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Hey friends! Hope everyone is still holding with iron hands. I didn't go anywhere, just saw no reason to post.

Now we've had a lot of new Link news to get excited about, let's have a thread about the top wallets. We can all be autistic together. Who's noticed anything interesting?

I'm still perplexed by this wallet which seems to belong to the Chainlink team. If you follow the transactions back, you'll see they originally come from the #8 biggest wallet.


Really makes you think...

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If you aren't also buying real money. Gold and silver you aren't going to make it after the currency crisis and deflationary collapse of all asset prices.

Remember when you buy gold. You aren't actually really buying it.... you are becoming your own bank, where the Jews can't confiscate your wealth through inflation

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good to hear from you!
i'm afraid i dont have anything to contribute, but am interested in what you've got to say

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why isn't your name 'Waulletism' ?

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Regarding the wallet I linked, your guess is as good as mine. I didn't hear any really convincing ideas yet. If it was testnet stuff wouldn't we be able to see it? I don't think it looks like salaries being paid...

Can someone in the official Slack please ask? Maybe Rory will just tell us.

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Yup, look where the last 5 million came from.

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What's your biggest induction about the top wallet Holders

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The thread from the other day about Link top wallets and Linkpool really inspired confidence

Majority of top wallets haven't touched it since ICO.

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WB french, WB.
Good to see u around. Have you noticed anything else besides wallets that caught your attention? What are your estimates for mainnet release? What did u do in the meantime while not posting on /biz/ ?

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Hey man, I don't really focus on the top holders but keep an eye on the top 500.

There has been a recent drop of about 10 people falling out of the top 500 wallets which is indicated by the amount of the 500th wallet decreasing

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how can i get in touch with you outside of biz?

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yeah people are selling alts to move into btc for the etf approval

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welcome back. How does it feel to be the only legitimate link poster on this board?

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as usual you dumb shit. you're not an autist.

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One of those was me actually I sold a lot on this recent pump

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>how can i get in touch with you outside of biz?

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>Have you noticed anything else besides wallets that caught your attention?
Accord project was pretty exciting. Go back and read the original Accord threads if you want to feel like you're losing your mind!

Idk about mainnet and I was just browsing biz but not posting.

Same with the top 100

Why would you want to?

That's not true, I don't know anything more than you


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you find the same things we do. Make a proton email?

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Sure it was. Kys

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Any guesses why there are 3 xfers of 19,005.8479532?

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>Go back and read the original Accord threads if you want to feel like you're losing your mind!

What made you feel like you were losing your mind? Just seemed like another probable user of ChainLink. Not sure what was so crazy about it.

I mean, I expect that the project will have users. This particular user seems unknown. Some legal thing.

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do you think we'll finally reach $1 (one usd) by end of year 2025?

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Does anyone remember a really strange thread with a screenshot which seemed like it was posted by Accord's Houman Shadab?

His Avatar was in the top right corner and the tabs were all for events where Houman was attending.

It would be interesting to revisit this stuff knowing what we now know.

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dang i wanna see this screenshot. pls find fren

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going through the archive, the details are always wrong, like dates or price predictions, but the big picture is often right

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WE pretty much know all that is happening behind the scenes at this point. Just sit tight and be comfy until mainnet hits and EOY predictions become true.

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holy shet we might actually really have some insiders in this shitboard

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b-be my own bank? do i get that fdic?

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>Why would you want to?
because core autism group.

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Yeah, that is really bizarre.

What was that guys angle? Was he just trying to get some attention for the project?

I mean it is obviously him from the avatar.

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anything oddly specific should be followed up on because faggot larpers mostly operate in generalities. mostly

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whales and insiders sometimes appear on biz. You can sometimes make a quick profit off agents foretelling a pump. You just need to discern the likelihood of whether they are lying and what is the opportunity cost for following their predictions.

A link whale made a thread on biz when it was pumping after the website drop. It was confirmed by him sending 1 link to an anon from a wallet with a shitload. He didn't tell us shit though; "get your ducks in a row by October" was all he said. He has a clear financial incentive to tell us that though (since he owns tons of a shitcoin).

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Right, I brought this up before. I think I recall there are a couple of instances where the exact same amount is transferred but at different times. No one here could com up with a reason. I thought maybe testnet stuff...
Can someone ask on Slack?

Whenver anyone says "ctrl+f chainlink, nothing" it's just amazing to see how wrong they were


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link to this bread?

