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Fucking faggots! I just bought a stack of links as a suicide insurance you happy now? Fucking shilling this coin everyday I couldn't live with myself if it mooned but I know it won't! I hate you all!

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your fomo will be your salvation

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link will be $3-5 eoy
$15-$20 eoy 2019
$50-$70 eoy 2020

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You see!!! I was told 1k eoy!!! I was told to strap in!! The moment I buy you fucking lower the bar!!

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man it must feel so fucking good having two hands full of these and just shaking them gently to hear them whisper 1000$ eoy

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Link is a meme coin. You didn't actually think ethereum can handle all of that data when it can't even handle cryptokitties.

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I'm sure Steve will fix that for Vitalik once he's done with the CL code.

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Yeah...i'm sure he'll get right on it

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>he bought an ERC-20 token

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I only have 4k as a neet who can't put down more. At least I will be able to buy a modest home. I'm considering wageslaving for a few months til mainnet just to increase my stack.

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Don't you talk like that of my sweet ETH!

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My point exactly!