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Gentlemen. Do with this information what you will, I'm going to bed.

>Check last commit on Chainlink Github
>From Alex K.
>Look at Alex K's recent Github commits
>See a repository called "fremantle-capital/tai"
>Notice how they are building a "trading toolkit" for all known crypto exchanges (GDAX, Poloniex, Binance etc.)
>Notice how it looks like this might somehow be integrated into/with Circle

Is it an API or a service, both or what? Dig deeper Marines - why Fremantle Capital though? What is their relation to this?


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>"Before joining Southern Company, Stephen served in the Central Intelligence Agency during the George W. Bush and Barack Obama administrations. He produced intelligence assessments for senior U.S. policymakers, and he provided strategic planning and tactical support for military and intelligence operations abroad. From 2005-2007, Stephen was detailed to the National Counterterrorism Center.

>Stephen began his career as an equity analyst for Merrill Lynch (NYSE: ML) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has worked extensively in Latin America and the Middle East and previously served as a research associate at the Center for Strategic and International Studies."


The CIA.

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get out your shovels, gentlemen

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He was referenced in this article, what do you guys think?


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>"JP Morgan has invested in Digital Asset Holdings (DAH), a start-up run by Blythe Masters, former head of Global Commodities at JP Morgan (Blythe Masters is one of the financial engineers, who helped develop the credit-default swap)."

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This is chupacabra-type shit, will it ever stop?! We will find out after mainnet +6 months

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BASED link poster

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Our girl!!! <333

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Fuck this is real

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Yes we know the banks are getting into blockchain. Literally old news and means nothing, retard.

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>Notice how it looks like this might somehow be integrated into/with Circle
isn't Goldman Sachs behind them?

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Nice try

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Her new digs at Digital Asset Holdings, with a worn wooden floor and views of air shafts, are a far cry from the Park Avenue executive suite at JPMorgan. The glass walls are covered in scribbled pieces of code and diagrams with a lot of boxes and arrows. A gray terrier named Luna, the office pooch, scampers under the conference room table. A guest notes that Nasdaq has just hired a “blockchain technology evangelist.” “We have a blockchain artist,” Masters replies, pointing out the one decorative object in the place, a painting depicting a network of black and blue lines. “That is our COO’s homegrown work,” she says with delight. “I rather like it.”

We’re they developing the memes before us???

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>Luna, the office pooch
All I needed to know. All in on Link. Praise Luna.

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DOD, CIA, Tyler technologies, SWIFT... Jesus this is getting out of hand here

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No wonder smelly skelly hates them

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NEET vs Wall Street

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looks like its a toolkit of some kind

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"...an institutional crypto built from the ground up"

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Where is this quote from fren

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It's Assblaster newfag

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Oh look it's fucking nothing like always god you guys are fags

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I’m asking because it sounds familiar. Lol

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Isn’t it for an external adapter which should fetch historical stock price data?

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This is it.
People don't have a clue of how powerful this shit can be.
Iron hands, gentlemen.
See You on the other side

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jjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssuuuuuuuuuussssssssssss $2500 EOY

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>Every day there are new bullshit "connections" being dreamt up by stinky linkies
Why do you bother? Are you so much in debt because of Link that you need to make this shit up to feel better?

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link is held by a hyper-intelligent autistic brotherhood. i feel no apprehension. there is only a silent comfort. in the face of fud, i recognize the obvious future of smart contracts. i am, in short, comfy as fuck. let no man tell you that your bags are uncomfortable. have patience, and hold your bags. either you can afford your chainlink bag, or you cannot afford to sell your chainlink bag. either way, your future is brighter because of your confidence in the obvious final step that will usher in a new period of economic expansion. first there was the wheel, then there was the printing press, then there was the internet........then there was a magic cube of meme magic. let freedom ring

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Link has made me question reality. It can't be happening, can it?

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Has noone noticed my id (+6Hit) and the fact that we both got 66 dubs? Im very scared.

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Good things can happen to anyone anon. You're not cursed. All the millionaires and billionaires of the world are regular people who just had a good thing happen to them. It's your turn now.