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it was removed by janitors, (probably for begging?) which i didn't expect otherwise I would have taken a screenshot.

here is the 1 link transaction though (guy has 1.9 million link)


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I looked into it and it's nothing. It was simply a repost of a screencap showing a microsoft word plugin Accord/Shadab were working on, they are open source and the screencap was probably posted publicly somewhere just to showcase the project. It was reposted by a fudding tripfag, trying to troll by pretending a word add-on would rival link, not pretending to be an insider leaking anything, and most definitely not Shadab.

probably this https://github.com/accordproject/cicero-word-add-in

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I found this:

I didn't pay much attention to that thread originally, but now that we have Accord <-> ChainLink connection confirmed (we do have it confirmed, right? I can't remember - there are so many breadcrumbs it gets hard to tell what's just a crumb and what went from crumb to confirmation), I noticed it.

IEEE working with Accord seems interesting. One of my CS professors in college had a big hard-on for the IEEE. If the standards they're working on are basically compatible with ChainLink, or even better, basically a carbon-copy of ChainLink, that would be amazing.

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I sold my Link today. The euphoria has faded and now I can see clearly.

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He was wrong about March/SXSW, but both the AL article and AP collab, both predicted to came out at around the same time, came out the same week, just a few months later. I don't think it's a coincidence.

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From that artificiallawyer IEEE/Accord article:

"The partnership, which involves the standards sub-group the IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA), is both significant and a major step forward. As readers of Artificial Lawyer will know, Accord and its members, especially smart contract pioneers, Clause, have been working hard on a global basis to create rules and standards for the use of smart contracts."

We have the Clause connection again.

Also, see

"What any system that will be used as part of the global trading infrastructure and our economic fabric will need is a set of standards, rules and protocols that key players buy into and trust.

To do this you need the world’s leading standards organisations onboard and engaged. This is precisely what Clause and the broader Accord Project are seeking to do."

which suggests this is really fucking big. And unrelated to SWIFT. Can you imagine if SWIFT was just the big fucking deal that the ChainLink team has been open about, and there's other huge stuff behind the scenes?

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You think it's just a rock. It's not. When you take fiat to a coin store to purchase gold you aren't really buying anything.

You are really only transferring your paper wealth (which the Jew steals through inflation) to real money and becoming your own bank.

Gold is not an investment where you try and get back more worthless fiat. Owning gold makes you your own bank where your savings is 100% protected.

Because gold is real savings.

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It's not amazing just because "muh insider was right"

But also because this implies Sergey is working with key players in multiple industries with plans fucking MONTHS in advance like some kind of Chess game.

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Also from that article:

"Initially, the collaboration will involve creating a 12-member working team of critical stakeholders that includes supply chain operational executives, blockchain architecture technologists, smart contract developers, legal experts, and industry advocacy groups, in the hopes of ‘ensuring a balanced consensus throughout the standards development process’."

Who are the twelve members, I wonder?

One member is IEEE, one is Accord. Perhaps one is Clause?

Blockchain architecture technologists... Random blockchain devs or maybe the Microsoft guys?

The most exciting one is the mention of "supply chain operational executives". Could that be just as big as the Accord/Clause people?

And notice they didn't mention SWIFT, though perhaps that was already known and didn't need to be mentioned, or just a simple oversight, maybe they're already one of the twelve.

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Another anon told me the accord collab was predicted as far back as january but the first result on archive is february, I need to look into that. I wanna know how it began?

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thanks anon, dont know how i missed this...

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this 100%
The swift partnership might just be the tip and used to get ICO fundraising.

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If the collaboration of twelve entities (can't tell if they're twelve humans or twelve companies/groups) has a goal of defining new standards to eventually become IEEE standards, it seems like a safe bet to assume the others will be in communication with the IEEE representative.

Later, the article says

"Alpesh Shah, senior director of Global Business Strategy & Intelligence at the IEEE Standards Association, concluded: ‘Defining the viability of smart contract applications utilizing a techno-legal standard is essential to drive industry-wide acceptance.’"

Has anyone looked into Alpesh Shah and who he might be talking to? I think of IEEE people as being old greybeards who don't use social media, so I would be surprised to find him tweeting and being retweeted by potential partners, but it wouldn't surprise me if work being done on an open IEEE standard was being conducted in an IEEE medium. It wouldn't surprise me if there was some obscure, publicly-accessible IEEE mailing list somewhere that we could look at.

Maybe Googling for "IEEE smart contract" is enough for me to start with. I dunno. I'm gonna try it.

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Das it

He didn't tell us shit. it was literally "i got rich from ETH and now i'm invested in chainlink."

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good insight. I'm on this rn too anon

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There are a bunch of footnote cites in the CL whitepaper for IEEE.

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we making it

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This comes from an anon who was blessed to have gotten in the Chainlink preICO from some random link posted here; thanks to the anon who posted it.

