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ITT: Good crypto CURRENCIES. no smart contract or store of value bullshit

>BCH (Needs algo change to prevent 51% attack)
>Dogecoin (too high inflation though)
>Bean cash (also high inflation, but theres a hard limit)
>Nano (dont know much about it)
>Reddcoin (best POS)
>Digibyte (quality)
>Monero (best privacy coin)
>Zcash (cool but 20% founders fee ruins it)

List me some others

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XRP apex of currency coins

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nah i said "CRYPTO" currency, and ripples just as good about as crypto as runescape gp

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>Vericoin (VRC)
>ongoing project since 2014
>$10m mcap, 30 million circulating
>binary chain with store-of-value Verium (VRM)

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tfw hodling dogecoin since 2014

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i bet you can't even define cryptocurrency
>thinks reddcoin is real
>thinks bch can't be 51% attacked because of an algorithm
top fucking kek. This place is better than plebbit for lulz

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>LINK (Sergey Nazarov)

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He’s got a point though

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Nimiq, the bitcoin 2.0 which actually lets u pay for things

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what about LTC? I know they go the lightning route but they said (Charlie) that they would raise the block size if capacity reaches 50%.

Ok also 51% attack possible

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It's ruined. Devs dumped their bags now it's a ghost crypto.

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Also only Monero has a good name. Ffs google some old greek egyptian monetary terms and use that as a name. Wtf is a digibyte...

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anyone with the slightest knowledge on bitcoin mining, knows you're an idiot, so im not even gonna bother with you

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link to that? pretty interesting
i hate that its centralised around that annoying turd, though. i used to like litecoin, a lot but its community is so cancerous and retarded that i gave up with the entire coin

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>gets called out
>I'm just going to ignore you because everyone knows [abstract unclear claim]
so fucking pathetic

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Why are you so stupid and ugly, mentally and physically damaged both here and in reality? I have literally never seen you post anything remotely intelligent, original or funny here. All you do is shit up the place with you 8 syllable sentences and let everyone know it was indeed you who dropped that turd of a "thought" on this board.
Thanks to you I have started to advocate for euthanasia to be accessible without any specific reason to everyone, so you could freely end your existence on this planet, because you will NEVER EVER find happiness nor wealth with your cruel handicaps.
Everyone wishes you were dead, ESPECIALLY your family, nobody loves you and nobody likes the idea of having deranged cripple who only produces debt, misery and uncertainty in their family. They might never say it out loud but everytime they look at you they wish you would die already and would stop being a baggage of depression to them.
Maybe you think you are strong just by virtue of existing - but you couldn't be more wrong, the people around you tolerating your existence, the family of yours who carries you as an emotional and financial burden, the doctors pointlessly trying to cure you, THEY are strong. You however, are just a rotting, retarded waste of oxygen and protein.
Do one good and brave thing and end the suffering for them and for you.
Kill yourself.

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i fail to see how devs dumping their bags could possibly be a bad thing.

its decentralised which means other people can just become the devs.
is it currently fully functional? yes, so whats the problem?
FTR: i have 0 dgb.

i hate the word "monero". digibyte is okay... i think zcash has a better name. bean cash is actually a really cool name, as beans have been used as currency before, and theres idioms which use the term "bean" to refer to currency already. i suppose the greatest problem with bean cash's branding is that no one can take the mascot seriously

keep swearing, and acting hard on 4chan, youll continue to earn loads of respect from me, you go girl

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there isn't a single profanity in my post while there are several in yours. That's called projection my buddy

Also there's a 51% attack underway for bcash right fucking now


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idiot, it pumps in cycles, you'd have made more by not doing that

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Monero is good. Bitcoin is good. For small cap I would say Masari is good. Coins with reason to exist are good. Tokens have no reason to exist, other than to separate idiots from their money

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only doge and monero should be in thay lost

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Can someone tell me if KORE is worth a shit? It’s privacy based on onion routing, proof of stake with a fork coming that hybridizes to become pos/pow. It has a wallet with a tor browser. Currently cheap as fuck, but every time I look at their ANN page I wonder if they are for real or not. Their discord is active and I want to believe that their coin is a long term hold. It I can help but feel like they will be gone if their fork doesn’t prop the coin price back up.

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NANO is the best cryptocurrency ever created.
No other protocol is so efficient at transfering and preserving value.
It has no inflation, no fees, and is instant.
Network only breaks if 1 dude gets 51% of the tokens (impossible).
Buying at this lvl is like buying bitcoin in 2011

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NPXS. Get in or get left.

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You're posting this on August 4th? Bitpico failed and they sold all their BTC, Bitcoin Cash is the true Bitcoin.

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>there isn't a single profanity in my post while there are several in yours

Are you blind? Look at your post:


You said:
>so fucking pathetic

There is definitely profanity in that (btw I'm not even that guy)

Also there was NO profanity in his post while there was one in yours.

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bch is shit.

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BCH already have the same hashrate that BTC had this time last year. Was BTC insecure last year? Hell no.

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>here's an old post that should ram this bch hashrate is low myth into the ground:

Bitcoin Gold hashrate:
Bitcoin Cash hashrate:
Legacy Bitcoin hashrate:

14000000000000 sha-256 hashes = 3500 equihashes

Bitcoin Gold hashrate (rebalanced):

Which finally lands Bitcoin Gold on 0.02455% of Bitcoin Cash in terms of security.

What I'm saying is, sure you need only *11% of BTCs hashrate to 51% attack BCH right now. However Bitcoin Gold does not even have half a percent of Bitcoin Cash's hashrate. Just because Gold was attacked it doesn't mean that Cash will be, you would need to consume 4000 times more electricity to ATTEMPT a 51% attack on Bitcoin Cash (plus hardware of course).

Even if someone could provide that, at that point you'd make way more money to just spend the hashrate on mining BCH like normal. You'd get half the block rewards every single day. Besides, a double spend attack is an attempt, if it fails you would have wasted your double spend money, which would need to be a very big sum to make it worth while attacking rather than just mine normally.

It's btw unlikely for several miners to band together from BTC and try to attack BCH. First of all it would involve trust among parties. Second, any time they spend attacking BCH is time not spent mining BTC normally. Third, if BCH is proved vulnerable at this point it would damage BTC's reputation among people that are not tech savvy. All they will hear is that the same code that BTC is running on is apparently vulnerable, they won't understand the hashrate difference.

Hashrate sources (numbers above might be a little outdated):

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*I should mention that in theory you only need to move 5.5% of BTC's hashrate over to BCH to be able to attempt a double spend attack. This is because you decrease the required hashrate to profit on BTC while increasing it on BCH, in theory this might push miners over from BCH to BTC which eventually leaves you with half the hashrate on BCH since so many miners switched over to the now-more-profitable BTC blockchain. Still, this theoretical situation is only true for existing BTC miners (those that stand to benefit the most if there are two blockchains to mine on), if someone new wants to attack BCH he will still need 11% of BTC's hashrate. To get a feeling of how big the attacking miner would be, estimates in 2015 show that all of Google's (non-ASIC) servers could only produce 1% of BTC's hashrate and BTC's hashrate has increased 100 fold since then.

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ETH isn't a good currency but it's acting as one. 0xBitcoin is a good currency but it's not currently used as one.

Zcash is solid and institutions seem to like it for some reason (Gemini having it as their third beside ETH and BTC).

BTC is king, while Bcash is gonna eat shit.

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