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What do we really know about Sergey? There must be something in his background that allows him to be connected to one of the biggest financial movements in recent history.

We know he comes from Russia and has a philosophy degree...why him though /biz/.

I guess what I'm asking is...


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He is a mystery. We really know next to nothing about the man. We have a few social media pages and videos to go on, but not much else. There's no telling who, or what, he is connected to. How he has obtained the position of power he is in. We just don't know.

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how old is sergey?

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>sergey partnered for largest blockchain agnostic middleware to allow fully automated smart contracts to become a viable alternative to actual contracts partnered with hug financial institutions
>vitamin from russion as well, partnered with many hge companies thru EEA
these are both russion assets and everyone is starting to hedge against burgers
god i hope donny t saves us all

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It's pretty obvious that he has severe autism

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Is that what he wants you to think though?

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Nick Szabo created bit gold in 1998 wich was the precursor of bitcoin. Also theorized and created the term smart contracts.


Satoshi Nakamoto
Sergey Nazarov

smartcontract.com domain was registered 5 days before Satoshi posted his whitepaper for bitcoin

connect the dots

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Holy shit.

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He's a wannabe tech businessman and scammer who after several failed startups finally struck gold with CL and now he's eating away the $32 million

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Man all this stuff is so interesting I hope one day we have the answers

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Remember Sergey’s secret code in the medium post.

Activate us instead of “use”. He has our backs boyos.

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Sergey is my cousin, he was a fat faggot who got bullied in school

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Imagine this is all connected - who is pulling the strings here - and how did they know it would work like this????

Just our human nature and greed?

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Sergey was perfectly fit before coming into /biz/'s spotlight. Check his old talks.

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they are enlightened spiritual beings sent here to help the masses break free from the clutches of the elite bankers. they have reached such a level of enlightenment they see right through the illusion that is "time" and therefore can influence the future easily

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He was fairly fat during his teenage years

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It says “active us”, not “activate us”. This isn’t funny or clever, it’s just retarded.

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I dont care what you guys believe on but from my occultism sources Sergey is the reincarnation of Stalin. Those with him will be successful but those against him will be utterly crushed.
Expect no linkers labour camps.

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how fucking new are you guys

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He is a constructed character. What even age is he? How do we not kmow what age this guy is. Unbelievable

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The link delusion continues. Imagine being the person who believes that a gypsy russian with a philosophy degree and no programming experience is going to instantiate a global, paradigm shifting economic system where banks and other entities are going to willfully funnel hundreds of billions of dollars into and sit around idly while said gypsy russian and his family of neet fags take profits.

Now imagine being the person who believes that the worlds banking cartels, with arguably some of the most brilliant computer scientists out there, are going to sit by and let a gypsy russian take profits they could have had by using a simple JSON parser.

Consider this snippet from the following article:

"No wonder that Spread Networks, the company building the fibre-optic connection, proudly boasted: “Round-trip travel time from Chicago to New Jersey has been cut to 13 milliseconds.”

And HFTs were willing to pay through the nose to use it, with the first 200 to sign up forking out $2.8bn between them."
These fucking jews spend billions of dollars just to get a 13 millisecond improvement so their algorithms can get the data faster. So you're telling me that if there was any money in the chainlink area these guys wouldn't be all over it? Get the fuck out of here.

So explain to me why this is going to work again? Or is it just a PnD like 99% of other crypto's out there.

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it is kind of sad. there was a lot of good stuff wrt sergey's introduction to the swift people and when he lived in brussels back in the day but these days these kind of threads get derailed with sergey is satoshi nonsense. there's a lot of lost knowledge about sergey that no one talks about anymore. all the old holders either got embarrassed with how dumb the board is now and stopped posting or sold and left.

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Dubs confirm sergey is a charlatan

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This is why I all- inned. I was turn between link and a couple other things, and then I saw this, the 7's and other digits. Link is an inside job. Remember the other 7's? Link helps take down the global (((cabal))). I'm stinky as fuck

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He is the embodiment of god

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He's just another under qualified FAT fuck taking advantage of an industry bubble. Same as all those boomer faggots that got rich during the dotcom for making a website that hasn't existed for over 15 years and never had any traffic to begin with. you're all a bunch of idiots to give somebody with a philosophy degree and no tech background your money. and by the way...there is no oracle problem. high fidelity known and trusted oracles will be used, just as they are today. centralized niggers.

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I love when /biz/ gets all esoteric

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He cute

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He is a patsy.
When link finally siphons enough money from the /biz/tards and flops (not IF, but WHEN), he will be "the main villain". The real beneficiaries will run away with money, while the crowd of enraged linktards will try to lynch the patsy.
It explains why all CL memes are centered around him and no one else.

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Smart FUD boys, keep it going

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you guys realize that you're making a failed business man / philosopher rich for no reason right?

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>no background in programming or finance, only a philosophy degree
>never had a full time job
>created an ERC20 Token, sold for $32 million usd
>said his token will solve a problem that no one even knew existed
>cant find a single company interested in using it
>refuses to talk directly to any "invenstors" or "hodlers"
>all messages go through a middleman so he cannot be sued for any statements made by the middleman

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He is the founder of NXT, aka the highest ICO ROI of all time and it is not even close.
His investment thesis at Firstmark was in regards to blockchain and the API economy, leading investments in companies such as DELL BOOMI.
He also has connections to Salsano Group (look it up and be awed).
He is a magician and a burger boi, couch surfing nazi.

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Rumor has it that some Stacy broke husband heart and now he is out for success revenge by pouring his heart and soul into making chainlink work.

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how old is he?

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I'd guess 33.

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I think LINK is more a sure thing eventually because the cabal might behind it. Now with that said, it may also be their ultimate down fall as it will enrich many who seek truth, justice, and are often operating on a higher vibrational frequency.

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Pretty sure that is correct and also believe he may be connected to Satoshi in some way. Nick Szabo, with the assistance of others, likely is Satoshi. He handed the keys to his smartcontracts com project to Sergey in 2014.

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he is

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interesting stuff on the salsano connection. what exactly is the proof of a connection/relationship there?

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Salsano has some pretty interesting connections with the Sinaloa Cartel too. Remember the Mexican banks Riddling Anon referred to and their connections to the Fast and Furious operation Eric Holder was behind? How do you think that relates to the Paul Walker assassination described in the leaked Sony? And don't tell me those dates are "just a coincidence".

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actually heard that Sergey Nazarov is actually a russian agent. The 32 million ICO in was to influence politicians. He is part of the Kremlin. If you own link you support the russian federation.

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Lol what

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Makes me more confident in the project desu. Look at Vitalik, based money skelly

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>the leaked Sony emails.
I meant to say emails. Apologies for the confusion.

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Also see pic related

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Fuck what a collection of screenshots

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I have nearly 300 link info screenshots that I've collected and when I make it I'm going to compile them into a comfy book along with memes also.

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Yes post more link info screenshots, I'm keeping a folder myself as a reminder to how /biz/ made me rich with their autistic but amazing research

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its active use brainlet, just a typo

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I think are quick to forget NXT is one of the highest performing ICOs of all time

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Thank you my bizbro, didn't have a couple of those. I'm feeling more and more confident about ChainLink everyday

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Do you have the god particle one?

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I don't think so, what one is that? You mean god protocol?