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You can't stop me. You can only hope to contain me.

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you realize anybody can contribute to the project right?

this guy's summary even says "i love reading and coding in my free time"

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You realize its only speculation right? You realize nobody is sitting here saying dude walks into smartcontract clocks in and gets to work right?
But also, you realize what something like chainlink could do for a company like tyler technology, right?

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No I think this connection is not legit and I will explain why. Questions come up when you look closer at it.

>why is this guy working directly on chainlink and not at his end of the network?
>why is tyler not actively developing a blockchain platform?
>why is tyler nowhere to be found in the space (at blockchain related conferences etc.)?

they don't seem to fit the profile, they also don't hang out in the same circles. They have no connections to accenture, they have no connections to any kind of consortium or ecosystem like r3 or hyperledger.

I think it is more likely that this >>10598286 guy is right and Ahmad only develops in his freetime, someone else >>10598304 mentioned that Hodges knows him personally and that he got him into LINK.
so either find more evidence to support the currently weak connection or update your collage to inform that this is (likely) a dead end.

t. Chainlink Research Group/CRG

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Im not a developer and a brainlet in regards to contributing to code. Can some one catfish their identity when contributing to code?

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mods be deleting...they hatin....

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Could you use a trip to avoid impersonation in the future?

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Nice try sergey

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TO BE ON PIVOTAL TRACKER and contribute NO you cannot just be anyone - why would CL hire an external dev, even if it's a friend and risk all that liability?

He is either going to be put on the team or is on the team, or something deeper.

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AND who are "Benoit" and "Seneca Acenes"?

They're contributing too but not on the team page.

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>NO you cannot just be anyone
he isn't a nobody (well not anymore), he probably had a couple of meetings with Sergey etc. and they decided he is a good addition to the team.

>why would CL hire an external dev?
maybe because they need devs that understand the technical nuances of the project. I'm sure this guy is capable if he is allowed to do work there.

>and risk all that liability?
they can hire who they want, if the guy fucked up the rest would have noticed by now but everything seems fine.

good question, Benoit maybe this guy = https://blockchain-summit.be/benoit-abeloos/ ?

>Policy Officer, Blockchain, FinTech, Startups and Innovation at European Commission
>He is part of the Blockchain and FinTech team where he leads the standardisation and interoperability aspects and is actively contributing to the EU Blockchain initiative. He chairs the Interoperability and Standardisation Work Stream of the EU FinTech Task force. He is member of the ISO Technical Committee 307 on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies and coordinates Commission’s inputs.

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yes for interoperability and a faster more efficient market.

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So is this old new though? I found this


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>why is this guy working directly on chainlink and not at his end of the network?

por que no los dos?

>why is tyler not actively developing a blockchain platform?

why isn't microsoft?

>why is tyler nowhere to be found in the space (at blockchain related conferences etc.)?

they are though


>FTR demonstrated an upcoming new release of its flagship recording product – FTR Gold v6, including a fully featured FTR Touch all-in-one recording PC, a world-first FTR blockchain verified recording application, and the company’s next generation Court.fm unlocking a powerful text based search of digital court recordings.

>The latest version of the industry-leading FTR Gold HD recording software (version 6.0) includes a range of new workflow and integration features, new user interface design, easy installer for streamlined installation and upgrades, automatic alerts and enhanced CMS integration with case management systems such as Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey Case Manager for improved user experience.

$2500 eoy

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>why is tyler not actively developing a blockchain platform?

>why isn't microsoft?

sorry, misread as just "blockchain", not "blockchain platform". FTR is tyler tech's blockchain platform.

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G-guys what if Sergey takes Chainlink private? *gulp*

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out of all of the jobs that i have quit. my job at tyler technologies is actually the only one that i regret quitting. i was young and depressed and did not realize that it was me and not the job. got to do really independent work. got as much work done as i wanted or was capable of doing. was only there 3 months before they re-evaluated my pay. really solid company and i would not doubt at all that they are smart enough to recognize the future.

