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Now why would they test on rinkeby if they are already testing on Ropsten?

Well, the difference between the two test nets is in pic related. Proof of work vs Proof of authority

"Proof-of-authority (PoA) is an algorithm used with blockchains that delivers comparatively fast transactions through a consensus mechanism based on identity as a stake."

- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof-of-authority

Now THAT would be necessary for legally binding smart contracts, eh?

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I live in Ropsten lol (not in Rinkeby thankfully)

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90% of you fuckers will glance over this and comment on LINK price threads. Fucking irritating to think some people just buy based off other people's research.

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Does that mean that they want to test some aspect of their reputation system?

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It means their software fell over on Ropsten so they're seeing if it might work on Rinkeby.

News flash: It won't.

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they're not passing it over due to lack of interest. It's because most don't even understand the tech, we're just here for the memes and dreams of unimaginable wealth

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I'm thinking that it's a quick way to see how chainlink would work with something like hyperledger


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They are setting up rinkeby for others to test that prefer rinkeby. That is all.

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Thanks for the bump retard

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still annoying

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link to sauce? thx

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search for 'rinkeby'

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OP are you fucking retarded or do you have a brain tumor or what
Rinkeby uses PoA because for a test network a consensus mechanism doesn't matter when it's irrelevant for testing. You want to test smart contract code as efficiently as possible, not waste money burning energy for a test network.

Probably the only reason they're switching to rinkeby from ropsten is because ropsten is a piece of shit once the contracts increase in size (both codebase size and execution cost). PoW or PoA are completely irrelevant for contract testing purposes as the contracts don't care about that at all. Besides, PoA is even less relevant than you think in this case.

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I live in Husby, Rinkeby is very dangerous, be safe Anon

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Who the fuck would visit Rinkeby in 2018?
Shithole of Sweden.

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Nigger they're building both and it's important because ETH will switch to staking in the future so fuck off with your retarded fud

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Rinkeby solves the consensus problem all along

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except it's completely irrelevant for testing on eth as it has nothing to do with it and no interaction with it at all

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we're all gonna make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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PoA is relevant.
Would be embarrassing if someone fucked up Ropsten while testing with important customers

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What is a nigger supposed to do? Actually do research?

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>ctrl F
>1 result found

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That has to be a guaranteed way to lose in everything ever but I know you fags will make it before I do.
Effort expended researching the tech turns into an enourmous emotional attachment to the product without any semblence of market context.

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thx anon

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Main net date predictions?

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This. Also shitcoins like Ethhorse have asked them to support it, because that's where they test. This is neutral news.

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which year tho?

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Q4 2018.

It’s already in a state where tests can be made in relative confidence assuming reputation is handled correctly. I expect more customers and implementation partners (like Accord) to announce over the next two months.

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Why are you so aggressive?

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somebody from ETHorse asked in the gitter if they also do testing on rinkeby

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Maybe because Link isn’t reliant on ETH. Maybe there’s a reason Vitalik always speaks so negatively about Link.

Stay tuned Stinkers.

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I have a hard time understanding these threads because Im admittingly a brainlet who struggles to follow along with the tech aspect of chainlink.

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probably because people without autism are fucking tired of vague threads on this shitcoin grasping for any straws they can reach

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Just compiled this to get a clearer view. Will Kirkland & Ellis (1) and Latham & Watkins (2) follow? Or do they have another solution? Should we be worrying we don't have 1 and 2 or rejoicing we have 6 out of 10?

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I think it is safe to say no one else here understands the eventual implications of this either. But it’s definitely “on fleek” as the young niggers say.

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Its all just senseless technical jargon and everyone in these threads are just pretending to know what they're talking about

LINK is a meme for newfags

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>senseless technical jargon

Found the useless piece of NEET trash that relies on others for everything in his life. Maybe you can have mama invite all the Link Marines over for a tendies party to thank us for making you rich.

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Smaller firms have a larger upside to taking advantage of something like accord. Imagine if they could just have near-zero overhead for grunt work. They’d be able to respond much more effectively to the big guys. Big guys have a lot to gain, but implementation is more difficult and there’s bigger repurcussions for fucking up.

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No way

I'm was also thinking late Q4, around Nov/Dec.

