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Was talking to someone today whose cousin is high up in with the company SETL, which is a big player in the permissioned blockchain world for real time settlement of payments between big institutions/banks. They have had some large investments from some big players like Deloitte and Citi:

He said that their main competitor is Digital Asset, which we know is in the IC3 with ChainLink. My question to all of you is what do we know about Digital Asset as compared to SETL? How do their approaches to this problem differ? How are ChainLink and Digital Asset going to cooperate together?

More autism needs to be done here in this company Digital Asset

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I got your back bruh

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Good work marine. Lmk if you know anything else. We should look more into SETL too

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An article about SETL https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/cryptocurrencynewssetl-ceo-blockchains-capable-100000-transactions-per-second/

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moar about SETL

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When singularity hits. We really need to not have a typical party... and meetup like the bildergberg group and literally suck the cocks of the dedicated group of autists who figure all this shit out.

Have you guys ever seen ratting videos on YouTube? Go YouTube them.... dogs on English farms that are 100% dedicated and happy killing hundreds of rats on the farm.

You austists are more dedicated than these dogs who's only existence is to kill rats.

We all need to meet up. No bitches . No sluts. Just the the handful of dedicated autists with their cocks out in a warehouse in ropsten with candles lit everywhere..... maybe a nigger will be there that we sacrifice in a fire.... and then we all just suck their cocks.

Because if it wasn't for them I would not be invested in Link and we owe them this at least. Because even tho they'll be rich too... they are autistic and even escorts won't blow them.

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Pathetic larp attempt 0/10

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when link moons Im going to report biz and link to the sec about all this insider trading.

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I can't keep track of how many times I see her name pop up while researching this stuff, but there's always one or two degrees of separations.

I'll give all my link to whoever can find me a picture of Sergey and Masters sitting in a room together and plotting all this shit, I don't care about being rich anymore, I just want peace of mind.

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She was at SIBOS 2017.

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This isn’t insider trading retard this is weaponized autism.

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I think Digital Asset is a big part of the equation

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>t. Closet homo

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AB is real..... Everything he/she said.... all of it

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> 10:15 - 10:45

> 09:30 - 10:30

they could have easily met after their presentations during the networking part of the conference.

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We don't need to do any more digging. I've already done my research months ago.

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Any nignogs wanan volunteer?

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Not her, but the coincidence is proof that meme magic is with us.

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Sergey posted on Craigslist Missed Encounters, also refereed to as CL which is another coincidence I won't get into, about a nice lady he locked eyes with near the restroom of a conference last September. It's probably her. I bet it's her.

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fo real?

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Guys.. what if all of this is for nothing? What if it all turns out to not be true? What if we were just connecting dots that weren't actually there all along? Chainlink is my last hope, I don't know what I'll do if we don't make it from this. I just want to feel something again

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>What if it all turns out to not be true?

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You get your black asshole it's true, pakeet. How dare you!?

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>no bitches
>no sluts
>we just suck each others cocks

yea no thanks bud.

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Dude why would u even question this? S M H. Honestly Anon, show some respect...S M H.

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>by putting the system on a blockchain early next year
February = Full main network