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don't so hard on yourself champ you'll find another job one day. keep your chins up and we'll get through this together. ok?

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Imaine trying to fud a solid connection that anyone with eyes and common sense can see

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Wew look at those digits

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nigga do you see those numbers????????

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This anon said it best, meme magic is real

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lol the depression was because i didnt get enough to eat. kind of opposite end of the spectrum there.

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I know you're not supposed to self check but holy fuck

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>por que no los dos?
you usually can't dance at two weddings at once. either this guy is really important or not, up to us to figure it out.

>why isn't microsoft?
They are on the absolute other side of the spectrum that is chainlink partnerships.
Microsoft is all over the place, from IC3 to r3 to ID2020, they have their fingers everywhere.
bad comparsion.

>and enhanced CMS integration
that could be it, CMS is a potential field that can profit from smart contracts.

>solid connection
we need to find more connections, if chainlink is really so important for their business there should be more signs.
we need to dig deeper.

has nothing to do with FUD, we have to go through every detail to be as sure as possible, otherwise we might create FUD when it turns out our dots weren't as connected as we thought.

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Guys I fucked up big time. I tried to swing trade LINK last pump cycle and got burned pretty bad. Lost 1500 out of my 10k stack. Good news though, that REQ pump put me back to 10k LINK. We can go to the moon now

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bad news. You gave money to the exchange for no fucking reason

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Simply posting updated graphic with thomas hodges/tyler technologies connection pasted in.

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Those dubs are mighty tasty anon, thank you for your contribution

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Thomas Hodges worked for Tyler Technologies from May 2017-Mar 2018, during the same time that this guy did.

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Learned a lesson. And, I got more BNB in the process. So fuck you

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this only supports the more realistic theory here that Hodges got his Ahmad buddy on board.

I looked a bit deeper into >>10598793
Its talking about some Court software but it seems unrelated, couldn't find any mentioning of APIs, Smart Contracts, Blockchain, anything like that in all of their documentation.
also that Link leads to some other company and they only reference the Odyssey Case Manager, so unrelated.

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Kek is smiling at us right now brothers

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>court software
Sergey was literally on a panel with a lawyer and the perianne boring talking about smart contracts and how they will affect lawyers and help them with their jobs

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He's been around the project for a while. Rory has mentioned that they hire people for specific tasks from time to time. It's either that or he is contributing in his free-time as it's an open source contract. Pretty clear that Thomas Hodges recruited him either way. Really nothing.

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still, it seems unrelated. that tyler software is more about sharing information between dispatchers, court, police etc. while Sergey and Perianne talked about the bigger picture of the whole thing.
They (tyler) also don't seem to talk anywhere about blockchain or smart contract or how those could improve their system.
Not saying they don't have a use case, they could have plenty but I just don't see the green flags here that usually pop up around chainlink related companys.

until we find anything more solid this >>10599396 has to be the most logical explanation for the Ahmad/tyler connection.

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Tyler Technologies aquired Socrata

The unique strength of Socrata is bringing together seemingly unrelated data to uncover hidden insights and measure program accountability through transparency. The big problems facing government aren’t isolated in one data set — problems such as crime and recidivism rates, budget deficits, aging infrastructure, homelessness and the opioid crisis, just to name a few. Data-system agnostic, Socrata gives you the tools to connect data points across systems like never before.

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The potential to layer Socrata’s powerful data technology on top of Tyler’s back-office operational systems in more than 15,000 local government offices will allow us to provide data and insights on a scale that has the opportunity to fundamentally change the way local government understands their operations, uses their resources and serves their constituents.

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Get in boys

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I'm still skeptical, not saying its not possible but its a stretch.
gotta keep an eye on it tho.

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Hey brainlet what if its some other fucking sand nigger named ahmed tobbakah and he doesn't have jack shit to do with a big partnership

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