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Hey bros. I got sentenced yesterday. Overall, I got off easier than I thought. A year probation which turns into unsupervised after in pay my fines and court costs (already done) and do my 32 hours of community service. I have to return to jail for 40 hours later on this month, but that will be more boring than anything else. I am competing in a large poker tournament in a couple weeks, am totally sober and am doing much better. I currently hold LINK and recently rebought my position in FUN. Good luck to you all and thank you for the support and entertainment over what has been a stressful year.

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wait... FUN is still a thing?

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How much link do you have and when did you buy in

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I don't think he knows or is fully aware of the current state of the market

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sup homey which car you roll in ?

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y.... you rebought FUN?

glead to hear you doing better hope your win poker!
yes it the only non scam coin

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What was the date of your oringial thread?
And when will your probabtion be over?

I think this bear martket might be tied to your legal troubles

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To be honest, I'm not really that interested in the price right now, the tech is what appeals to me (I already deleted my blockfolio). I believe in the project, so the day to day price is of little concern to me. Besides, the entire market has suffered so this was to be expected... imagine you sold etherium at $10, and how you would be kicking yourself for that. I would argue this is a much needed correction and is bullish for the longer term. That said, I wish my pay check would come in sooner so I could make use of these panic sellers. Hopefully the price will stay down and I'll have some time to accumulate. For now the whales are keeping it low and there's a lot of baseless fud going around, most of it started by buyers who want to get in cheaper. The fundementals are still great, the partnerships are legit, and there are some big updates coming soon, so just keep accumulating and check back this time next year!

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3.9k and bought at an average price of around 40 cents.
Yes. I still love the project. It is the gambling crypto that has the most ties to people experienced in the online poker industry. At 2 cents, I couldn’t help but by my FUN back.

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January 4th, 2018. A day I remember all to well.

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too well*
not retarded

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FUN gonna clutch bigtime

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hey jailbro was in your original thread, good to hear you're in link

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Thanks, fellas. It’s good not to have the mystery of my fate hanging over my head. I wish you all the best of luck.

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I have unironically considered doing something to get myself incarcerated so i can come out in 6 months and be rich. Atleast you have these custom memes to remember your experience by. We're gonna make it.

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Lol. I hadn’t seen this one.

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Good luck in life op

Stay clean brotha, and thanks for the legendary poast

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Where do you sleep? On that slab you’re sitting on?

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How was jail jailbro?

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stay safe fren

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Are you the guy whom I sent 400$ worth of ETH at the start of the year if I remember?

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Glad your doing ok jailbro. You should really dump your fun into link tho

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Thanks my friend.
What you see there is called a holding cell or “drunk tank”. It is where they put overnight offenders rather than mix them in with general popularion. I was given a rubber matte to sleep on when I was tired enough to try to sleep.
Boring, but was thrilling once I snuck my phone back into my cell and was secretly shitposting. Not looking forward to going back for two nights, but it is what it is. Will get a couple decks of cards and try to get a game going. Might have to let the Wookies win though.

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Someone certainly did. If that was you, i’d like to thank you. I lost it all in the February crash, but you allowed me to keep my money in the market rather than sell to pay my bondsman. I hope you are doing well. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.

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>still gambling, no matter where you land
Like your style jailbro
I have never bought LINK but I hope your bags moon and you can laugh once you're out

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Thanks buddy.
Here’s a screenshot from right after I posted my ETH address.

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They probably assumed you were begging, when instead you spawned glorious memes for us to surf through the pain of this downward market.
Take all the wookies money bro

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Thanks for the well wishes guys. I hope we all make it.

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I remember your thread. Hope you're doing well fren

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After some googling I found a weird site that has the thread archived. There are no IDs in this version. Disregard any wallets in the thread. Some people posted theirs to try to skim off of the situation. I do not want any donations.


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Yeah I usually get locked up about every other year or so for being a drunken fucking maniac. Fucking sucks too, goddamnit. Glad you're out buddy go celebrate with a few cold ones

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Good to know you are doing fine. I'm doing also good, glad I could help you with the bondsman!

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That's because I had just made it fren

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Lol. 1000 eoy. I am taking a nap bros. Take care.

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lol I remember this from 6months ago or so
I'm still not convinced you're not just a larping guard.

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Where the fuck are you that they allow you to post on 4chan from jail? Lol

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op had a phone stuck up his ass