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Your correct. Now put yourself in Swift’s position. A new techonology just came out called bitcoin. It sends money with pennies. You realize the entire company is going to sink in the future unless you do something. Aggressively engage in DLT. You’ll see this happen faster sooner rather than later as everyone thinks. SWIFT knows it doesn’t have a lot of time, that’s why you’ll see them use this ASAP. They’ll show case it sending billions over the network. I wouldn’t doubt is SWIFT has 100m link. Since they are putting their ass on the line. Once transmissions are clear and a success. Guess what. EXTREME FOMO from every company imaginable. you think swift wants to make only 100m (link at 1$) selling this NEW REVOLUTIONARY PRODUCT? Even a 10x is nothing. This theory only blchecks out if everything is successful. There has to be absolutely no errors. This is nasa grade shit. Probably more so because who the fuck cares about a machine in space. We’re dealing with trillions.

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Has anybody looked into Elevence? There's nothing on the archive.

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All relying on two (2) devs and a big mac diet. I'm going insane anon. Please tell me it's gonna go as planned.

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look into it anon. let us know what you find. godspeed

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You dont know they're testing on other networks because ropsten failed. Thats one possible explanation. Much more likely they're testing specific features as listed in the OP.

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Their focus lmao is to reduce weights (on all aspects, i mean compressions) fag.

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me too but i still appreciate every fucking bit of it.
this is what keeps me going desu

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Thoughts on this?

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What even is mainnet

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looks bullish. where's it from?

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some new info for you lads


https://twitter.com/XQTStrategy follows sergey and chainlink and retweeted this. he works for Arago - Arago is a leading AI company that helps businesses worldwide to automate enterprise IT and business operations through its proprietary AI platform HIRO.

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ChainLink is literally the new ReddID

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Updated, just google his name and news from july and you'll find more stuff

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Checked and based. Awesome time to be alive and aware of what is to come.

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Um guys...someone said Openlaw was imminent the other day as it is a similar project to Accord Project...look what Rory just retweeted


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I hold link, but your post was so intellectually muddled I actually don’t want you to hold the same coin as me.

Blockchain is TRUSTLESS which means you don’t have to trust anything. You KNOW the code is going to run as written because it’s impossible for you to be shown one thing and something else happens behind the scenes.

LINK will make the whole of human affairs TRUSTLESS. Meaning you no longer have to trust anyone any company or any damn thing ever. If you insure something you KNOW the contract will execute regardless and the inverse is true, you cannot cheat the contract by making false claims. It will bring that to all aspects of human affairs. Politics, economics, trade, computing, science will all be revolutionised by trustless decentralised oracles.yes, chainlink is the most advanced project in this regard and is currently the greatest hope humanity has for progress in to this new age. But please. SHUT THE FUCK UP AND ACCUMULATE. When they finish this project it will be the greatest leap forward for humanity since the invention of blockchain technology. Will there be bugs? Yes. Will there be teething problems? Yes. But we’ll get there in the end. This is sergeys life’s work. He will succeed by hook or by crook and he has the funds and the team to pull it off. I have not been so sure about a project since I first clicked send on my bitcoin transaction to the Ethereum ICO all those years ago.

Yes, early Eth Holder - ChainLink represents the catalyst to mainstream Smart Contracts.

It is the missing piece that will allow what Nick Szabo called in 1997 “The God Protocol” to finally be fully realized. With a network of general purpose decentralized Smart Oracles we can finally have an environment that is trustless end to end. Because of that, true automation can occur in many business practices. We are pretty much talking the Holy Grail of tech.

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holy shit linkies got ir right nowall along

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b3i estimates insurance processes will save up to 30% in admin costs. This is a real number from a cooperation of high value insurance companies, and insurance is only one small piece of the pie. SWIFT and the people involved there have been interested for a long time as evidenced by Sergey's own surprise at SIBOS innotribe 2016 that executives wanted Smart Contract solutions implemented in the near term. Businesses are buzzing for this tech; the potential connections Sergey & Company may have is quite stunning. It will be akin to Ethereum Alliance reveal but probably even bigger because it will represent the first major push to mainstream adoption.
I could go on and on about the incredible value propostion of the ChainLink network, but it goes even further. It will change society and the way we interact. Trustless environments will be a paradigm shift.

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Lol at everything you just said, specially:

>When they finish this project it will be the greatest leap forward for humanity since the invention of blockchain technology

Good Lord those bags are heavy

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literally unstoppable at this point

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just because it says "consensus mechanism" you think it means CL's consensus mechanism? the absolute fucking state, the level of the "dot connectors"

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all true, but some of us havent finished accumulating, so if you could hang off for a couple days i'd be mightily grateful.

