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We still gonna make it?

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Of course

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Thanks Damu.

I plan to wait until mainnet then start staking my Linkies on Linkpool. Then I'm gonna go off biz for 2 years and not even look at the price or anything until then. Good plan or will I regret it?

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People who namefag for a coin like you are going to be the worst fudders when you inevitably break and sell. I can't wait until you become the villain.

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I made this cube tho isn’t it cool

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Fuck off pajeet

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Link holders will eventually make it.

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I've noticed the hype and euphoria is fading.... the crash back to reality is going to be painful, poor linkies.

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mind if I save it ? :)

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Real link marines never worry. We came to the realization this was the one a long time ago.

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when all fudsters are ashes, you have my permission to rise

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I just checked LINK/BTC pair on Binance and you fuckers are literally not selling.

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Give it time. Someone will sell 50K Link and then someone right after them will realize that destroyed all the buy walls for the next 1K sats. So they panic sell to try and unload as much as they can as high as they can and the price tanks. Happens every time.

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Have your ducks in a row before October.

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Its a metaphor for being ready for suicide. It is when the final strike comes that will break even the strongest of holders.

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why are ppl so obsessed with this project its only goin to hit $1-5 max. look at the circulating supply, marketing is shit, partnership with swift? could be bollocks.

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linkwhalefag or whatever his name was, is clearly an English gent and scholar. And I'm 100% onboard with his sentiment. t. English gent.

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the fact that so many ppl hype this project on here makes me think it won't do as well as i think. I dont have enough to make it, but do have enough that if it does moon i can help my family with all their bills + other things. stop shilling this shit so much on here.. anyone know a LINK discord group i can join?

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The fact that so many shills still claim ChainLink as “the greatest or most significant or most influential” cryptocurrency ever only tells you how far oracles still are from becoming serious tech. Traditional investors have long recognized that the greatest investments of all time are mutual funds and stock indexes, which may not pump the most or moon at times, let alone any time. Crypto investors rank the highly controversial Bitcoin Cash over coins that are highly popular with normies on Reddit. ChainLink shills are still blinded by their own delusion. ChainLink solves the oracle problem (not true, by the way), therefore it must be the greatest. Traditional investors grow up learning about lots of financial instruments of the past, crypto investors grow up learning about blockchain technology of the past. ChainLink shills are often totally deluded with their investment, they barely know what a smart contract is. No wonder they think that ChainLink is anything worthy of being invested in.

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>so many shills still claim ChainLink as “the greatest or most significant or most influential” cryptocurrency ever
maybe try visiting literally anywhere other than 4chan for a hot minute you dumb NEET

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This phrase is said frequently in the US and Canada.

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No, we're at the part of the game where we need to SHILL link

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Yes we will its our only hope.

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Link Manniet on the oracles situated yet? Or is it been pulled in yet?

$1000 EOY

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Thank you for the kino Kubric/Link oc

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no shilling before mainnet retard

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$1,000 EOY

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Dubs confirmed.

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Been a while since I've seen this one kek

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Ok guys this is all good but when pump? It hurts

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I talked about it better than most anonymous. I've worked with cyber technology, doing a lot of program security analytics. Open source, decentralized, APIs, affiliate programs, name it. We are one of the first Chainlink companies offering similar interests, where decentralized intelligent contractual spaces would be more valuable than traditional data exchanges. However, the LINK base further exacerbates this code. This error is understandable and this is the case: companies can not really trust the cryptography of their business documents.

Now I can already hear that your keyboards are foolish but heard me. / Biz / hates banks and traditional data providers. But real companies, businesses and investors do not. You may have heard the old message: "If it is not broken, do not fix it!". The idea that any of our bosses would give us the opportunity to go forward when we came to contact them to provide reasonable cryptography to their company under a contract called Chainlink, which they never heard was, at best, laughter and local dismissal at worst. We already have reliable API data buyers and providers.

"But Chainlink is trustworthy!" I hear you, but is it really good? Just listen to this sound. Companies do not want to spend a lot of money on millions of dollars, they want something reliable. "But Reputation System!", Will it not win the whole coin point? If companies trust only high-reputed networks, then what are their trusted banks and service providers that already have a good reputation, but not on a real-time computer screen.

The fact is that LINK has the same fate as ETH. Many "real-time applications" hype, with a lot of encryption applications. Only one billion coins do not match the $ 1k hit by Ethereum. Good gambling, though the anons!

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is this written by pajeet or written to look like pajeet wrote it? i am starting to slowly lose touch with reality due to fud, but i am not fucking selling anything until we're at 1000

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is this normal why does he do this shit

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>The fact that so many shills still claim the Internet as “the greatest or most significant or most influential” thing ever only tells you how far the world wide web still is from becoming serious tech.

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will there be a linkpool-like-option for america?

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Witness my OC
Based Steve

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13k linklet. i don't even give a shit at least point but why is a few threads of link singled out from the hundreds of women and shitposts the board sees daily? why is a post that will get ~30 replies on average enough to get some posters here so butthurt about people losing money they can afford to lose?

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word salad to the max.

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"tonight.. *cough*.... its happening tonight... *cough*... strap in boys...

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Shh Linkies let the red dildo take you.

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>MFW only pajeets FUD link

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Go ahead fren

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We're gonna make it frens!


There's the Rinkeby events viewer. It's not too busy yet, but now we can watch!

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Kek that one gets me every time

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Shill after mainnet. Which will be feb 2019

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No proof no care

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I reject your digits due to a lack of proof in backing up your claim

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You can use linkpool in America, you just couldn't participate in the crowdsale