It's excellent that Chainlink has been revealed to be part the Accord project; I implore you anons to examine their Technology page as well as the Associates and Partners page. The memebers of this consortium will be highly influential, and span the breadth of different niches. One of these partners I haven't seen mentioned on here except for posts I've made about it. It's called Quant/Overledger and has some very interesting names/associations behind it. The token is live and trading at around preTGE price under the symbol QNT on idex. This is my biggest position currently, I expect no less than 20x if things work out like they hold promise to. Market cap is a paltry 5-6 MM with 2/3rds of total supply circulating. If you believe in Chainlink but want to diversify, this is a no brainer pickup here. Do some research and you will see the potential I do.

What is ISO TC 307?

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>be /biz/tard
>gets FUD'd with pink/dark wojaks
>buy high sell low
>lose money over and over
>finally give up
>coins finally moon
>LINK actually is the next eth and sergey wasn't scamming.
>check prices
>neck yourself

i'm sure this has happened, or will happen. to be quite honest i've had many more suicidal thoughts ever since getting into "crypto".

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they know...

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AL July 2016

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Thanks autism fren. Remember to listen to the James WingMakers 2008 interview.

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no linkers btfo

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Oh what a brainlet, thanks.
SherlockLink claims the article was submitted. They did publish a couple of guest articles on blockchain and smart contracts in March, but none by Sergey. Strange.

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I bought $3,000 worth of chainlink at 45 cents. Went up to 60 cents and then dropped after the bear continued.

I don't know how to feel. Feel fucked, but still think there is value.

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The short term price movement means very little.

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anon, i...

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/biz/ is the best board on 4chan.

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No idea if you're a larp or not, but attempting (and failing - I don't see a technology page or an associates and partners page) to follow your advice made me find something interesting.


On the front...

Mentions Hyperledger, right?

From this article, looks like they're using Hyperledger Fabric:

Who originally contributed Fabric to the Hyperledger project?

"Hyperledger Fabric was initially contributed by Digital Asset and IBM, as a result of the first hackathon" - https://www.hyperledger.org/projects/fabric

So we have a link from Accord to Digital Asset and IBM, and thus from ChainLink to Accord to Digital Asset to IBM.

Still haven't done much Googling on the IEEE guy yet. Found a linked in for some random guy at Caterpillar, seemingly in India. Doubt that has anything to do with anything, although it made remember, a lot of contributors to and members of the IEEE are not necessarily employed by the IEEE, and engineers involved in open standards may not be doing it out as a personal hobby in their spare time, but potentially as work for their full-time employer.

E.g., someone at Microsoft might contribute to web standards development because they are part of a team that NEEDS that shit standardized, or at least would benefit from standardization. So if we find out who employs this IEEE guy, we may find a company that desires standardization. I.e., ******a potential user of ChainLink.******

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>looks like they're using Hyperledger Fabric:

I need to check out the manual/whitepaper/whatever for hyperledger smart contracts. Can't find it right now, but I read it a couple months ago and I believe there was one or maybe a couple of Hyperledger flavors, possibly chaincodes and Fabric, that struck me as being described in a way that made them sound either like ChainLink or very easy to combine with ChainLink. It would be a pretty crazy coincidence if what I'm remembering is actually ChainLink.

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Fuck off Johnny Cash

>> No.10570041

>if what I'm remembering is actually ChainLink.
Sorry, that should be

"if what I'm remembering is actually Fabric"

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What about Jonathon Levi initially being an advisor for Chainlink? Don't see that mentioned?

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I dunno.

Honestly, I don't even remember if there was already an Accord <-> Asset <-> IBM connection and I just noticed one through Hyperledger Fabric, or if that was already the one people mentioned. I wish I had all the important /biz/ threads cataloged, but I've just been nodding at link threads then going back to being comfy, so all the connections and rumors and ocnfirmations blend together and Im not sure what's reality and what's imagination and dreams here anymore.

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What's up?

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Alpesh Shah talking about blockchain. Description mentions healthcare. Watching now, will update if I find anything interesting.

>> No.10570395

Nothing useful in that video. He offhandedly said the Epics and Cerners of the world will use blockchain one day (duh) and mentioned a couple uses of blockchain in health care and said that he knew of others that he didn't mention.

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IEEE = I3?

>> No.10570462

The IEEE guy might actually have an active twitter:

This one mentions the IEEE:

I wonder how many Alpesh Shahs there are. It seems like a somewhat common name, but how many pay attention to the IEEE?

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I don't get what you're trying to say, sorry man.

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lmao, IEEE = Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

>> No.10570504

After skimming, I can't find anything of substance, but maybe someone more patient than I will find something.

Looks like his twitter activity consists of tweeting links to news articles and thanking the occasional person who follows him. Maybe someone told him he needs to have a twitter to promote himself or build a personal brand and he couldn't think of anything to say so he just tweets news, I guess.

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I have no idea what I'm saying either I thought I saw I3 before so was trying to connect dots but I just got into Link so no clue about anything tech wise

>> No.10570546

I still don't get it.

