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Who here comfy, knowing that Chainlink will unironically make your life?

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10k enough to be comfy?

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Remember us.

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We are going to be the next elite!

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I think I'm comfy with what I have now, now it is time to sit and wait.

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should easily make your life, if you're not a complete brainlet

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Unironically this. I love this timeline.

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Yes and be patient

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Is $10m comfy for you?

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I'm more excited about the journey with /biz/bros than the actual money I will make.

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We're all crazy, right?

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I'm in pain.. I am 1k shy of my 10k goal and I can already see that final 1k escaping me

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I hope not. But if we are, I hope we will never wake up from this delusion. We will make it.

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Don't go with the fomo. I hope BTC will dump to 4k so I can load my Link bags way cheaper.

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1. Run in node with 9000 staked
2. accumulate rewards, don't cash out
3. watch accumulation while price increases
5. Profit

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Yep, I'm around 13k. Now I want 15k though

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im bored of LINK already. we are already rich, whats the point in being excited. so... can move on to 0xbtc now and pump my bags?

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Everyone envies the rent seekers and wants to seek rent themselves. (ain't gonna happen).

build something if you want wealth.

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deluded to fuck but I honestly think that my 5k+ is going get me to my millions around 2019.

what I read and understand its the missing pace to the blockchain

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I have 1k link and want like 4k more right now but I want to see if btc dumps further to see if I can get some cheap

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Never getting anywhere near $1000 before EOY. As much as I want to - I just can't believe its possible... flabberghasted

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1k has been repeated so often that everyone forgets that it's a meme. AB's actually prediction for PEAK chainlink price was $100-$200. The memes got carried away, just like they are again getting carried away with the 2.5k nonsense.

In reality Link will be lucky if it's over a dollar by next january.

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True. But remember he/she also expected CL to hit $3 in May. So the estimations are a bit whack . - I'd take them with a pinch of salt mate

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That was his prediction for a short-term peak, as in 2019/2020. $1000 is possible in the mid-2020’s

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Most anons will be 30yo boomers by then.. too late to make it, might as well be dead.

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I’ll unironically be 30 in 2025 and having low double-digit millions of dollars would be in the top 0.000000001% of people. My parents are actual boomers answering they have less than $300k in retirement savings.

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>We are going to be the next elite!

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I only have 100 to put into it, is that enough :(

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You'll need at least 10001Link

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fortune favors the bold

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As a 33 year old, kill yourself mate.

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You'll only be able to buy one mansion if you hold to 2025. Should probably try to get at least 1k if you wanna be invited to the bilderburg meetings.

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I'll try for 200 eventually :)

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It's feels like the memes really cranked up a notch in the past week. Is it happening tonight?

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I am literally going to marry Chainlink!

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$2500 EOY

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I'll still be under 30 kek

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lol what a waste

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It's a dangerous game, I started with 1k now I have 5k. Trying to get to 10k

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There's something oddly satisfying about adding more LINK to your stack. Just watching that number grow feels so good for some reason.

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Nice dubs. /biz bros will help me get through the wage cucking and cost cutting until singularity.

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