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In yesterday's research thread I posted about how Accord recently updated the whole list, added SmartContract, some law firms, a few others. They however removed Digital Asset during this update, which is very strange. I urged anons who have a twitter account to ask Accord directly about this removal, since they openly answer questions about partnerships/collaborations. One anon said he was on it, do we have any news about this?

This is important.

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Blythe Masters is such a beautiful autistic woman. I love her. I wish I were older.

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I love her so much anon

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Not sure man, I'm pretty tired though, best to just pack it in and call it a night.

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yes we need to find out why that Digital Asset logo vanished from the page.

>added SmartContract
actually Smartcontract was the whole time there, I know because I was visiting that page for research related stuff before

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Radio silence frens

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>Always there
Why lie on the internet?


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not always as in since the accord project exists but since that announcement that they work with smartcontracts.

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Masters knows we're onto her, she's covering her tracks!

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>turns out she is really assblaster

what a twiiiist

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could you imagine if she was your boss? I would hate fuck the shit out of her. Shes probably dying for some real alpha cock

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>unironically this

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>Yes Miss Masters
>Yes Miss Masters
>Of course I will Miss Masters

I'm hard

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>on 4chan
>believes he's alpha

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women love that shit man. all it takes is one time show of dominance and they turn into little puppy dogs

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Link marines never sell

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oh ok alpha for a night then. thats more believable kek. and yes fuck like a gorilla. takes you pretty far in life

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Watch out boy she'll chew you up
(Oh here she comes)
She's a maneater

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i wanna fuck her over her desk

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I would unironically marry her tomorrow if she asked me
And she's almost twice my age

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literally name one woman more attractive. shes adorable. so autistic when she speaks

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>if she asked me

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she wants to be dominated man, she wont be asking you to marry her if thats how you approach it

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bro this chick was the managing director at JP Morgan at 28 you've never spoken to a woman like that in your fuken life

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obviously not but at her core shes a women. and she probably fantasizes about someone being that alpha figure to her. Think about it, she probably intimidates everyone she speaks to. When was the last time she was put in her place by a man?

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I turned 28 today and couldn't even imagine

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>you just know

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White girls fuck dogs.

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this is her ex-husband kek

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he looks like a child molester. no wonder she divorced him

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What exactly is digital assets anyway? Is this good or bad>? Tell me what to think.

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imagine her talking dirty with that accent

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i just wanna hug her.

god im so lonely

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She looks like a Reptilian. But one of the good ones trying to help humankind.

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how old are you? that rooshtv bullshit gotta played out a long time ago--these days all the girls are lookin for guys who aren't autistic meathead posers who browse fucken 4chan where they make up fantasies about their assfucked view of mascuilinity, not only because they lack any real awareness or confidence, but because they're impotent as well.

These days it's all about coming to grips with your lack of stereotypical masculinity and mortality as well.

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this entire thread was supposed to be about the accord project removing digital asset as a partner. kek.

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>eyes set apart far too broadly
>wandering eye
>single transverse palmar crease

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dont take the blue pill next time

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>who aren't autistic meathead posers
>another roastie denying the obvious
It's like your triggered by someone implying the truth

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nah I just hate when people say shit liek ' oh yeah I'm gonna fuk her super hard ALPHA STYLE"

Literally know alpha males actually behave like this. What upsets me is that some people actually think this is good advice and take their macho tough guy act into the real world.

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Digital asset bought smart contract and will be renaming the entire entity to SmartContract.

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Byzantine fault tolerance

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Maiden name- Levett? Is this Jew domination in disguise?

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Surprisingly not a Jew, but even more surprisingly an Israeli hero.
It's why they handpicked Blythe.

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Unironically this

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kek. he's either a scrawny bitch or a greasy fat ass

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Sorry fren. I too am lonely.

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you're such a faggot kid. your mommy still wipes your ass for you and you're pretending to be alpha. what a cuck

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DigitalAsset stands for Digital Ass ET (Exchange Trades)
it's a front for trafficking
good thing it was removed

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does she have a boyfriend

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Lol, she literally caused the 2008 global financial crisis with her credit default swaps

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Linkies have found a thot to orbit
Sad and saged

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>Blythe Masters

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She is intelligent and attractive as fuck. She is a dream girl for geeks.

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Happy birthday, Anon!

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>crashes the shitty boomers
>fucks up entire market
>shitposts along fellow link marines

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unironically hope sergey will smash that

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I too see it as positive. Blythe is no good for crypto. Unironically, believe that other partners weren't happy with the recent exposure on Coindesk and Telegraph.

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Alos I am more qualified than other anons to say that. Worked in the banking...

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She would never want Your gamma-

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Woah, saved

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