When prpnounced out loud, people call IEEE "the eye triple ee", but as an acronym with a 3 in it, that seems like it would be I3E, if anything.

>> No.10570559

Ah, that's okay. I am just trying to connect dots, too. Don't want to miss anything important, bud. :)

>> No.10570573


I got nothing but I did stumble on this website that has cool info on it that I never see posted on here .


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more February super autism

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no worries, keep connecting dots anon, but they're different and distant entities

>> No.10570597

Good to hear from you! There's a discord that would appreciate your insight if you want to collaborate on some stinky research. We've dug up quite a few leads already. discord gg SXEtfD

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how do u guys find this shit?

>> No.10570717

um, anyone see this??

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small world

>> No.10570736


Links to

Which is dead.

Guess he disabled his LinkedIn.

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lmao, holding link really does make you feel like you’re trapped in a haunted hotel and losing your fucking mind.

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>I bought $3,000 worth of ethereum at 45 cents. Went up to 60 cents and then dropped after the bear continued.

I don't know how to feel. Feel fucked, but still think there is value.

>> No.10570807

Interesting. So even back before we knew that Accord was working with ChainLink, this guy was connected to Chamber of Digital Commerce.

I wonder if any of the twelve from above are in his followers/following. Hm.

>> No.10570811

So what is the #1 link adress with 350mil link

>> No.10570813

Anyone have videos? Wanna watch bullish vids

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>> No.10570826

> Smart Contracts: Are we getting rid of lawyers had sergey in it and is on youtube. Can't remember if it was bullish or boring, though.

>> No.10570829

There are tons of people who bought higher than you did. Sell now if you're going to bitch about it.

>> No.10570849


Thanks fren

>> No.10570853

New Ari Juels vid

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He also follows SWIFT Innotribe account and the usual Masters related clique

>> No.10570900

Time for me to get ready sleep so I can earn a wage tomorrow morning.

Stay comfy, guys.

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based ari please make us rich

>> No.10570995

Why gold tho?

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Don’t respond to this faggot he is always detailing threads. Anons have been good about ignoring him lately.

>> No.10571889

Hey, that quote at the bottom was my comment haha, I remember writing that...

>> No.10571925

sometimes i wish i was stupid enough to buy into chainlink. you guys seem like you have a lot of fun over here.

>> No.10571999

This is important.

>> No.10572054

honestly, you can make a strong case for these people having met and discussed everything about blockchains, smart contracts, and oracles. Why else would you follow each other. Alpesh Shah isn't a public figure.

>> No.10572060

here you go anon:


>> No.10572076

Ari Juels
-Promotes smart contracts and IC3
-Says smart contracts are bug prone and hard to code
-Mentions oracles around 48:00, but not link specifically.

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I feel delusional seeing shit like this because you can see where this is going. No fucking way all these people will utilize the Chainlink network. There will have to be a service for these entities to move seemlessly in and out of fiat to LINK without them doing much. How is that aspect going to work?

>> No.10572123

it's called the SWIFT chainlink, fren

>> No.10572169

Swift is the wire transfer industry standard

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These sort of threads make me feel like I’m going off in the deep end. There’s surely no way it could actually work out like this.... could it? I just don’t see it happening. Why are they all trying so hard to hide that they’re using Chainlink.

Are we waaaayyy too early? I feel like this shit will take off at the end of next year or something.

>> No.10572239

Hey anon im that anonyyyy reeeeee

>> No.10572574

We do. Best energy in chainlink threads. If it this goes to 0 tomorrow we will all go down together holding hands singing "we'll meet again".

>> No.10572618

There will be no warning. No notice. There will be a main net announcement, a top 5 bank partnership announcement, and that's it. The most insane green dildo moonshot any of you have ever seen.

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Link to SherlockLink's larp thread, please.

>> No.10572814

>Are we waaaayyy too early? I feel like this shit will take off at the end of next year or something.
I'm holding until 2021 at least. Even if it hits $100, I'll wait for $1,000.

>> No.10572817


Connecting the dots, Kubrick would be proud of what we have seen so far.

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Good thread.

>> No.10573784

keep doing gods work anon

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more digits indeed

>> No.10573869

Sure he has a financial incentive but it's not like a bunch of NEETS buying are going to make him a bazillionaire. He's probably just legit telling us to help us out.

>> No.10573886


Or confiscate it through confiscation. Look up how (((they))) confiscated gold during the Great Depression.

>> No.10573926

Are you in your moms basement or are you an exec or something

>> No.10573936

They didn't confiscate shit fuckhead. They asked people to turn it in and the sheep govt cock suckers turned it in. Most people aren't slaves and kept it

>> No.10573968
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This is definitely an eyebrow raiser. Fucking great autistic detective work. I believe.

>> No.10574788