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Chainlink is love. Chainlink is life.

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cubes in pooper now

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>main net

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$1000 EOY

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The real stinky linkies

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How did you manage to bend the neck like that?

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Hit that trip 777 for the stinkys

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Kek or not...

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I think that's a counterfeit cube

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I think it's a shadow fork cube

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It’s homemade

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Where are you niggers buying these from?

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That just means you can get them at a discounted price. Current worth really doesn't matter.

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chlain link, if you will.

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Can anyone share the 3D model? I want to 3d print myself a stinky cube.

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where I can buy

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I actually did buy link on etherdelta right after ICO and have held since
>t. oldfag

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congratulations so did I

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Is this what you're looking for, friend?

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I had never heard of Cornell university before coming here, if that Juels guy couldn't get into Yale or Harvard it's proof he wasn't good enough. Evan Cheng left for Facebook, quite obvious he didn't believe in the project or he would have stayed. If smart contracts were so promising then why would whoever previously owned the smartcontract.com domain name, supposedly Nick Szabo whose original project bitgold failed against bitcoin, sell it off so easily? Blythe Masters says smart contracts are the future? She also created the credit default swap and it is literally the main reason for the financial crisis we're in, that's why JP Morgan fired her and she can't work with banks anymore so she's going into blockchain as a last resort. Adelyn Zhou's book only has fake reviews and hasn't even updated her resume. SWIFT hasn't even invited the team at SIBOS 2018, that should tell you everything you need to know about their so-called 'partnership'. Vitalik himself compared the project to a fucking Toyota. Building a trustless network instead of trustFUL. Assblaster was larping, it was exposed when the company he claimed was British was actually American. The top 2 law firms haven't even bothered joining the Accord Project, and the Project said it wasn't an actual partnership and anybody could replace them. The entire Salesforce connection comes from Benioff describing a random encounter he had with a crypto guy at his hotel in Davos, Sergey was never in Davos. The website had typos in every sentence, typos even a 10 year old wouldn't make. They haven't even started work on the reputation system. Tom Gonser funded SHOP (shopin), a literal pajeet coin. All the big players you see mentioned in link threads are all working on their centralized solutions. /g/ were the first to shill btc and eth but they don't care about link. The list goes on and on. Don't fall for this scam coin, if you don't believe me then do your own research

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Thanks nigger.

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No problemo Holmes, keep it stinky

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Dan is that you?

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You didn't send the last ones you buttfucker

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What’s the origin of the $1k EOY meme?

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It's not a meme, it's a prophecy

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I love doing a bitch in the anus

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>tfw never had buttsex

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Fuck the faggot fudders link is gonna happen. Digits.

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magic bruh. like meme money. plushie pepe is life.

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...and they will be coming in waves

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its overrated, pussy feels better.

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Where my /spiritual/ linkstas at? Where is pepe baller btw? Reminder to listen to the 2008 James WingMakers interview. Reminder to listen to Al Bielek and WingMakers interview (he talks about future Smart Contract based Computers in the 28th century as created by WingMakers). Reminder WE are the WingMakers. Reminder Sergey and Steve and Dimitri and ALL are WingMakers. We will give the forgotten ones their wings bros.

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Bump for linkies

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Very comfy triple dubs

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True, but I'd take the throat over pussy any day of the week and make that bitch work

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It's the opposite of throwing a hot dog down a hallway

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$1k eoy

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How new are you?

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