarantee.

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fuck your mother if you want fuck.
I might buy bch for pennies after the jews pump up btc. ofcourse with jews one must remember to burn the golem afterwards!

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