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Thanks anon.

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Very fuckin nice anon...openlaw is basically confirmed...which ties Chainlink to consensys

>> No.10502263

Got something else to add to that if you can. @OpenLawOfficial twitter just started follwing Mark Oblad - Head of Operations - SmartContract

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wew, lads I don't feel so bad anymore

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T-the dots... I love you Sergey

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Also follows Accord, SAP, ZepOS, probably more of the usual breadcrumbs if you look deeper.

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Someone post the deleted file, didn't get to see it

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How I'm feeling right now

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Most people don't realize that Pepe Silvia was just Charlie being unable to read Pennsylvania and Carol was just Care Of HR. It really was a wonderful scene.

However it is an accurate feeling.

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Are you fucking serious? I have to rewatch that episode, I completely missed that.

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November 1st....check em.

>> No.10502551

i remember that dude

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What is interesting about openlaw?

>> No.10502581

end of the day of today right?
which website will cover this?

>> No.10502609

Yeah. That entire sequence was because Charlie is unable to actually read. They were all going to be addressed to Pepe because they live in Pennsylvania and Charlie was mistaking the state for the name of a person.

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Over the past several weeks, we have begun to finalize our framework to generate entire sets of documents (all managed via a blockchain ), have built tools that enable lawyers to work on templates collaboratively, and are working on more complex demos with some of the world’s largest law firms and organizations to demonstrate what the future of transactional law could look like.



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Who is ''we"?

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they are another project like accord project. Basically the two working groups trying to set legal smart contract standards are cooperating with Chainlink.

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>company involved in datastreaming
Do we know who/what's behind Framework Ventures?

More partnerships

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fuck! so it's all real, and has been since the beginning?

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Partnership CONFIRMED!!!!111

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> This is nasa grade shit

Lmao my sides, please continue

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I want to believe.

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Yo this relevant to this >>10500705

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im trying man i really am. All this shit is confusing. Its hard juggling learning about finance then learning about tech. I never even heard of any of this shit before i started coming here

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only the marines will hodl.

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>with some of the world’s largest law firms and organizations
The s-singularity... it's actually happening

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chainlink is the best thing ever made by a human

>> No.10503464

Hold firm anon. There will be a few bumps along the way.

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why did you delete this?

>> No.10503563

updated there

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Holy fuck brave new coin was on the smartcontract website testing smart contracts back in 2016.

>> No.10503587

post sources please, I'll compile what we have but right now i got 100 tabs open

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shouldn't docusign be involved in trying to set legal standards for SCs?

>> No.10503641

How does the ERC-20 thing affect this? What I mean is, if this is used to trigger a contract in Hyperledger, would ETH still have to be working anyways to prove my Linkies are real? If the answer is yes, I really think there's not that much of a point to LINK,

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took me 10 secs in google

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Appreciate you anon.

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I'm in a boomer bar watching old people do karaoke and I'm literally going to the bathroom to jerk off after reading all this info

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that's not appropriate and saying this was not worth the 14 fucking captchas i just endured. fuck you

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Why do you fags play iSpy? Just wait and see when companies confirm things. Jesus, its sad.

>> No.10503780

Confirmed things are priced in

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There are 2 deleted files, I feel your pain.

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ConsenSys dev who starred link rep: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tyndallm/

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Thats it anon..its officially a connection. Good work

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Do you think Sergey expected any of this? This level of delving, detective work and weaponized autism? Everyone has read his post about why most start-ups fail so he has a pretty good understanding of things.

But could he have expected any of this? Was he prepared for the shitstorm he unleashed upon the world?

>> No.10503887

If it were any other community such secrets would have remained unsolved. Such levels of autistism are unheard of. Investors/companies normally pay money for this.

>> No.10503892

Time to buy more link. I'd kill myself if all these memes became real and I was too scare to just keep buying.

>> No.10503907

they have multiple teams that get paid to do this shit.

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I think you're right. It's probably what the permissioned eth clones will be like.

Speculatively, what if they've been doing all the testing we've not been seeing on ropsten over there?

