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How do I short centralized social media

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short $SOCL social media ETF

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You short Facebook.

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create facebook coin and dump it on jews

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the the opposite of jones and THEN force them to do the same


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Long authoritarianism

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My mum is so pissed off about this, I think she might start the race war herself

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>My mum is so pissed off about this, I think she might start the race war herself


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>his MUM watches Alex Jones!

Generations of brainlets.
My mum listens to BBC radio4 exclusively and reads the guardian. But then again she is a highly educated well travelled lady in early retirement and also chairperson of the parish council.

I still name the kike in front of her though and she tells me to stop being silly.

You’re family is trapped in an intellectual cesspit.

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THIS> Have a look at the daily vol for such a low cap coin. People are accumulating cause they know the project probably can't fail. They need to onboard you tubers which is a one click operation to upload your content and start earning. You got to see the future and this is the one i see.


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freedom of speech != blatant misinformation

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So when is YouTube, Facebook, and every other tech platform going to delete the channels for CNN, fox news, MSNBC, and every other platform that reported that there was WMDs in Iraq. That reported that the Gulf of Tonkin incident had something to do with North Vietnam. Or any platform that reported the Steele dossier, or Killian documents

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just kys dude, like honestly. I can't even imagine how seriously retarded you have to be to think this is a logical argument

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How the fuck do people with access to the internet have such low critical thinking skills? Wtf?

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Yes it does. I have the right to say whatever I want even if its a lie. Should we also ban CNN and the NY Times for their massive lies that start wars like in Iraq?

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I'm with you dude/dudess. I came to this place because it was recommended for financial tips, but there are soooo many problematic assholes here.

How the fuck can there be this many racist bigots in one place? It's like a fucking klan rally. And for the record, assholes, CNN's motto is "the most trusted name in news". You can all go fuck yourselves.

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haha I typed the same thing without even reading your comment. Its the truth though. Youtube pretends to be a diverse public commons yet its banning any content that their globalist masters disagree with.

Its evident that all the major social media platforms are colluding together to ban political figures like Alex Jones. Theyve been shadowbanning us already, so its quite surprising to see that they fully banned him because now people are going to get charged up

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By problematic assholes you mean lefitst and enablers of this degeneracy?

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I would literally kill you and your entire Nazi family. I would slit your childrens throats while you and your wife/sister/parents/etc watched. I would force your siblings to perform sex acts on your grandparents before I burned them alive along with your pets. This is no longer a game. I see you far-right fucks, and I fucking kill you.

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1776 will commence again.

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>Should we also ban CNN and the NY Times for their massive lies that start wars like in Iraq?

apparently so

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Yes it does. Who decides what's misinformation or not? It's not always clear cut. And even when it seems to be, it's dangerous to have a central authority deciding that.

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hahaha LARP youre pathetic

only evil scum would get off to torturing people. Killing should only be done in self defence

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Repeating wins niggers

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I want all of them.

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By buying the dip on all crypto that will have social media presence and ACTUALLY USING said social media over alternatives. One of the cool things about crypto based social media is its ad free. That right there pushes corporations out. They cant adpocalypse you and you can still monetize on content you make.

Start shilling steem and its many examples. Prepare for when EOS gets steemit 2.0. Prepare for when NEO gets narrative. Take a look at delegate call.

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The biggest issue with crypto social media and most blockchain based stuff is that the UI and everything else is miles behind something like Facebook. If someone builds something enjoyable to use that happens to be crypto based, people will switch to it.

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I want to lick their legs

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>The biggest issue with crypto social media and most blockchain based stuff is that the UI and everything else is miles behind something like Facebook. If someone builds something enjoyable to use that happens to be crypto based, people will switch to it.

Yeah good point. But the neat thing about something like steem is that anyone can come in and just build a dapp to replace steemit and it can work using the same system.

Dlive seems to be getting pretty close on a lot of stuff but steemit and busy are trash tier when it comes to UI design. You are completely right anon. But its easily fixed.

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you buy decentralized platforms???

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Likely bait but your mother is just an indoctrined bugwoman with no capacity to reason by herself if she still read this propaganda rag.
She is probably thinking that she is smart and holding her status by repeating retarded talking points that the Guardian is vomiting in her mind, in the meantime Britain is getting raped and conquered at all levels.

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Clean looking digits. I like your style.

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>Clean looking digits. I like your style.

clean point to. That entire post cuts like a fucking knife.

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What a waste of digits. Fuck off, /pol/.

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Hey buddy I think you've got the wrong board, reddit's two blocks down.

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Wow... you are being SO problematic right now, sweetie.

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>"Likely bait"
>"You’re family"
Anon, you will not make it.

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Kys nigger

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How is that pol tier? How old are you, kid?

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> Way to lose the argument bro

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Wasted digits...

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Based anon

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Nice digits fren
>centralized social media
Decentralized social media exists?

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Kek leftists are unable to think any proper arguments and have to resort to imaginary violence

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Nothing of real value has been lost.

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Good grief I'm about to open a can of whoop-ass on some deepstate jews controlling our social media and our market. fuck the federal reserve for making me stress out over E bux, and fuck them for making me tip toe on eggshells while I masturbate to pictures of attractive girls I'm friends with on Facebook

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mad pajeet

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this is just retarded.
> hnnggggg lets have decentralised media and just allow everyone to share child porn, rape and torture videos hngggg

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Do /biz/tards shitpost on /pol/? Is this a reciprocal thing?

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fucking commie. kys

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Zen cash

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>Innocent water filter man selling his filters online

>Innocent Journalist doing his job

The absolute state of Muttia

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>store doesn’t want sell make faggot cakes
Oh yea so based people should have the right to deny service
>YouTube and other normie sites get tired of one faggot and banish him
fuck of niggers

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cringe and bluepilled
one local store denying service isn't the same as the biggest media platform kicking you out
might as well compare jaywalking with genocide, scale matters you numbnuts

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Wrong. Top middle is the correct answer

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join us or die.
heh. nothing personel kid.

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/biz/ started on /pol/ lad anyone that refutes that is just salty

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way ahead of these niggers. first round investor in minds.com

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Checked. I hate jews

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Get out of here dysgenic hilldawg plebian. I bet you hold bancor you vile Hivite jew

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based and redpilled

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A reader of The Guardian is obviously more intelligent than anyone who takes Infowars seriously

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except the cake shop doesnt have a virtual monopoly and you can pick a gazillion other ones you retard

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I dont even "consume" infowars or anything jones related
But taking mainstream media as objective and reputable despite their obvious political bias over the years to the point of lying and collusion is not the mark of intellect
You're not smart purely because you accept established authority

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So these threads are kind of like the drunk father stumbling into their kid's room while they're studying, and ranting about niggers while the kid is trying to work.

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Honestly their "bias" is so strong and planned and bought that bias is far too weak of a word to describe it.

It's literally just subversive propaganda. Against the very people the news is supposed to inform.

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Nice. The glaring hypocrisy is real.

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>well traveled
Poor son of a whore

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