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The thread exposing the connection between Chainlink and a company called Tyler Technologies was just deleted.

Here is the archive >>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/10597551

So why was this thread deleted? This connection could be huge, and yet the the thread was deleted. Look into it anons, we could honestly know way too much about this.

>>"Tyler Technologies is the largest software company in the nation solely focused on providing integrated software and technology services to the public sector — cities, counties, states, and school districts. Public sector software isn't just what we do, it's all we do."
>>"Tyler Technologies (NYSE: TYL) is a leading provider of end-to-end information management solutions and services for local governments. Tyler partners with clients to empower the public sector - cities, counties, schools and other government entities - to become more efficient, more accessible and more responsive to the needs of their constituents. Tyler’s client base includes more than 15,000 local government offices in all 50 states, Canada, the Caribbean, Australia, and other international locations. In 2017, Forbes ranked Tyler on its “Most Innovative Growth Companies” list, and Fortune included Tyler on its “100 Fastest-Growing Companies” list. More information about Tyler Technologies, headquartered in Plano, Texas, can be found at www.tylertech.com."

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We already know what will happen

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Was pretty weird that the thread was deleted. I found this connection late one night and it mostly got ignored before 404ed

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why would the mods do that though

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>faggot op deletes thread
>link idiots think it's a conspiracy again
you guys are so fucking dumb, just fuck off already

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Weird, I wonder why they would take action against this info now rather than earlier.

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Sergey is a mod here. Face it.

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bonus points: op of the first thread is the same as this one.

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They don't have any reason to, so many link threads thrive every day that are nothing but pasta. Thats why it makes me wonder.

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Here was my thread from May 18


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Literally partnered with the united states government

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lol fuck

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Literally nothing and this is coming from someone 100%

Thomas Hodges was a co-worker of his at Tyler and more than likely they were friends and Thomas encouraged this Ahmad to work on Link in his spare time

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This is fucking insane, they are paying the mods now to shut us up. We know too much.

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can't anyone add to the code?

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only person with a functioning brain ITT

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The psyop against link is real

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Compiled info and started another thread before seeing this one

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"I was looking through the Pivotal Tracker and noticed a guy named Ahmad Tabbakha was contributing to the code but he's not listed on the team."

How do we know this is THE actual guy who works for Tyler Technologies?

Im not versed in the development side of things, cant any one contribute to the code? Can a random contribute posing as some one else? Can some one actually prove its him is all im saying. IF so, awesome.

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Guys, listen, I was the one who created that thread. I know it might be hard to believe, but I deleted the thread because I found another Ahmad on LinkedIn that is a freelance software developer hired by Smartcontracts.com.

You should not think of this any further - there's nothing to it - just a strange coincidence Anon. Let's all forget this ever happened, alright?

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proof or fud

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How can I have proof of that? It's silly, you guys will fall for anything. Now just remember to sage this thread and move on.

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please look at >>10598422

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So... when mainnet hits... what is everyone expecting to happen or plan to do? Expect it to hit $2500 or $1000 right away... sell at different increments.

Seems to me everything the whole world could s getting into needs CL to get to it... so supply and demand right ?

What if the trading volume is zero... no more bots until the demand meets the desired price... will it shoot up to what then???

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well you can link to the newest Ahmad
that would be a good start

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I have to go to bed for now but anyway have a good night

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I think it will pump with the mainnet, but it won't pump as much as people will want it to.

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I appreciate your honesty anon. Thanks for your research abilities.

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You're welcome, no need to look further into it. Good day sir.

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So why would this all be under wraps? Are the partners accumulating before it gets too expensive?

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it'll go up 10%

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Kek. 2,500 EOY

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Suddenly sounds like Mobius shilling. Maybe we were really on to something. Link the freelancer's page please. Otherwise I'm not convinced.

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You are a MANIAC

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Frens, you do know that Thomas Hodges was a former employee at Tyler Technologies, right?

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>why is this guy working directly on chainlink and not at his end of the network?

por que no los dos?

>why is tyler not actively developing a blockchain platform?

>why is tyler nowhere to be found in the space (at blockchain related conferences etc.)?

they are though


>FTR demonstrated an upcoming new release of its flagship recording product – FTR Gold v6, including a fully featured FTR Touch all-in-one recording PC, a world-first FTR blockchain verified recording application, and the company’s next generation Court.fm unlocking a powerful text based search of digital court recordings.

>The latest version of the industry-leading FTR Gold HD recording software (version 6.0) includes a range of new workflow and integration features, new user interface design, easy installer for streamlined installation and upgrades, automatic alerts and enhanced CMS integration with case management systems such as Tyler Technologies’ Odyssey Case Manager for improved user experience.

digital court recordings
smart contracts
$2500 eoy

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What the fuck, source me daddy

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Fuck me he's right up in there. 58 commits.

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The link delusion continues. Imagine being the person who believes that a gypsy russian with a philosophy degree and no programming experience is going to instantiate a global, paradigm shifting economic system where banks and other entities are going to willfully funnel hundreds of billions of dollars into and sit around idly while said gypsy russian and his family of neet fags take profits.

Now imagine being the person who believes that the worlds banking cartels, with arguably some of the most brilliant computer scientists out there, are going to sit by and let a gypsy russian take profits they could have had by using a simple JSON parser.