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Suck my cock.... seriously.... suck my cock

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My confidence in chainlink increases for every other crypto that is revealed to be a scam or grossly incompetent. VEN, REQ, Nano, AMB etc

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hey anon-kun, you might be right but remember that threads like these are still valuable for the 10% non brainlets of this board and this is how we can help contribute our findings and continue researching together
also remember, that 90% will sell way before we will so keep doing what you're doing, we really appreciate it

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i cant find this tweet on sergeys twitter

>> No.10504145

I seriously believe even the haters start seeing that CL is pretty much the only serious thing here, all those currency coins, supply chains, internets on the blockchain, eth clones, etc are all scams
it's basicly btc, eth, link, monero and maybe a few other things but that's pretty much it

>> No.10504156

this is so american it makes me nervous

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You have to view his Tweets&rReplies

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The absolute state of /biz/.

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is there anything better than chainlink?

is chainlink better than bread and water and oxygen?

>> No.10504237

the only thing better than chainlink is the memes of chainlink, they literally memed our fortune into existence

>> No.10504267

looks like a thumb with a face glued on it if you keep looking for a few seconds

>> No.10504280

30% is a lot for one firm? that can not be true. so much for muh decentralized oracle network

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this kek. can you imagine Sergey tweeting his expensive big mac dinners together with Rory & co?

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Mother of god

>> No.10504359

how is chainlink not in the top 50. if you look at the coins above it, pretty much 99% are shitcoins.

>> No.10504368

Hahahaha that my buddy. Loves talking baseball. I tell him how I hate baseball. Is because it's all Spicks. And all he wants to talk about is warren Spahn and ebbots field

>> No.10504371


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Attention Marines, more autism. Plutonium grade.

Are UK Law Commission and APPG related?
Finding connected members in UK gov would be relevant. I need help finding connections, key members of UKLC.
Looking into their other blockchain advisors perhaps & other invited experts.
I keep seeing SAP connections.
Masters is invited to APPG meetings.

>> No.10504605

none of you faggots better post this shit to plebbit

>> No.10504633

let the thread die. Sage when replying. The price is already moving

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But seriously actually delete this.

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>> No.10504744

S-sorry if I did too much I just wanted to cheer up my frens

>> No.10504764

nobody outside /biz/ is aware of it. every reddit thread is brigaded by /biz/ and promptly deleted for brigading (yes reddit is that retarded and yes it's that easy to delete things you don't like)

>> No.10504791

What does this have to do with LINK? This is pizzagate tier grasping at straws

>> No.10504804

If nobody knows, how will LINK moon? For something to moon, it has to have buyers.

>> No.10504810

Idk how it’s not top 10 even without main net so my opinion probably won’t shed much insight.

>> No.10504815

oh they'll notice eventually. don't worry about it.

>> No.10504830

I'm going to spoonfeed you because I'm feeling nice. Just know that you're a brainlet. Don't ever forget it, ok?

The article says the UK government could get help from the Accord Project.

The UK govt is actually listed as a partner on the Accord group website (it's called appg).

Accord recently "endorsed" chainlink.

>> No.10504832

They hired a marketing director for a reason. Not to mention it is primarily a b2b product and is not ready yet. Don't fucking shill it yourself if all you want is premature FOMO

>> No.10504834

If you don't see the dots and the big picture, I don't know what to tell you

I guess this is why it'll stay quiet until it's not

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I love when I read shit like this, how fucking retarded do you have to be when the writing is on the fucking walls and you still don't see the big picture.

Makes me pissed off desu to know some people on /biz/ are legit retarded. THEY DONT DESERVE THIS.

>> No.10504862

I'm a ghost, I have no online presence so no shilling from me.

>> No.10504877

Even if you are correct and the connections are true, it means nothing if the product is not up to par.

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>> No.10504892

You are right, the market is still hype based and information like this aids to this effect.

>> No.10504939

holy shit...partnered with accord project..nice find

>> No.10504996

If they are the fourth largest holder they can not own 100 million link

>> No.10505009

Link isnt just an ERC-20 token anon.

>> No.10505073

No clues into Framework Ventures? I can't find anything and it's freaking me out

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>Such levels of autistism are unheard of. Investors/companies normally pay money for this.
>they have multiple teams that get paid to do this shit.

It seems refreshing /biz/ 16 hours a day for the last 10 months is finally going to pay off.

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Uh, guys? Was this AB? It's the only result on the archive. I don't think I'm gonna get a reply on this.

