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Need downvotes ONLY no stupid fud.

Someone posted on cc about oracle's


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The rules are clear. From 31st August. Everyone finishes accumulating. No soilder is left behind.

If you haven't, finished by 31st August. GTFO.

The shilling will commence from 1st September

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24 days left for accumulation! Then shill mode!
I've had enough with dumb fucks who are still accumulating

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Downvoted. Marines do your work

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No one will ever be left behind. ChainLink is an inclusive token. Every man, woman, or non binary gendrr will have plenty of time to accumulate. Why did you think they onboared adylene Zhou? The train will never leave because everyones still fucking accumulating.

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Downvoted and Understood and agree

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lmao. go ahead. get everything priced in while BTC plummets to new lows, and get fuck all out of it.

why be smart and wait for a bull market and cause a 1000% pump?

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LMAO I have the best trip number

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Would you look at that. Shitlinkers are redditors, who would have thought?

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you can downvote but please no stupid retarded fud

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Brothers agree and alot of us semi old fags. Time for accumulation is coming to a end. News is starting to slowly leak, hence 31st deadline

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kys redditor

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Not your personal army you fucking faggot.

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Fuck off. Who's talking about having a personal army? Its sending a message to Dumb fucks whining about buying 100 links and trying to accumulate 500 in 5 months.... and questioning Link

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And who are you to decide? I still need a few more months to accumulate so i will be fudding ferociously.

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No-one. But along with other semi and old fags, who are bored and have finished our accumulation. Time and time,

> I need few months to accumulate more
> Again and again and again. Same sht every month
How many FUCKING months do you need? Still your other trash

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My paychecks come monthly there's only so much I can accumulate in a monthh. I am working my ass off overtime to buy as much Link as possible. Not all of us are blessed with exces money like you.

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retard. The price will not jump without main net. You shilling it will not do anything. You shilling it will keep people away