Consider this snippet from the following article:

"No wonder that Spread Networks, the company building the fibre-optic connection, proudly boasted: “Round-trip travel time from Chicago to New Jersey has been cut to 13 milliseconds.”

And HFTs were willing to pay through the nose to use it, with the first 200 to sign up forking out $2.8bn between them."
These fucking jews spend billions of dollars just to get a 13 millisecond improvement so their algorithms can get the data faster. So you're telling me that if there was any money in the chainlink area these guys wouldn't be all over it? Get the fuck out of here.

So explain to me why this is going to work again? Or is it just a PnD like 99% of other crypto's out there.

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The Hodge is my favourite after big daddy.

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More likely Thomas convinced his buddy at work to write some code for Chainlink in his free time..

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Imagine typing this

Now imagine reading this

Both are stupid as fuck

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I’ll just leave this screen cap here

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Hot damn

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why does this information only come out when the market is dumping? you ever think about that idoit? you are getting fucked with

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what are you trying to say pajeet?

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This is old news newfags....

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Simply updating graphic with thomas hodges/tyler technologies connection.

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What if Thomas was selected for his Tyler connection this whole time and they made it seem it was because he made a few YouTube videos...

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Stop playing with my heart

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big if true

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poor deluded linkies

is 10k enough to makeit?

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kek kys

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Why did my tag fail it is fucking right

fuck broken site

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Hands of Mithril, the long game is what were here to play.

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Go home tourist

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Gentlemen. Do with this information what you will.

>Check last commit on Github
>From Alex K.
>Look at Alex K's recent Github commits
>See a repository called "fremantle-capital/tai"
>Notice how they are building a "trading toolkit" for all known crypto exchanges (GDAX, Poloniex, Binance etc.)
>Notice how it looks like this might somehow be integrated into/with Circle

Dig deeper Marines. There is stuff hiding in plain sight - go find it, more of it.


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This is big. Digging now, any other autists wanna get in on this?

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Why was this deleted? Can mods delete single posts?

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I like you.

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And checked.

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The last reply is almost 20 minutes after the OP, though. Can you even delete your own posts that late, let alone your threads?

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Full house, very nice.

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f u l l h o u s e

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Thank you and checked!

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Who/what got it?

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>The cubic coin found linked to heaven
>seven sevens
>Christian denominations consider seven to be a holy number because Genesis says that God rested on the 7th day and man was created on the 6th day.

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>he thinks when singularity hits we will still assess our wealth in USD instead of LINK
Oh, Anon...

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Are they connected to Vanbex group?

>> No.10601130

you cna delete your own threads, sure, but im pretty sure not that long after (based off my own experience)

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thanks literally just went from 70% to 100% in link, godbless

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I know you're a faggota that's for sure

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Haha fag

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chainlink will go up like 1 dollar a year like bnb, even if its successful it will take forever to be adopted

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I'm sleepy too. You guys sleepy? I think it's naptime

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For a second I thought that said singularity.

I think I need to take a break from /biz/

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Nod nod wink wink

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Ill just leave this here

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Why’d it get deleted. It got like 6 replies?

>> No.10602782

You honestly think mods give a fuck? You think Sergey called up the mods and said holy fucking shit deleted this thread right now!!! Get Tyler Technologies on the phone we got a crisis on our hands nobody better break the NDA’s!!!

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IT fucking ASX in Australia, Fuck SIBOS CHAINLINK will connect AUS to the BLOCK

>> No.10602818

Someone shop Sergey onto his face

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Price would be a lot higher. Why is there no volume nobody is buying? Not trying to fud. I’m all in.

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Ireland is the perfect place to test block chain.
Malta is sketchy, gambling what have you.
Circle is Irish, Amb is in Ireland today.

>> No.10602898

and somehow this thread doesnt get deleted...

>> No.10602929

Lol we boomer Beatles fans now

>> No.10602977

It’s a bloodbath out there anon.

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God i fucking hate retards. Yea, so its probably nothing, just a huge co-inkydink. Nevermind the fact that this sand nigger worked at the same place as thomas hodges.

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Thread most likely got deleted cause it’s so far fetched it’s absolutely insane. ???

>> No.10603006

Interesting. You sure the thread just didn’t get buried and archived because it had 6 responses. I don’t get the big conspiracy of why the thread got deleted. This place is dead.

>> No.10603012

Why is it farfetched? Explain your reasoning.

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Yeah. I'm sure that's not the reason why because it was 25 minutes old and at the top of the catalog when it disappeared. Now. I'm not saying there's any big conspiracy with the thread disappearing. But you'd have to be blind not to see that Thomas Hodges used to work with this guy at Tyler technologies. Look at what they do and think of all the ways that chainlink and smart contracts could streamline their processes.

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You fucking faggot loser. Jfc. Kys.

>> No.10603111

Best thing IS they have connections at Tyler Tech..., hopefully they were socialized persons and have nice connections with big players in there. Can be huge

>> No.10603133

Thanks for chiming in Steve.

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OP deleted the post to gain attention.

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Probably this.

>> No.10603283

Most likely this 100%. You guys making another mountain out of a mole hole.

>> No.10603294

Checked again!

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>wtf im a faggot

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But the possible connections to Tyler. Like they would not advise then of new tech coming. If its legit they will take it.

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Kek knows all

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Its pasta

>> No.10604955

Imagine saving this

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>lets put valid arguments into a bingo card that will destroy them

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>Ctrl + F chainlink
>0 results

not this shit again

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