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>> No.10505204

they used to be signal capital

>> No.10505217

no SIGNAL capital - NOT sigma

>> No.10505222

The link delusion continues. Imagine being the person who believes that a gypsy russian with a philosophy degree and no programming experience is going to instantiate a global, paradigm shifting economic system where banks and other entities are going to willfully funnel hundreds of billions of dollars into and sit around idly while said gypsy russian and his family of neet fags take profits.

Now imagine being the person who believes that the worlds banking cartels, with arguably some of the most brilliant computer scientists out there, are going to sit by and let a gypsy russian take profits they could have had by using a simple JSON parser.

Consider this snippet from the following article:

"No wonder that Spread Networks, the company building the fibre-optic connection, proudly boasted: “Round-trip travel time from Chicago to New Jersey has been cut to 13 milliseconds.”

And HFTs were willing to pay through the nose to use it, with the first 200 to sign up forking out $2.8bn between them."
These fucking jews spend billions of dollars just to get a 13 millisecond improvement so their algorithms can get the data faster. So you're telling me that if there was any money in the chainlink area these guys wouldn't be all over it? Get the fuck out of here.

So explain to me why this is going to work again? Or is it just a PnD like 99% of other crypto's out there.

>> No.10505226
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December 14, 2018

>> No.10505234

Jus this chuck

>> No.10505242

Thanks for the tip stinkies, almost SOLD because of a typo. Phew.

>> No.10505253

iktf. Im a fucking neet and spend all day every day on here just to get new info

>> No.10505296


>> No.10505323

>being this mad
Sorry some of us know its all a meme you don't look as smart as you think you are

>> No.10505414
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Main website's homepage redirects to a 404 on medium

>> No.10505515

Exemplary work marines. I’m dumping my last bags of RLC and ZIL and going all in.

>> No.10505613
File: 2.00 MB, 200x200, 1532908941257.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why don't they just come to biz and buy link?

>> No.10505633


>> No.10505636
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Canada's waiting for mainnet too
Accord and OpenLaw will be complementary, smaller firms but it signals global adoption

>> No.10505677

how many people with actual lives hang around 4chan let alone /biz/ 17 out of the 24 hrs out of a day?

>> No.10505690

This. Absolute state of /biz/

>> No.10505742
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Is this how the /g/ autists felt when they were talking about btc a few years ago?

>> No.10505770

It is possible that they believe in the technology but not in the token. The greatest worry for Link is that it will become optional or is only a payment option for ETH-based oracle use.

>> No.10505785

It really is all coming together

>> No.10505808

please explain to me why it would make sense to have ETH-based oracles when ethereum isn't going to be the only thing using link, it's blockchain agnostic.

>> No.10505850
File: 149 KB, 988x819, 1515887693283.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there a discord to share research?

>> No.10505865

I meant specifically for ETH based Smart contracts. The middleware is blockchain agnostic but I really don't understand how an ETH token is used to pay for something on Hyperledger without some sort of centralized system.

>> No.10505878
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>> No.10505910

where are they supposed to be talking about this that's beneficial to their interests? why would you be privy to their discussions? /biz/ is useful as a hivemind to figure things out. if you already understand the implications of chainlink why would you help people here? worked out well for that kid role playing dennis right?

>> No.10505911

well any chainlink node on the network, regardless of what blockchain the oracle is for, is going to have to be used with an ethereum node, just look at the github.

>> No.10505948
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>mfw someone screencaps your post
See the replies to that post, they actually turned me around and I can see how alot of the 'middle" guys might miss it.

>> No.10505963
File: 27 KB, 407x610, tom-gonser1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do not disrespect Based Tom. GONSER NOT GOSNER

>> No.10506071
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>This is also why you need to recalibrate how you view ERC-20 tokens, think of them as fungible contracts, bearer bonds. They are not items in themselves, they are deeds of entitlement. The whole point of ChainLINK is that the tokens themselves are a mere deed to a share of the network, the network is and will always be the only thing of value. The point of Sergey’s speech will likely revolve around how value through token issuance can no longer be sustained, that essentially we’ve all been giving away deeds to ideas, but that those deeds are going to have zero value the second real items are deployed through smart contracts. So think of it like a barrier: on the one side you have these smart contracts, on the other you have real world ‘things’, currently people have been creating smart contracts for things that will eventually exist, but the minute pre-existing companies and services deploy ERC20 tokens, they are going to wipe out the tokens that are unbacked.