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disgusting pedo

im selling 100k right now

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the guy who predicted $2500 got 2500 quads. It has now literally been foretold. 1000 EOY is correct, which is why it got the sevens, but it doesn't end there... wew lad not even close... $2500 EOY is the new kek prophecy.

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$3000 by 2020

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I’m starting to think we are going too far. We should shut it down boys; let info come out when it comes out...some things are better left unknown...this isnt meant for us...just stop.

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No need to shut it down. This autism will only grow as more believers join us.

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The digits.

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There is no DoD connection. Someone just created a server template which secures a server to standards created by DoD.

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The person who created the DOD template is very much a contractor for the Intelligence Community.

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That doesn't mean much though. Just someone interested in the project, who has experience in that particular area.

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Imagine being the cunt indignantly demanding the Chain link talk about some shitty little partnerships like Vechain and TRX love doing, when the reality is all of this is going on behind the scenes.

I'm sitting on 130k linkies and I'm going to keep fudding the shit out of this.

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Thanks, joined 3 days ago to link Mariners. Actually this IS legit project and proper moon shot. Let the meme grow and spread The word but after My bag is full

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actually 3 times Anon

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So that means it's my turn as well? I can't believe this is happening to me through all the shit i have been.

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If you look at every major success story, there was first pain, struggle, and then glory. Seemingly out of nowhere.

Your story, and our story, are no different.

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$2500 EOY minimum.
It's been a fun ride frens

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This is really happening, isn't it?

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Holy shit- WE DID IT REDDIT!! le shut in down xxDDD not done accumulating xDD fucking EPIC! Haha glorious bastards!

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So many good gets with this project.

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Indeed. The story of LINK is like any other tale of glory. We are in the struggle phase right now. But rest assured. We are gon make it.

$1000 eoy (forgive the FUD)

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>$1000 EOY
Get with the times grandpa, we $2500 EOY now.

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Holy fuck guys a TRADING TOOLKIT for 5 exchanges!!!!!

kys link idiots

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Didn't Sergey work for Fremantle Capital

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Bump for confirmation.

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OP's back. Yeah. 5 exchanges.

>pic related

I can't believe you guys haven't figured out the deeper connection in this thread. Honestly Anon's. Probably for the best we don't ask certain questions though


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No, FirstMark Capital.

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I almost feel guilty about being this early in Chainlink XD.

I wanted to break my legs for not getting into bitcoin or ethereum at the beginning.

Thanks for the hard work Marine. We need to destroy the FUD.

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Don't feel bad. Just earn it. You might already have, but respect it then, always.

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Based sergey guides us to destiny

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For anyone not in the know, the Center for Strategic and International Studies is a MAJOR US/NATO think tank. A lot of big players in the defense industry and government. It's only a little under Brookings, the RAND Corporation, and the CFR as far as influence goes.

I honestly don't know what to make of this. If all of this is really (and there is only a small chance there is), this would mean US Government and potentially European integration of Chainlink. I will let you think about the implications themselves.

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Or not, I'm so excited that I'll throw something at the wall. If there is already a chance that Chainlink is working with Tyler Technologies and the fact that there is a link to the CSIS, there is a very strong chance that the US government is interested in the project. If everything goes in our favour, the US government will start integrating Chainlink tech on an (at the very least) limited level. This will mean a massive, MASSIVE moonshot.

But here's the great thing: even without US Government interest, Chainlink still has a shot at providing services to banks and businesses. Integration will be slow at first, but the fact is that only Chainlink has the tech to make such a system work in a reasonable amount of time, meaning that we might see a wave of integration as businesses try to one-up each other. The consumer won't have a choice: the system has been implemented everywhere, he is trapped. Chainlink has pulled a Microsoft, and as of yet there is no Apple in sight. You guys will be able to figure out for yourself what will be in it for us...

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Hm...these speculations are interesting.

Hm...going down another avenue, why might U.S. and European financial institutions want to be connected to a financial market where all of their price data was consistent, usually with HFT they operate on a competitive basis where faster is best ...why now would the NATO nations want to collaborate hmmmm....

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