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I actually like you fuckers, you introduced crypto a long ass time ago so here's me returning the favor by shilling my horse in this race.

Cardano project's ada coin is now at the bottom. Buy it now or regret later. The fukin project is going to have a big announcement in 13 days. And I know what that announcement is. So do your fukinselves a favor and buy a bit of this shit.


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Haaaaayyyy guys. PM me plzzzzzz.

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>googles "free money"
>gets a picture of breaking bad guy
>uses it in a shill post

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have fun being poor nigger

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watch your mouth, Sean.

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irrelevant, kek

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Bought 10k worth. My fate is in your hands, OP. I trusted you with all my heart.

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>big announcement

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>We got a LOI to work with a Chinese company that no one ever heard of before.

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will that be justin sun and his tron network?

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>big announcement
>charles fit 3 footlongs in his open onions mouth and still had room to squeeze a bottle of mustard in.

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Kek, ada is merging with tron to fulfil Satoshi's dream of acquiring bebo.

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Why would I buy a piece of shit vaporware coin run by a s 0 y b o i manchild when I could buy a working product backed by billions of dollars instead?

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>he actially thinks eos is better than cardano
you s•y faggots will buy any piece of shit from your "leaders"

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They're not even comparable. Cardano is a whitepaper. EOS is the most used blockchain with running real dapps.

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I would've gone all in on cardano if Zilliqa didn't exist. I still have a little bag of ADA in case ZIL fails (doubtful).

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>most used
hahahahaha, thats literally the only metric eos/bitshares/steem late adopters keep shouting, but it's as meaningful as saying it's got the most blocks.

nobody actually uses it, just look at the "success" of shitcoins like bitshares and steem, worthless s•y coins

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>nobody actually uses it
>more transactions than all other blockchains combined
we're reaching levels of delusion that shouldn't be possible

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No, EOS is doomed from the start because of the 21 nodes system (no matter how many time the fanboys will tell you it's enough), when a new platform will come out that is both decentralized (2000+ nodes, no mining pools etc.) and scalable, EOS won't stand a chance and their fall will be slow but deadly.

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>when a new platform will come out that is both decentralized (2000+ nodes, no mining pools etc.) and scalable
The fact that you think the number of nodes is the sole indicator of how decentralized a network is shows me that you're a complete brainlet, and just the sort who would invest in ADA. With that said, pic related.

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Gonna make it

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But it is a large factor of it, if not the biggest. of course when i talk about "the new platforms who will achive both" i take into consideration that they got right the other things that make a platfrom decentralized and secure .

EOS just limited their potential from the start and it's definetly will hurt them in the long run.

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EOS is the best we've come up with so far. When someone figures out how to have a truly decentralized network with the speed of EOS then maybe I'll consider jumping ship. But such a thing doesn't exist, despite some of the smartest minds in the world trying to figure it out. For now, EOS is king.

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You need dig deeper. I already named Zilliqa (I agree it's only on testnets phase and it's not the same conditions, we'll have to wait and see in Q4) there are another few but you can't invest in them as for now (probably will be traded on early 2019)

They come earlier than you think..

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