>> No.10506088
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>That is why Sergey has been working so hard and communicating so little, there is a very real race against the clock right now, if LINK successfully deploys a fundamentally useable product, it’s not only going to cement itself and increase in price, it is literally going to suck the life and value out of every vapourware ERC20 out there. It is interesting, and surely no coincidence, that the deployment timeline for LINK is right on schedule for the entrance of legacy corporations.

>> No.10506149
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I'll name my yacht The Implication because of this post and as a homage to AB

I know so much could go wrong but I'm still processing the unrealness of it all, how memes and autism could potentially be the key to the fourth industrial revolution. All the dominoes are in place and waiting for the product. God I hope they deliver!

>> No.10506209
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There's a post that said something like, "to everyone else in the world, you'll just be another nerd who got lucky". People think that the early adopters of bitcoin were just lucky. But there were those who truly understood the potential. Hopefully we're following in their footsteps.

>> No.10506251

So is Sergey confirmed to be at any conferences this year? sibos? Pls respond

>> No.10506255

people that are not basement dwellers have to do shit to survive. the meak shall inherit the earth

>> No.10506267

They are lucky. Lucky to keep their private key. I think they’re are few who ACTUALLY believed in it. We are more akin to these people. Not the people that say fuck I’ll throw 100$ and hope I make it.

>> No.10506289

No. He’s a nobody for SWIFT customers. Swift will be talking about decentralization and why it’s a POSITIVE. Blythe masters said in one of her talks that they need to educate people first. SWIFT is also talking about AI, which is what smart contracts will eventually turn into. An Intelligent contract or Smart Contract 3.0. Quantum computing will also be addressed probably due to, “quantum computers will destroy all encryption FUD”. That’s my guess. Chainlink will eventually be used as m2m from rapid API calls. I’m assuming in the future anyways

>> No.10506297

if he isn't then we'll all be very very surprised.
also adelyn might be there too

>> No.10506312

Ford is also patented some system where cars can exchange payments to direct traffic flow. It’s a far future thing but this is actually the beginning of a giant revolution. You should all be happy you are witnessing and understanding it at the same time. Most brainlets are gonna just ask where their jobs went while we live like kings

>> No.10506330

With all this info, is everyone here ALL IN Link?

>> No.10506350

All in since a couple months ago. Wish I had more than 13K tho...

>> No.10506395
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>The Implication

Can I steal that for my yacht

>> No.10506399
File: 2.73 MB, 1392x1410, Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 3.21.18 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i have a pitiful 8.5k but I'm not all in. got a bit of DAG that will hopefully moon on new exchange listings, which I'll feed into LINK.

>> No.10506437

Only 1.5k stinkies but I'm just going to funnel more in if it stays down long enough

>> No.10506466
File: 1.06 MB, 2816x2048, DjGgCJ1WsAAI6rC.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10506516

very nice

>> No.10506528

So everything is crashing because it was all one speculativ bubble and people are realizing that all the coins are basically useless, right? So if Link rally does it's goal then could it capture most of the marketcap in due time? I am confuse

>> No.10506593

yes. read my post above. all the erc20 shitcoins will be absorbed by actual potentially signficant projects like Chainlink

>> No.10506618

Me can't articulate what I want. Not so smart. But me do see linkies becomeing big. Just scared of quantum computers now what else should I be scared of it just seems too good to be true

>> No.10506667

LINK $1000 EOY

>> No.10506702

They will have supercomputes on each city but the banks will be using them to mine ChainLink so it’s ok.

>> No.10506721

Reading through the old threads speculating about Accord is making me lose my mind

>> No.10506733

quantum computing is meme fud. Even when they finally harness the power of quantum computing (far off) it will be used first to compute new primes and reinforce cryptographic shit before bad actors can try to break the old crypto stuff
(retard explanation but that's all you really need to know)

>> No.10506785
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>> No.10506898

get pair of new glasses faggot

>> No.10507025


Why is her vagine so large? She could fit a football in there.

>> No.10507110

Dubs confirm lucrative Ford partnership

>> No.10507116

So fucking close

>> No.10507149

If dubs then Link 1000 EOY, if not I am a faggot

>> No.10507153
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>> No.10507169


>> No.10507247

That happened with req n FunFair for me

>> No.10507248

price dumped

cope harder faggots

you well NEVER see 4k sats again I promise you